The Mighty Vaporizer Review

The original Mighty looms large in the vaporizer industry due to its innovative design and powerful, satisfying hits. How do we assess its power now, 8 years later, after the industry has boomed so quickly?

It is a legitimate question considering how popular the original Mighty wound up being, and 2014 (the year the Mighty was released) was a long time ago, if we are being honest.

Today we will give you an updated Mighty vaporizer review, revisiting this industry titan after 8 years on top.

Mighty Vaporizer: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs (and What's In The Box)

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common questions people ask about the Mighty vaporizer

1. How much does the Mighty cost?

At Namaste Vape, you can get your hands on a Mighty vape for $278.40. We’ll also throw in free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. What can you vape with the Mighty?

The Mighty is a dual-use vaporizer, meaning it’s compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates (like wax or shatter). The Dosing Capsule included in the kit helps avoid messes when using the latter.

3. How big is the Mighty?

As far as dry herb vapes go, the Mighty is a bit of a hefty chonker, with dimensions of 5.5” x 4.3” x 1.3”. It’s a bit big for most pockets, but it’ll fit comfortably in a bag. 

4. How much does the Mighty weigh?

The Mighty also weighs a bit more than many of its competitors, clocking in at 9.38 oz. For comparison, that’s about the same weight as a typical hockey puck.

5. How big is the Mighty’s oven chamber?

The Mighty’s oven is big-but-not-too-big, with a max capacity of .25 g of dried herb. 

6. What’s the Mighty’s heating system?

The Mighty is a bit unusual among portable vapes in that it uses a hybrid convection-conduction heating system. We’ll get into what that means a bit later. 

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7. Which battery does the Mighty use?

The Mighty boasts a large 2668mAh lithium ion battery, which helps explain its robust battery life.

8. How long does the Mighty’s battery last?

Speaking of battery life, you can expect to get around ~90 minutes of continuous use on a full charge of your Mighty vaporizer. 

9. How long does the Mighty take to charge?

Fortunately, the charging time on the Mighty is less than you might think—just around 120 minutes. Plus, the Mighty has pass-through-charging, so you can still vape with it while it’s plugged into the charger. 

10. What’s the temperature range of the Mighty?

The Mighty has one of the larger temperature ranges of portable vapes currently on the market: 104° F - 410° F. You can select from a number of preset temperature settings, or choose your own using the controls on the device. 

11. How does the Mighty display temperature?

The Mighty has a relatively large LED screen at the bottom device, where you can see your current temperature settings (along with battery life and other key info). 

12. Does the Mighty have an auto shutoff feature?

It does! The Mighty will shut off after approximately 2 minutes of inactivity, saving both your battery life and whatever’s loaded in your oven chamber. 

13. Does the Mighty come with a smartphone app?

Nope, the folks at Storz & Bickel decided to skip the app on the current version of the Mighty.

14. Does the Mighty have a warranty?

Every Mighty comes with a 2 year manufacturers’ warranty from Storz & Bickel (assuming you bought your device from a reputable vape shop, that is). 

Included in the Box

mighty plus vaporizer
  • Mighty Vaporizer
  • Power Adapter
  • Spare Screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Storz & Bickel Brand Grinder for Dry Herbs
  • Filling Aid
  • Instructions
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • Set of Spare Seal Rings

How Does The Mighty Work?

People ask this about the Mighty all the time, often in the same way you might ask “how do TVs work?” or “how does a cat work?” It’s an understandable attempt to figure out just what makes this gadget tick, but it can be answered more clearly (and usefully) if we break it down into a couple key parts. Without further ado: 

1. The Mighty Vaporizer Heating System

As mentioned before, the Mighty uses a hybrid conduction-convection heating system. In case those terms are unfamiliar, here’s a quick explanation: conduction heats up your material through direct contact—i.e. the metal or ceramic walls of the oven chamber touch your dry herb, producing vapor.

On the other hand, convection blasts your material with superhot air to produce that tasty vapor. By using both systems, the Mighty is able to both heat up quickly (a benefit of conduction systems) and heat your material smoothly and evenly (a benefit of convection systems). 

2. Loading The Mighty

The Mighty is a pretty easy device to load. The top section, which includes the swivelable mouthpiece, can be twisted off to reveal the oven chamber below.

When loading your Mighty, you’ll want to use a medium fine grind, as this lets your vape heat it quickly and evenly. If you’re vaping concentrates, make sure to put your material in the Dosing Capsule instead of adding it directly to the oven chamber (trust us, you don’t want to deal with that mess). 

3. Turning On The Mighty Vape

Bless those Storz & Bickel engineers for their thoughtfulness—turning on the Mighty is literally as easy as pushing the power button on the front of the device. Depending on the temperature setting, it’ll take around 90-120 seconds for your device to heat up. Speaking of temperature...

