KandyPens Review - The Finest Pen Vapes

Founded All the way back in 2014, KandyPens began dominating the market straight out of the gate by bringing out the markets first 3 in 1 vaporizer, the SkyCloud. Since then, they’ve shown that they’re one of the market’s finest creators of Pen Vaporizers, coming out with 17 different models including the Galaxy, the Gravity and the Slim Kit.

KandyPens are dedicated to creating the next stages of pen vape innovation and, to that end, have already poured thousands of hours into the development of their products. It’s amazing to think that KandyPens almost didn’t happen, but as they opened up their first Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of creating their SkyCloud vaporizer, they created international attention for themselves.

When it comes to price, KandyPens models are a little on the pricier side for pen vapes (though still way cheaper than some of the larger, more energy intensive portable models). They back up this price with sheer quality, a warranty that gives you the confidence  to know that this is a vape that’s going to last, as well as atomizer options for each brand for a little customization with your experience.

So really, when you add all this up, it’s not overpriced and when you spend this much, it’s good knowing you're getting a quality that can take the abuse of your daily life. KandyPens are now some of the market leaders in portable pen vaporizers, rivaling even the likes of Grenco Science and LINX. Like those other competitors, celebrities have flocked to their products, and KandyPens are now being promoted by the likes of Chris Brown and DJ Khaled.

Here are just a couple of the amazing products KandyPens have released, bringing convenience and flavor back to the vaper.

NamasteVapes - KandyPens Galaxy

KandyPens latest innovation with their KandyPens Galaxy Pen Vaporizer is in their use of what they’re calling their “Tornado” Atomizer. The Tornado Atomizer is an atomizer that allows you to adjust the airflow within your vape, giving you the control over how much resistance you want during your vaping. With the Tornado Atomizer, and the fact that the KandyPens Galaxy has a carb hole on the body means you can hit all of that vapor at once and it stays incredibly smooth throughout. If you’re looking for the easiest hit, right there in your pocket, than you won't have to look much further. The Galaxy has a lot of features that you’d expect out of a top shelf vaporizer. 3 temperature settings to give you an element of control over your ideal vapor. A 510 threaded battery insert so that you can customize the battery later, giving you more to work with in terms of wattage.

Galaxy Review KandyPens NamasteVapes Portable Vaporizers

The portability on the galaxy is excellent. Not only has it got the classically thin body of a KandyPens vape, and really all good vapes should have, but it’s also built out of incredibly sturdy materials. When you hold the KandyPens Galaxy, you can feel the quality and you’ll know that this baby won’t let you down through multiple uses and will easily survive the abuse of your busy schedule.

Namastevapes - KandyPens Gravity

The KandyPens Galaxy pen is a wax vaporizing specialist that doesn’t hold back when it comes to the vapor. It’s rare to find a vaping pen this good at vaping concentrates because most vaporizers only offer it as an afterthought, but here we have a vape that does just that one job, but does it well. Using dual-quartz coils for an optimal taste, but with the option to switch out this coil in the future, The Gravity offers some of the best tasting wax vapor on the market.

Gravity Review KandyPens NamasteVapes Portable Vaporizers

Whether you’re using a dual quartz atomizer or the ceramic donut atomizer that Gravity is also known for, you’re going to find that the Gravity still vaporizes them both excellently anyway. With the donut, there were some complaints that the airflow could have been better, but KandyPens have addressed that with an improved airflow coming from another hole within the body of the vape. By adding in another airflow hole, the Gravity really cleaned up some of the problems it was already having with some of KandyPens earlier models. One of these was the feeling that the chamber was clogging when really it wasn’t. One of the reasons for this problem was just because of how thin the KandyPens models have to be, it makes airflow difficult. Well thankfully you never have to worry about that ever again.

Namastevapes - KandyPens Slim Kit

The KandyPens Slim Kit is a discreet, convenient and potent little vaporizer that does a very impressive job at giving you a great vaping experience. The KandyPens Slim Kit is probably one of the cheapest vaporizers on the market right now, but still powerful enough for you to seriously consider it as your next vape. With it’s wickless technology and 510 thread battery connection, The KandyPens Slim Kit is also very convenient and versatile and could easily slip into your life and take your herb game to the next level.

Slim Kit Black Review KandyPens NamasteVapes

KandyPens are putting the vaping experience right back into your hands by offering you a lifetime warranty on the battery of the Slim Kit, it’s main component. With this, no matter how long you’ve already had the Slim Kit, you can just send away for it to be outfitted with a new battery and you’ll be vaping again in no time.

If you’re new to vaping, considering how incredibly cheap the Slim Kit black is, it could be the perfect first time vape for you. So cheap, so convenient, and yet doesn’t skimp on the quality. Classic KandyPens workmanship.

KandyPens products are some of the most convenient on the market. They’re one of the few companies today whose goal is to revolutionize the vape pen so that vapers can have increasingly better quality sessions in a thinner and more discreet package. In a world where the most powerful vape dominates, no matter the size, KandyPens are keeping things hidden with vaporizers as thin as a pen, but that won't skimp on the quality when you're ready for your hit.