Mighty+ Vaporizer: Review

Mighty+ Plus Vaporizer Review | The Storz and Bickel Legend

Storz and Bickel are household names in the vaporizer industry, and it is not difficult to see why. The original Mighty vaporizer made waves due to its amazing hybrid heating system, ceramic coated chamber, and terrific vape quality in addition to a portable vaporizer design.

The Mighty Plus Vaporizer is here to finish the job with an improved, faster heat up time, improved battery life, an improved Supercharge function. The combination of convection heating and conduction heating ensures dried herbs are flavorful, as does the cooling unit.

But this is not the end of the story; here at Namaste Vapes we are committed to giving you the complete story with the vaporizers we sell on our site; after all, ensuring you get premium vapor quality and a vape session worthy of your respect.

Today, we will give you a run down of this powerhouse device in our Mighty+ review.

What is The Difference Between the Mighty and the Mighty Plus?

The original Mighty vaporizer was, and continues to be, a legendary success in the world of portable vaporizers. The Mighty Plus is purportedly an improvement over it, but what does this mean, exactly? What can users look forward to?

Original Mighty Comes With a Kit

original mighty

Keep in mind that the original Mighty comes with a kit, assuming this is your first time dealing with a vape of this nature. This kit includes mesh screens, loading tools, and a grinder. The Mighty+ does not come with such a kit, assuming you have these tools already.

Improved Charging Capability

The original Mighty charged just fine, but had that annoying barrel port charging connection which meant if you needed to charge quickly on the go you wouldn't be able to.

The Mighty Plus vaporizer has no such issue. It has a USB C charging port, meaning you are blessed with a universal charging system, and you can always charge your phone in a pinch.

The Supercharger, an additional accessory that is available to you, is a quick way to charge up your Mighty+ on the go, reaching 80% in 40 minutes. However, this may be very hard on the battery.

New and Improved Look

The Mighty Vaporizer had straight grooves and plain black encasing, while the Mighty Plus has improved its grip grooves, which lean downward, offering better grip and stability.

Speaking of stability, the initial incarnation of the Mighty had little "legs" that you could pull out to get your Mighty to stand up correctly and upright. It was a bit wobbly, and though the Mighty Plus has improved this, it still wobbles a bit.

Oh, and the new Mighty Plus has orange accents and the logo in front, as opposed to just the plain black finishes on the original version.

Improved and Brighter OLED Display

You will notice the improved visibility on the Mighty Plus, even on a bright sunny day. This is a marked improvement over the Mighty, which often struggled in the sun or in bright light.

While it is true that the Mighty's display sometimes faded away over the time, if you put these devices side by side you will quickly see that the OLED function on the Mighty+ is a marked and noticeable improvement.

Vapor Quality and Battery Life: Head to Head

Temperature settings are identical with both of these versions of the Mighty, and at NamasteVapes we could only chalk up any slightly loss in quality to battery life waning, which as we should mention now the Mighty+ has successfully improved on quite a bit.

We can chalk the long battery life up to more efficient charging and improved hardware, though the difference is not so major that it renders the Mighty obsolete.

What is Included With the Mighty Plus

The reason why the Mighty Plus is a modern vaping juggernaut is not only due to its vapor quality or the ability for it to produce the fluffiest clouds. It also has to do with functionality, and the Mighty Plus happens to do quite well here, thanks to what you are armed with.

When you open up the packaging for your Mighty Plus, you can expect the following:

mighty plus vaporizer
  • Mighty+ Vaporizer 
  • 3 Chamber Screens 
  • 3 Cooling Unit Screens 
  • 3 Base O-Rings 
  • Pick & Pack Tool 
  • Sample Dosing Capsule 
  • Cleaning Brush 
  • USB-C Cable 
  • Instructions

Now, you are not getting the grinder or the filling tool here, but chances are you may not need them if you are a Mighty+ customer. Nonetheless, the thorough supply of necessities is appreciated here.

Temperature Control and Calibration

We are very impressed with the new and improved hardware when it comes to the Mighty Plus, and this is primarily evident in the heating times and temperature calibrating experience. We know that Storz & Bickel prides itself on having great vapor quality - why is this?

