The Magic Flight Launch Box - Review

The Launch Box might not be the most advanced vape out there. It mightn’t have multiple heat settings or a smartphone app or Bluetooth or whatever the new vaporizers are coming out with these days. The MFLB is a wooden wonder. It’s a cheap and delicious vaporizer that won’t break your wallet.

Each one is hand carved with care in San Diego, California and it’s overall size and convenience makes it incredibly easy to move around. This piece has managed to stay strong in the market, being a firm favorite for many dedicated vapers for a very long time. It’s so time tested, they’ve never bothered to make a sequel, because why mess with perfection. It’s so small and the system it works off of is so simple, and yet it doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. Each one has been thought out and then hand crafted with care.

Magic Flight Launch Box Wooden Portable Vaporizer

With the beautiful metal body, you also get a stainless steel mesh screen hovering above two heat-conductive metal rods which acts as the heating element. The bowl lid, which keeps things nice and secure and airtight slides  around for easy access and the mouthpiece is also made from a strong acrylic that won’t taint your vapor.

The Quality

If you can tame The Magic Flight Launch Box, you’ll recognize that it has an exception taste to it. It uses a pure convection oven to deliver an exception and full quality to each full bowl. It’s true that that The Magic Flight Launch Box has it’s quirks that will need to be figured out, and we’ll have more on that later, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll be vaping some of the best tasting vapor out there.

The wood your vaporizer could be made of is totally up to you. There’s three options: Maple, Cherry or Walnut and each wood is of an exception quality. So natural, delivers the best taste to your herbs, very strong and treated so that it won’t be breaking down on you anytime soon. In fact, the Magic Flight Launch Box is so dependable, it comes with a lifetime guarantee so Magic Flight are really showing their confidence with this piece here.


The Magic Flight Launch Box isn’t all that difficult to use. You may hear some complaints about people having problems, but all those come from the manual control that people won’t get at the very beginning. The real level of usability with this piece revolves around the battery.

The Launch Box’s heating elements is activated when one of the two rechargeable batteries the Magic Flight comes with are pressed into the device. From their, your herbs will start heating almost right away. It’s so quick, and just by releasing some of the pressure on the battery, the heat will turn off, giving you total control over how much vapor is created.

Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

You’ll also notice as soon as you see the Launch Box that it’s an incredibly small vaporizer. So small that it can fit into your pocket so easily. The downstem and the battery might cause some room problems as they jut out, but you can remove them and keep them separately (although technically you don’t need the downstem to vape the Launch Box so, though it might be a little trickier, you could be vaping without it just fine).

The potential portability on this thing though just can’t be sniffed at. Itn your fingertips while you’re using it. In terms of lasting the entire day, the Magic Flight Launch Box’ battery does waste out quicker than most, but you receive another one with the purchase so just keeping the other one on you should get you through the day of you’re a serious on-the-go vaper.

One last quick mention with the Magic Flight Launch Box is the fact that it’s completely silent as it vapes. A lot of vapes aren’t exactly loud, but often enough you’ll hear a slight crackling and maybe some gushes of air as you intake.

The fact that Magic Flight are promising complete silence on this vape is a massive upside, especially given that this is a wooden model which are often loud vaporizers since their heat is a little less contained.

Manual Control

The Magic Flight Launch Box is the epitome of manual control. With manual control, instead of trusting your digital vaporizer with a series of commands, you can actually control the kind of vape session you’re going to get. You can, with a bit of practice, make the clouds as dense as you want or get your draw resistance to that perfect.

Manual Control does all this, unlike modern digital vaporizers. These techniques require a bit of a learning curve. It all depends on the speed of your breath and how long you draw for, but after a couple of tries, you should begin to master how to get your ideal degree of smoke.