4. Setting The Temperature On The Storz & Bickel Mighty

Once again, simplicity rules! The front of the Mighty features two large buttons next to the LED display screen. Helpfully, these are labeled with up and down arrows (you can figure out what that means). Briefly tapping the arrows will let you adjust the temperature by individual degrees, 

5. Hitting The Mighty Vape

The mouthpiece of the Mighty swivels to avoid snags or snaps during storage and travel, so releasing it from its storage position is the first step. The Mighty uses a direct draw system, which means you can puff on it like you would with a traditional smoking instrument. However, be warned that the Mighty “hits hard,” as the saying goes, so you might want to take it easy at first.

The Mighty Portable Vaporizer Legacy

It has been quite a long time since the Mighty vape was released, but industry watchers are always wondering and expecting if there can be anything at all that can come close to the power and industrial impressiveness of the original Mighty. The debate rages on, and yet nothing comes close to making a name for itself this way.

Storz&Bickel Mighty Vapor Quality: Smarter not Harder

While there is a bit of a waiting period for the Mighty to heat up properly, there is a reason for this, as we have learned. Because the Mighty does a fair amount of work in the “before” and “after” of individuals taking their first hit, you are getting far more consistent vapor quality than you would usually expect.

Allow us to explain: the S&B Mighty’s cooling unit, small as it is, is very smart. It has a mechanism to stop extracting raw material and producing vapor when the process is done, preventing “empty calorie” inhales. Other vapes continue to produce vapor long afterward, resulting in in hits that have practically abandoned any chance of including any botanicals.

Storz and Bickel Testing and Quality Manufacturing

S&B did not just pick a random product out of a hat and market it, resulting in a windfall of clout and success. They had a developmental procedure in place before the Mighty ever went to market. 

This involved testing dosages, herbal packing, purity, and vapor output. This is yet another key facet of SB’s savvy strategies. 

Battery Power

Because the Mighty is such an anomaly in the vaping world, it is hardly surprising that its method of retaining such power is via 2 lithium ion batteries. There is no exact record of how many bowls you can get out of the Mighty, but expect more than enough.

If we had to guess though, it could be in the 10ish range.

It takes about 2 hours to charge up fully, but once it is charged, you are looking at a bare bones minimum of 2 days of continuous use before it requires recharging. Moderate to light users will go weeks without charging their Mighty’s battery.

But luckily for most vape fans, the Mighty has pass through charging, so you are never going without. That being said, prepare ahead of time if you are taking your Mighty out and about due to the barrel port charger, which is much more difficult to connect to in public arenas, which usually have plenty of USB C ports.

Herbs and Concentrates

While the strength of the Mighty is demonstrated multiple ways, we are particularly pleased with its ability to flawlessly employ its hybrid heating system well into your session. The conduction action starts right off the bat, followed by a slow buildup of convection style heating. This is great and all, but for such an advanced, legendary vaporizer product, people began to wonder how such an advanced product could skimp on wax concentrate compatibility.

The truth is, those weird mesh pad looking things that you can buy as an add-on courtesy of Storz & Bickel are your gateway to getting those refreshing dabs as part of your Mighty experience. 

Simply put a mesh pad into the chamber, place your concentrate on top, and enjoy the ride. Keep in mind that the Mighty was constructed exclusively for dry herbs, so it cannot employ the same kind of vaporization on waxes that dab rigs and e-rigs can. Do not expect those famous wax plumes anytime soon. But at least the effect is similar, and even this minor modification is great to have. 

Temperature and Heat Up Timing

You can select precise temperature with the Mighty, anywhere from 104° F to 410° F. You may wonder what the ideal temperature may be.

Well, that simply depends, but if you are asking us, we like a mid-high temperature range for our dried herbs, and this is anywhere from 355° F to 395° F. 

One drawback of the Mighty is that the temperature heat up timing can be a little lengthy in comparison to others. You are looking at about a minute minimum for heating up, although sometimes this can extend to 2 minutes. The Mighty Plus is a little quicker in this regard.

Fear not of course; this is a minor gripe. After all, once the Mighty is fully heated up, you will be impressed by the cleanliness and high quality of your first hit, which will extend to each hit thereafter.

The Mighty also features real-time temperature changes, so while you wait for things to heat up, you can see progress featured right on your LED screen in 15 degree increments. You can also see temperature dips and peaks while a session is occurring.

Accessories for the Mighty

When you unbox your Mighty, you may feel as though accessories are unnecessary, and we would see your point. Storz and Bickel ensured that you are pretty happy with what you get, which is an herb mill, fill aid, dosing capsules, cleaning brush, and miscellaneous extra parts.

