Introducing ViaBill to NamasteVapes

How does it work?

ViaBill is an alternative pay solution that allows you to Buy Now and Pay Later, for purchases up to $300. You pay 25% of the price now and repay the rest over the course of four months. This gives customers greater purchasing power without any credit checks and zero-interest repayments. ViaBill pride themselves on transparency and that’s why there are no mandatory fees involved.

There is no catch as the merchants using ViaBill pay fees so you can use it. For those who fear racking up debt on their credit card bills and getting a poor credit rating, it’s a real lifesaver. ViaBill conducts no credit checks in order to approve its customers. There are over four thousand websites where you can use ViaBill simply by selecting the option at checkout.

To sign up for ViaBill all you need is to be 18 years old or older (19 years old in Alabama), have a valid mobile phone number, and a US credit card for sign up purposes. For full details check out



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