Is The Davinci Iq The King Of All Vapes?


The Da Vinci IQ has emerged as one of the most popular vapes out there in the marketplace, and not without good reason. Pound per Pound this vaporizer has the ability to put it up to any vape on the planet. For many people, the sheer sight of the Da Vinci IQ  is enough to send their brains into an ecstatic endorphin rush. Make no mistake about it, this is a machine that has reached legendary proportions among'st vaping enthusiasts throughout the globe.

 Why all the fuss you may ask? How come people can't stop raving about the IQ? Well, where do I start? How can one try and describe the exquisite beauty of the Amazon Jungle, or Everest in a simple Blog post! You can never truly capture the full essence of something in a short written piece, but in this blog, I will try my best. I'll delve in as deeply as humanly possible into the very heart of the Da Vinci IQ and  I'll try my best to educate you minions on what's what.




Everything about the Da Vinci IQ makes it stand amongst the jungle of vapes. The smart path technology and the beautiful ceramic heating chamber really is a sight to behold. Unlike some of the cheaper models on the marketplace, you won't have to contend with issues of breakages. This certainly isn't a machine that will break apart as soon as fix your eyes upon it. The Da Vinci is durable, strong, and it will survive a long long time to give you the hits that you and yours so richly deserve.

Of course, Hand-blown pipes used to be the way to take your herbs. One of the reasons for this was because of the artistry and the overall feel of the devices.  But with the advent of machines like the IQ  pipes are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Now, I'm not saying that you should completely discard with using pipes all I'm saying is that vaporizers like the IQ are way better than your pipes. Your best bet would be to get your pipe and to put it up on the mantelpiece as a relic to a bygone era.



One of the very first things that will stand out with the Da Vinci IQ is the size of it- its a very small and sleek vaporizer.  I had read loads of reviews about the IQ, and seen loads of pictures, so I knew it wasn't a large device, but when I actually got it into my hands  I was pleasantly surprised at how miniature it actually was. There is nothing worse than having a big bulky vaporizer that feels like a log inside your pocket, but this certainly isn't an issue that you'll encounter with the Da Vinci IQ.

The weight of this device is roughly around 145grams, so it is heavier than many vapes out there, but like I said, it's not exactly like you'll be carrying a two-tonne brick around- it still is light! Of course, the buttons all work perfectly like they are designed to.  I really like the zirconia ceramic finish which enhances the overall look of the piece. Once you hold the IQ in your hands you'll soon begin to appreciate the craftsmanship that will be at your fingertips. Overall, the DaVinci is made from superior materials that make the device stand out from the crowd.




At the front of the device is the LED display which exudes a sense of class and charisma. At the side you'll find three buttons and a charging port. A mouthpiece will sit directly on top of the IQ, and will open with a gentle pull. The chamber will also have a magnet which will easily close over.  The Vapor path system travels along the side of the IQ and then directly into the mouthpiece.  A great hidden extra is a small tool hidden inside the air path which you can easily pull out with your fingernail. This tool can be used to pull out the zirconia air path.

The flavor chamber system acts to cool down the vapor and to preserve its flavors. Your flavor chamber can also be packed full of your herbs. All you have to do is lift the lid with your tool and then place your materials inside. In truth, the vapor path system is designed to enhance your flavors to a whole new level. Every last crevice of the IQ seems to be designed to preserve, enhance, and capture you some magic moments that will live long in the memory.

On the left side of the Da Vinci, you'll find the place where you'll have to insert your replacement battery. The battery is pretty powerful coming equipped with a 3500mah power mechanism that can keep you going for a long time of uninterrupted vaping bliss. The outside of the vaporizer comes in elite Aluminum and it adds a very nice finish.

Once you open the chamber it will reveal the Zirconia "pearl".  Once you have got the lid closed it will fit like a dream at the bottom of the oven. The oven gives users the complete experience as it vaporizes materials from all angles.  What the system results in is quite a delicious vapor emerging from the machine. This most definitely is a machine that exudes a sense of purpose and direction- It has quality written all over it. 


Is the Da Vinci IQ the King of Vapes? The short answer to that is No, but its pretty damn close to being the King of Vapes. Unlike other units out there the Da Vinci has the durability to last the course. This isn't some machine that is flimsy and weak and will break apart if you look at it sideways- the Da Vinci will stand the test of time. A vaporizer that will stand like a monument of vaping ingenuity and construction. And not only is the vaporizer dependable, but it's a device which has the capacity to propel herbs into your body like a torpedo missile. And these herbs won't be second-rate vapes, but they'll be vapes of the highest quality. In finishing, If there is one thing you should do in your vaping career- it should be to get your hand on a Da Vinci IQ you won't be disappointed.