Hydrology 9 vs Black Mamba; Session vs Portable

A comparison review that pits two fantastic vaporizers against each other. The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious9 and The Black Mamba by the company of the same name are expertly crafted vaporizers whose functions work on both different ends of the vaporizer spectrum. The Hydrology 9, the vaporizer with the taste of a bong, might just be one of the most fun and most interesting session vaporizers with about as many special, party perfect features as it has smooth, delicious, filtered vapor.

The Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer on the other hand is the epitome of a dependable, on-the-go vaporizer. Coming in at a very excellent price point, The Black Mamba is strong enough to be taken anywhere while fully knowing it won’t let you down. You can also take to heart knowing that the Black Mamba is also discreet, given how matte black and slim its body is.


The Hydrology 9 is not only incredibly well made, but it’s also one of the most fun to look at vaporizers on the planet with an aesthetic that makes it look like a piece of sci-fi equipment. Everything from the LED light show it can put on too the beautifully bubbling water feature makes this a must have vape for using with your friends. The vape comes in several parts but everything clicks together very nicely, either threaded in place or magnetically pops together.

The Hydrology 9

The Black Mamba on the other hand has an overwhelmingly practical design. It’s small, but not too small, and curved down towards the mouthpiece to make the most out of the space it takes up. Thanks to this, it’s able to slip into your pocket perfectly without drawing too much attention. The teardrop shape as well as the rubber finish for grip makes this beauty fantastic to hold.

Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes


The Hydrology 9, as fun looking as it is, just isn’t very portable or stealthy. Firstly, it’s way too big and, even if you were to bring it in a bag, it would take up most of the room. Now, people might not realize at first that it’s a vaporizer. They may think it was a water bottle before that, but that said, it’s still going to draw attention to it and people are probably going to ask questions.

The Black Mamba on the other hand is almost the exact opposite. It’s not too big, small enough to fit into your pocket and has a curved, all black body that makes it look very discreet as its being carried around. It’s slim rather than just large so it should slip into your pocket just fine.


The Hydrology 9, thanks to its water tool capabilities, produces incredibly smooth and fresh vapor. The Hydrology 9, among everything else it's got, is sporting a ceramic chamber for the absolute maximum in vapor taste. It’s a taste than no other vape on the market is even close to producing. With so much circuitry and technology built into the Hydrology 9, this genuine monster of a machine is carefully controlled and monitored and the temperature precisely set so you’re always getting the best vapor the computer chips can muster.

Again, when it comes to The Black Mamba, we’re amazed that they managed to find room in their budget for so much quality. The vape is all about the flavor and thanks to a very well made, all ceramic chamber, flavor is exactly what it’s delivering. This flavor is kept safe and clean as the ceramic chamber then leads to a glass mouthpiece, which is covered by plastic for added protection.

Build Quality

The Hydrology 9’s many parts are all made with the highest quality materials. The outer casings are all made of aluminum, the parts pop together with incredibly strong magnets and the glass water tool is made with borosilicate glass. The Hydrology is packing a strong lithium polymer battery that, when fully charged, can last for around two and half to three hours.

Despite its shockingly low price point, The Black Mamba is fantastically portable device, but is also incredibly sturdy. If any corner was cut during this vapes manufacturing process, we can’t figure out where. Every detail has been thought of to ensure this vape will last and take the abuse of your busy lifestyle. Even just small details like having a glass mouthpiece but covered in textured plastic makes all the difference.

Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes


All of the amazing little extra’s they’ve added to the Hydrology 9 are really what turns it from a great session vape to an amazing party vape. First of all, the chamber cap has a built in stirring tool built into it, which means you don’t need to open it up to make sure that all of your flowers are getting a nice, even vape. A great addition so that you won’t have to stop your vape just to stir. The LED’s also have an amazing function where they can spin through the many colors then can create creating a little light show for your session, which is another reason why this vape is perfect for parties. Just flick the lights off and create a disco ball inside your vaporizer. This function can be accessed if you hold the power button down for three seconds while it’s already on.

Hydrology 9

The thing about the Black Mamba is that it’s not a gimmicky vape. It’s strong, well built, dependable and all while being incredibly affordable. You can feel comfortable taking it absolutely anywhere and when you’re ready for your the Black Mamba will be right there waiting. The heat up time is only a few seconds and perfectly vaporizes the herbs and almost never delivers a burnt taste which is a real problem with portable vaporizers.


As we’ve already said, these two vaporizers are at the opposite ends of the vaporizer spectrum in terms of functionality. One is the ultimate party vape, with its bubbling, technological power as well as self contained light show. The other is one of the most dependable and sturdy portable vaporizers on the market at its price range. It’s difficult to pin down which is better since they both do drastically different things. You probably have your ultimate vapes functionality in mind, and it probably matches one of these two perfectly so hopefully you leave knowing a great deal more about either of these fantastic vapes and you know which one you’ll be needing to get next.