The answer lies in the heating method. Often, Mighty products make the "Best Vaporizer" lists primarily due to the combination of conduction and convection heat. Now, this does not necessarily eliminate the credence of other heating methods, but this is their signature.

As a result, the faster heat up times of dry herbs, combined with the ceramic coated heating chamber, have made the Mighty Plus the perfect example of what hybrid heating systems can do. Every hit is a great hit, and the clouds are terrific, not bad for those portable vapes!

We do not necessarily recommend always operating any dry herb vape at the hottest settings (do so at your own risk), but give the maximum temperatures a whirl with the Mighty Plus, you may find it surprising the device has so much power and stamina.

Initial Startup

To get started, go ahead and load up the Mighty Plus with your dry herb by opening up the mouthpiece and top most chamber. Be sure to secure everything closed afterward. From here, press the power button, and this will begin the heat up cycle.

Use the up and down buttons to toggle between the temperatures, remembering that holding down the buttons will cause the numbers to jump by 10 degree increments.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from Storz & Bickel products is unrivaled, and comes with a reputation that is hard to argue with. The consistency is remarkable with not only the Mighty products, but also the Crafty and the ever famous Volcano.

That said, how does the Mighty Plus compare?

Well, this is where the hybrid heating technology really flexes its muscles once again. The hybrid technology is not just so that you can get well rounded heat, neither is it a gimmick. By utilizing convection and conduction, you ensure that your dry herbs are properly heated.

Since you are getting the entirety of the surface area of your dry herb heated up, you are not losing anything to half-hearted heating, and the flavor really pops this way. There is no scorching, and herbs are kept cool between sessions.

Ceramic Chamber and Super Boost

Another thing to keep in mind? The ceramic coated chamber, which also goes a long way towards keeping flavor intact, and not infusing your dried herbs with that unpleasant metallic or aluminum after taste.

mighty plus box

Finally, if you remember the original Mighty, you may remember a feature called Boost Mode - and this is an especially useful feature if you want to experiment with vapor volume and overall quality. With the Mighty+, the quick heat up time is expanded even further.

Boost mode is upgraded to Super Boost mode when it comes to the Mighty Plus vape, and this sees your Boost increment jumping all the way into the 40 range for temperature control and increments.

Manufacturing and Hardware

Let's start with the fact that as of this writing, the Mighty+ is the only vaporizer on the market to be UL certified. Rigorous testing of the Mighty Plus's hardware and a focus on safety, quality, and reliability have paid dividends.

UL Certification

A UL certification means a third party inspection for safety, and a stamp of approval in this regard, all from a company that is over a century old and does not dole out certifications for just anyone.

This is a certification of all heating, electronic. battery, and charging systems, making the Mighty plus one of the most secure and safe purchases you could ever make--and after all the domestic controversy about vaping in the last decade, this is more than a welcome relief!

Encasing and OLED Screen

The outer encasing of the Mighty Plus, similar to that of its older brother the Mighty, and that of its cousin the Crafty, is made of tough, reinforced plastic polymer, meaning even the clumsiest drop or bump is going to amount to nothing for this vape.

The OLED screen is a vast improvement over the last one as well, legible and easy to read even in the blazing summer sun or in the pitch black darkness.

Battery Quality

One of the more noticeable, and important improvements to the Mighty brand is the battery quality. The Mighty Plus shows you this almost instantaneously with the brilliant plumes of vapor it puts out, with far less drainage of the battery than before.

Boasting dual lithium ion batteries, you are looking at a minimum of an hour of runtime per full charge. That's at the low end, folks! That means if you are the kind of vape guru that enjoys smoking at a sweltering 410° F, you still get an hour of use.

Everyone else can look forward to up to 90 minutes of run-time, and this means ability to take your Mighty+ with you without much of a worry of an interrupted session, particularly as long as your device is fully charged.

You can look forward to getting about 2 to 3 grams of dried herbs fully vaped for each full charge.

