Kannastor's New GR8TR V2 Grinder

The Worlds Most Advanced Grinder

If you thought there's no such thing as a grinder worth getting excited about, the GRR8TR V2 herbal grinder from Kannastor is going to be the gadget that changes your mind. Kannastor calls their products "the world's most advanced grinders," and items like the GR8TR V2 prove that they're not just blowing smoke. If you're ready to meet a grinder that's both versatile and reliable enough to hang onto for a lifetime, start getting to know the GR8TR V2.

Top of the line quality 

From the moment you pick it up, you can tell the GR8TR V2 isn't a bargain-basement widget. The components are made from incredibly tough and long-lasting food-grade aluminum, and they're assembled with absolute unbeatable attention to detail. Kannastor clearly built this grinder not just to give a range of grind size options but also to deliver top-of-the-line quality and consistency in the machine's output.

The GR8TR V2 is made of eight parts and includes a bottom lid that can function as a storage compartment. It's an ideal place to hold your keef; it features smooth surfaces and even a built-in plastic scraping tool. You can easily adjust the GR8TR V2's performance by changing out the different mesh steel screens that come with the grinder, and the package also includes interchangeable plates. Take one of those extra plates with you by snapping it into the lid, as the grinder's designed for. Truly this is a puzzle box of efficient space usage.

Kannastor Grinder


Kannastor's GR8TR V2 is roughly two inches in diameter and almost twice that figure in height - 3.5 inches. It's definitely a hefty, substantial piece of gear. The grinder's bulk serves a purpose, though: with a deeper grinding chamber you get better results (light milling instead of destructive crushing) with less force. All of that space can also be used for storage purposes. The GR8TR has to difficulty processing bigger buds, and it will easily hold up to an eighth of herb. You can even modify the grinder into a more compact form by removing the pollen clear chamber entirely when you take it on the road. Kannastor Grinder

An Investment 

It's easy to see that the GR8TR is a truly excellent piece of equipment. All of that quality comes at a cost, literally; the GR8TR is one of the more expensive grinder options being sold today. Typical retail prices are in the $80-90 range. Granted, grinding isn't that hard a job. If you appreciate the added consistency and quality a good grinder can add to your herb, though, you'll find that the GR8TR V2 makes an excellent long-term investment. The tremendous durability of this grinder ensures that you'll get years of reliable service out of it.

Kannastor Grinder


The GR8TR V2 is, thanks to its multiple grinding plates and mesh screens, possibly the most customizable grinder available today. It's not just backed by a quality design and durable parts; Kannastor also offers a lifetime warranty on the GR8TR V2. It just might be the greatest grinder you'll ever use - not just tomorrow, but years down the road, too. 


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