The Black Widow Vape: A Closer Look

A black widow is not something a normal person would consider putting in their mouth, sucking on or inhaling. Quite a reasonable response to one of the world’s most well-known deadly spiders. The Black Widow Vaporizer is not a deadly vape, it is a darn good one. The reason, presumably, for the Black Widow Vaporizer being called what it is, is that it is small and packs one hell of a punch, just like the spider.

No need to shake out your boots or wash your bananas with this pocket rocket, it is plain, simple, super cool and gives a good account of itself. Infinity Vapor have put it through its paces for their review, and Infinity Vapor are pleased.

The Black Widow Vaporizer

In the Box

Inside you will find:

Black Widow Vape x1

Cleaning Tool x1

Packing Tool x1

Micro USB cable x1

Wall plug x1

Mesh Screens x2

Manual x1

This is a good selection that contains everything needed for a vaping session right away. The battery will require a few hours to charge fully and then you are on the way!

Out of the Box

First impressions are positive. It has a pleasing weight but it is not too heavy; it is small enough for discretion but not too small for a good vaping session. It looks good, the LEDs are clear and bright, the button has a good click and the whole thing disassembles and reassembles very quickly.


A Black Widow Vape can be picked up for about $60, making it a competitively priced budget vaporizer for someone wanting a serious hit but not serious damage to their wallet.



This is a dry herb vaporizer that can pack an impressive 0.5 grams of finely ground herbs in the oven, which is designed for the smallest resistance drags possible. It is also capable of taking concentrates. This makes for between 10 and 15 hits of rare pleasure. This device can compete with vapes many times the price for the quality of its vape. Drag resistance is comparable to more expensive models, the vapor is consistent, thick, creamy and very flavorsome. The ceramic design means there are no strange tastes altering the experience, and the hit that is delivered is cool.


Controlling the Black Widow Vaporizer is easy. There is a small button (with a nice click) that takes 5 presses to turn it on or off, hold it down for 3 seconds to change the temperature settings and click through the options. There are 5 different temperatures to choose from, covering all the bases for good vaping: flavorsome cooler temperatures and thicker hits at higher temperatures. The LEDs on the body indicate what temperature setting you have selected and whether it is up to temperature.


The 5 temperatures are met very quickly, in about 30 seconds, making this one of the fastest vapes on the market of any kind. As far as anyone can tell, the temperature settings are consistent, certainly the results are consistently good.


There is an inbuilt 2200mAh Li-Ion battery that charges in about 3 hours and gives dozens of hits before it runs out. There is a 5 minute auto shut off to save charge and keep you in the game for longer.


There is a handy little chamber for keeping your concentrates or herbs at the bottom of the device. This is highly convenient. The oven for concentrates is kept separately but is easily added for a nice versatile kick.

Build Quality

One of the best things Infinity Vapor think about the Black Widow Vaporizer is that it is solidly built. The mouthpiece is stainless steel, held in place by strong magnets for a secure vape and an easy disassembly. The body is an aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and tough, it can certainly take some hits. One problem with the build is that the air path is not fully isolated, meaning other things can get in if there is any damage or after extensive use. This is fairly common on budget devices but is certainly worth considering. Due to the all-metal construction, the device can get quite warm.

Vapor Quality

The vapor from this device is very good. At the lower temperatures the flavors are good and the smoke quite thick. At the highest temperature (more for concentrates than for dry herbs) the herb can taste a little burnt, but wax and dabs taste great. The range is a compromise between what is good for herbs and what is good for wax or concentrates. Most herb users will use the middle three settings whereas the concentrates users will probably use the top four.

Overall, the vapor is consistently good quality. Even to the end of a bowl, the taste is decent. For this price and quality, you can’t expect miracles, but this does a good job and competes well with other devices in the range. The metal construction makes the device quite warm after a few hits but it does not affect the quality of the vapor.


For the price, there are other devices available that will do a similar thing in a similar way, but it is hard to argue with the broad range of attributes the Black Widow Vape has. Infinity Vape have tried lots of devices, so bad ones stick out like a sore thumb. This one did not raise any concerns. It appears to be a well-made, consistent, durable and enjoyable vaporizer. The easy air path and clean toking make the use of this device very pleasurable, it is rare to get a device that can give such low resistant drags or such tasty vapor at this price. It has the right amount of simplicity but enough versatility to get the most out of any wax, concentrate or dry herbs. The hits are flavorsome and thick, lasting well into any session. This is one of the reasons this device is so highly rated: the ceramic chamber gives a tasty and consistent hit time after time.



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