Is the Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Faultless?

A Customized Experience

“The most daring and innovative vaporizer” from the Grizzly originals. It was their mission to change the vaporizer game and well they may have just went and done it with this number. Arguably the most versatile vaporizer on the market the is capable of vaporizing dry herbs, concentrates, and E-Liquids. Yes that’s right not one, not two, but three exhilarating vape experiences. When it comes to the Eclipse, the word on everyone’s lips is choice and there is plenty to choose from. The all in one easy-to-use device has options for material, vape experience, and at any time. Oh, and don’t worry about setting the temperature the Grizzly Eclipse has it covered. The vaporizer already knows which tank you have attached and will adjust accordingly.

Grizzly Ecplise Vaporizer

Shape and Design

Carefully designed, you can tell just by looking at the Grizzly Eclipse that it means business. Everything down to the grip of this vaporizer has been ergonomically manufactured, it’s heavy enough to let you know it is a professional piece of equipment but light enough to conveniently carry. The stylish dark base is paired with a speckled magnetic grip which feels comfortable in the hand and each tank can be attached and swapped with ease – which is a plus.

Tank Design

Each tank comes complete with a smooth borosilicate glass mouthpiece. Perfect for their non-reactive nature these ensure you get a fresh and flavorful vapor with each draw as well as an adjustable airflow. Each tank has its own personalized features to suit your needs each time. The dry herb tank is made with a ceramic material which has an impressive heat up time of 20 seconds. Additionally, the concentrate tank uses a dual quartz coil in a ceramic chamber to allow for optimum flavor. Last but not least, the E-liquid tank will allow you to switch your 0.5Ohm coil from watts to volts and its cotton wick atomizer can absorb promptly.

Grizzly Ecplise Vaporizer

Our Verdict

Following the initial set up using the Grizzly Eclipse is both simple and effective. On first use, the device does require a three to four hour charge, but following this the battery life is excellent and it is certainly worth the wait. Designed to be versatile, convenient and durable the Grizzly has certainly come through on its promises.

Furthermore, this vaporizer is by far the most modern 3-in-1 on the market and the manufacturers have managed to avoid common issues associated with other multi-material products out there. Overall this is a great product for the multi-category user and should make your routine a lot easier and more enjoyable.



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