Hydrology Vaporizer Review | Liquid Filtration At Its Finest

Maybe one of the most interesting vaporizers on the market today, both inside and out. What we’re are talking about today is The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious9, one of the only built-in water filtration vaporizers we’ve ever seen.

The technology is amazing and it’s difficult to think something like this, at this level of quality, hadn’t hit the market already, but once you see what goes into this vape, you’ll see why this was a task only Cloudious 9 were up to taking.

Cloudious9 are priding themselves on their unorthodox with this vape and, honestly, they have every right to be. This is now their flagship product designed to propel them into the forefront of the industry. 

They’re still the only company to this day sporting this kind of system so they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Hopefully their next innovations are just as mind blowing, and we can’t wait to see what Cloudious9 comes up with next, but for now we’ll just have to awe at their Hydrology 9.

Hydrology 9 Cloudious 9 Water Filtration Vaporizer Namastevapes

Namaste's hydrology 9 Vaporizers - The design

Straight away, what you’re going to see from The Hydrology 9 is a very complex looking, beautiful, well made vaporizer that’s going to beg you to use it the more you look at it. In terms of size, it’s massive. The Hydrology 9 is just one of those vaporizers that’s portable in name only because it doesn’t need to be plugged into a socket to be used. Sadly, however, you’d have difficulty being able to use this thing on-the-go since it’s about the size of a water bottle, but portability isn’t really why you’d buy this piece.

The exceptional, smooth tasting vapor is. Now, what makes this vaporizer so large also just happens to be what makes it so cool. The water tank built into this thing makes it look like something from a sci-fi film, and the fact that you get such an amazingly fresh filtration built inside of the vaporizer is nothing short of a major breakthrough in vaporizer technology.

What about the insides of this incredible vaporizer? Unscrewing the bottom cap reveals a decently sized chamber that’s made out of porcelain. You heard right. Porcelain. A very clean material that’s not  known for it’s big taste, which is probably why it isn’t used more, but is incredibly clean tasting. An air vent near the bottom, which also acts as a carb hole, really helps the airflow and allows for greater aeration and draw power when the vapor is bubbling through the water.

This vent is also adjustable, which is amazing, since it allows you to adjust the draw resistance. Everything else about this vape, from changing the temperature to checking the battery can be done through a one touch button system on the body of the vape. Cloudious9 recommends you fill the water tube on the Hydrology 9 to about 60% full to ensure you get the right amount of cooling and aeration.

All of the parts of The Hydrology 9 are made with the highest quality materials, from the food-grade porcelain to the borosilicate glass that makes up the water tube. For even added convenience, the Hydrology 9 has with it a wide, magnetically snapped mouthpiece made of borosilicate glass  with an anti-leak valve to keep the water in. Amazingly, despite acting like a bong and a vaporizer in one, there’s absolutely no water leakage once you screw the tube back in place.

Hydrology 9 Cloudious 9 Water Filtration Vaporizer Namastevapes

NamasteVapes Hydrology 9 - The Taste

Clean. Smooth. Fresh. These are all words we’d use to describe the very unique vapor coming from The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious 9. Everything that’s been described so far makes it sound like you’re getting a bong and a vaporizer in one, and that’s exactly what you’re getting.

The porcelain chamber does a pretty nice job, and with a variety of different heat settings to choose from, it shouldn’t be hard to find the right vape for you with this model. Every little function with this vape, a lot of which we’ll get to later, is precisely monitored via microchips within the electronics at the bottom of the vape. This helps keep the temperature precise and even through little adjustments.

NamasteVapes Hydrology 9 - The Features

The chamber is not only large and made from porcelain, but the chamber cap has some nice extras that you don’t often see in most vaporizers. Essentially, there is a stirring tool built into the cap which can be spun from the outside of the vape. Most vaporizers recommend stirring the bowl to ensure an even vaporize, but the Hydrology 9 gives you access to an easy stirring system, unlike other vapes which’ll make you take it apart just to use a stirring tool. When you’re done your session, you’ll find every single grain of your herb has turned that deep, vaped brown. This ensures a superior, even vaporization every time.

The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer comes with 5 heat settings so you have some control over the temperature and, thanks to the water tool, the vapor is nowhere near harsh as you take your draw and even on the highest temperatures, the vapor is vaporized perfectly.

By holding down the main function button for three seconds, the LED lights will be able to indicate how much battery is left on the Hydrology 9. Typically, the Hydrology 9 can vape for around 15 mini sessions, or for a full hour and half in one longer session, which isn’t half bad.

Despite being too big to be truly portable, if you are willing to stick it in a bag and take it to a friends house or a party, it may be worth getting the leather carrying pouch you can purchase separately. This pouch is beautiful to look at, fits snugly around The Hydrology 9 and then clicks into place. If you’re hoping to put this vape into a bag and you’re worried about it banging off something and breaking, this protective pouch might be the key.

If you are hoping to take this vape to a party, it also has some amazing functions for that. Besides the LED system the Hydrology 9 uses to inform the vaper of the temperature, it also creates a party mode with just a couple of clicks. When you’ve set your temperature, just activate it and the vape will begin flashing and changing colors, bringing a light show to your vaping session.



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