IPhone X and Apple Removing Access To Vaping Apps

Vaping Apps

Are you an apple phone user as well as a vaper? With the release of the IPhone X as well as some new policy changes that Apple haven’t fully advertised, vapers' may want to be careful when it comes to their next phone or vape purchase. Apple are now taking steps to prevent the future downloading and updating of all vaporizer applications, be them herb based or tobacco related.

There are millions of vapers in the world, just as there are millions of IPhone users, and there’s bound to be some overlap there. The issue now comes with the IPhone X. A whole bunch of people are about to go out and buy a new phone which may not even support their favorite vaping apps anymore.

App Banning

Earlier this year, Apple refused to update the app of British vaping community forum, Planet Of The Vapes. When questioned about the decision, Apple claimed that they are  “no longer accepting any tobacco or nicotine content at all now”. The vaping forum has yet to receive any sort or real explanation from apple about the decision or any straight answer in general

Firstly, the change in policy apple are talking about here is currently unpublished and it seems you can only get notified once you’ve already asked for a message asking for an explanation.

The decision is a major blow to those who are already locked into their Iphone and hope to get vaporizers in the future and it could really skew the market away from those top-market vapes. Some are calling it just another example of Apple pretending it knows what’s best for its customers.

Firefly 2 App

Vapes This Affects

So, apart from any general news app that a vaping enthusiast might use, the IOS ban will also be affecting the apps of any vape who may be controlled via your phone. This includes the Firefly 2, the DaVinci IQ, the Pax 3 and the Crafty. All very big hits and if you’re already an IPhone user, you may want to give a quick rethink as to whether these vapes will be for you if you can’t access the app.

It’s not that smartphone apps are necessary for anyone app, but they’re a nice addition and always a welcomed addition to the marketing campaign so now that all new buying IPhone users won’t even be able to it could really take away a lot about what’s great about the vape. What could be necessary however is the needs of medicinal users who may now be caught without the ability to change their temperatures at a distance or receive the knowledge they need to vape safely with their condition and that’s probably one of the more irresponsible aspects of Apple’s decision.

Their Own Patent

Now, this Apple decision has seemingly come out of the blue, but some perceptive people out there in the internet realized that at roughly the same time as this vaping ban, Apple applied for a patent on a vaporizer they’ve designed themselves. Now, it’s worth stating that the patent itself doesn’t state what the substance will be vaporizer, be it herbs or tobacco, but the fact that they filed the patent means at one time they definitely had plans.

Most people have drawn the conclusion that what Apple are doing is actually just one big power play that’ll result in them having the only vaporizer based app on their app store. Know, since then, Apple have commented that they are in fact not making a vaporizer, but it’s just such a big coincidence that we can only wait and see what they’ll do next.

If Apple were at least making a portable, herbal vaporizer, this banning would at least make sense. It would be a dirty, monopolous business tactic, but it would at least make sense. But if Apple’s comments are true and they’re in fact not making a vape, it does pose even more questions about why they’d bother to go ahead with the ban in the first place.