Discretion and Portability

Okay, so this is where the word "portability" gets chopped up, dissected, and analyzed under a microscope. This is not a desktop vaporizer, to be sure. All one has to do is look at this vaporizer to know that.

But it does feel bulky to the touch, and the chances of it going in the pocket of your skinny jeans is pretty much zero. It is made up of a series of grooves, columns and moving parts, and it is not exactly the most "graceful" looking vape, opting for a utilitarian, industrial look.

So, is the Mighty Plus vaporizer a discreet vape? Is it portable in the classic sense? The answer really just depends on what your goal is with the Mighty. If you want to take it out for a night on the town, your best bet is having a purse, or a man-purse.

If you want to bring it out with you in public and utilize your Mighty Plus without getting any looks, then you are probably looking for a different kind of portable vaporizer.

Appropriate for Public Discreet Use?

While you can bring the Mighty Plus with you fairly easily to a friends house or in a backpack, it is not like your iPhone or like a Pax 3, where you can bring it virtually anywhere you want.

To us here at NamasteVapes, we do not consider this a weakness of the Mighty Plus necessarily. We understand that this is a portable vaporizer that means business, and is not asking to be the kind of device you whip out at the nightclub.

Our readers will have to decide how they feel about it on their own of course, but that is our take.

User Friendliness

The process of using your Mighty Plus is one of simplicity and non-complicated bliss - you will not be needing to run back and forth to the instructional manual to get a handle on how to use it, and that is nothing but a good thing our book.

We gave a brief overview of how to initiate your first few hits of the Mighty Plus in the section under "Initial Startup," so you can reference that to see how easy it is to operate your Mighty Plus vaporizer.

Some Tips and Tricks

The dosing capsules are useful for storing your material so that you can get multiple sessions from them; simply power off the Mighty+, take a nice draw of your herbs, then remove the dosing capsule and store it for your next session.

Wondering what the best temperature is for your Mighty so that you get the wispy, fog like smoke you enjoy, but also want that rich flavor? After surveying and researching a few different temperature preferences, we say that 385° F is the sweet spot.

You will get a nice hit this way, with impressive smoke and a good indication of how efficient the individual parts of the Mighty+ can be, whether it is the cooling unit or the medical grade plastic.

We also love the little "legs" of the Mighty that help it stand upright between sessions, offering slightly better stability than the original Storz Bickel Mighty.

Utilize SuperBoost to make your sessions personalized and smooth, and if pass through charging is a priority for you, pick up a Super charger, which supplies 15V@3A, enough of a power current to do both for you.

Session Experience

The improved hardware of the Mighty+ means that you are getting sessions that truly hit the spot. The circuit board is upgraded here, and that means a whole array of benefits, primarily centered around the efficiency of your Mighty.

Heat up times are vastly improved over the original - to get a temperature of 380° F it only took a survey of users a total of one minute, give or take about 3 seconds. And with SuperBoost taking you up to a notch of 40° F at your command, the results speak for themselves.

What is a Session, Really? 

A session, for the uninitiated, means a full bowl being smoked. With the new and improved battery, combined with protective measures like auto shut off, you are expected to get anywhere from 12-14 sessions on one charge of the battery.

This will of course vary on your temperature selection, and if you like to vaporize your dry herb at a higher temperature, this will mean you may get less sessions out of it. Still, over 10 sessions on a single charge is nothing to sneeze at. 

Final Thoughts about the Mighty+

At NamasteVapes, we have gotten accustomed to expecting the most out of Storz and Bickel vapes. Our expectations are often high, and we do not expect them to please us every single time. Yet time and again, the Storz & Bickel team comes through for us.

The Mighty Plus is not a budget vape, nor is it a vape that you can throw into your pocket or bring with you to a concert. But for what it lacks in discretion and budget friendliness, it makes up for with some of the best vapor in the business.

We are not sure it is the vape for everyone, but we know that at the very least, it is not the kind of vaporizer that lets people down if they forge ahead with purchasing it. We encourage you to take the thoughts from this review and decide if the Mighty Plus is your vape.



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