That is not where the story ends, of course. The Mighty is popular enough to have accessories and add-ons that run the gamut. This can mean a caddy for your dosing capsules, and if you take a look at your options, you can get caddies that hole 40 dosing capsules. And as mentioned earlier, the mesh pads for concentrates.

What makes some of these add ons better is that they include some very necessary backup tools - that 40 capsule set I just mentioned comes with a grinder, a loading tray, and a scale for added accuracy.

Now, the set I just mentioned is courtesy of S&B, but there are some other add-ons and modifications to enjoy with the Mighty. The Mighty does not stand on its own thanks to its curved bottom, so you can purchase stands made by third parties for convenience. You have multiple options if you would like to attach a water pipe adapter, and these come in silicone and glass versions.

Why Is the Mighty Still a Best Seller?

You may be wondering why, in the internet age, the Mighty enjoys such longevity, and why Storz and Bickel enjoy such reverence as a result. The best way to describe this phenomenon is to look at bigger enterprises, like aviation companies or electronic and computer companies for example.

For example, Boeing and Apple enjoy such reverence because they were pioneers in their respective fields and developed a reputation for exacting detail and battle tested, high quality products.

While Storz and Bickel has a long way to go before becoming a trillion dollar company like Apple or being the mass producer of passenger jets like Boeing, it does carry the weight of its originality with its name, and vaporizers like the Mighty are akin to the iPhone or Boeing 747 in terms of industry recognition.

So, it is less a matter of hype, and more a matter of dependable quality. THe Mighty became famous because of its consistency in producing great hits for its users. Any downfalls it may have are quickly overridden by the product’s longevity and lack of annoyances like glitches or faulty parts.

What Users Tend to Dislike About The Mighty

First, it must be said that even if the Mighty is marketed as a portable vaporizer, and it can be taken with you anywhere, it is not exactly discreet. At first glance the Mighty vaporizer size appears brick-like, and there’s not really a chance of it fitting in your pockets unless you are wearing massive cargo pants (cargo pants are back in style though, so who knows). So in terms of discretion, the Mighty isn’t really going to give you much.

Also, the curved bottom makes the Mighty a bit cumbersome. It will not stand on its own, so you will always have to lay it down during a session with multiple people, and though there is nothing that could really change this, a flat-bottom Mighty has not come to fruition just yet.

The 2 minute heat up time can also be a drawback for some, especially when compared to the 20 second heat up times of some other portable vapes out there. A small annoyance, but one that many take note of especially if they own faster vapes.

The barrel port charger is also an annoyance, and it is very outdated in 2022. This means charging on the go is much more difficult than it would be if the Mighty came with a USB-C type charger.

For what it is worth, the Mighty Plus addressed almost all of these issues, making it a viable option if you would rather not deal with any of the above issues.

So, Is the Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer Worth It in 2022?

This is the million dollar question, and at NamasteVapes, we are going to answer in the affirmative that yes, the Mighty vape is very much worth it.

This does not mean it is perfect. This simply means that your money will stretch farther with this vaporizer considering it is not known for falling apart the minute after your warranty expires, and you can always expect the kind of hit that brings you levity and calm when using your dry herbs.

Sure, some aspects are very 2014-esque at this stage, but these can be easily overlooked. And because the Mighty Plus is virtually identical to its predecessor aside from some welcome updates, you get to pay a cheaper price for a device that is just as effective and beloved as its successor. 

We recommend that you look into the Mighty if nothing else but to understand why it has taken on such an outsized role in the vaporizer industry. Many products and devices to this day compare themselves to Storz and Bickel products like this one. 

But Wait, Should I Just Get the Mighty+ Instead?

At NamasteVapes we are not totally convinced yet that the Mighty+ needs to be all that more expensive than its predecessor, but if the above voiced drawbacks of the Mighty do not bother you at all, then you are in good shape. 

You can always slowly purchase accessories and additional parts if you want a better vaporizer for yourself. 

The Mighty+ will one day decrease in price a little, and as time goes on, the Mighty will be relegated to a gem-like classic of its time. Like the iMac or Windows 95, it will remain a consummate, professional grade product that informed the industry and made it better.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Mighty Vaporizer?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major advantages (and drawbacks) of the Mighty:

Compatible with dry herb and concentrates A little pricey
Easy to operate controls Not the most pocket-friendly
Excellent vapor quality Tricky to clean
Rugged and durable Not especially discreet
Solid warranty Only two preset settings

Who Would Like the Mighty?

Newer users may really take to the Mighty’s overall industry reputation and simple interface. For a vaporizer that does its job and does it reliably, you cannot ask for much better than this. The vapor is great, and users will not be intimidated by a series of bells and whistles, because the Mighty is just a straight shooter.

Over time of course, these new users can add mods and experiment more, and maybe get their hands on a Mighty Plus. 

Who Would Not Like the Mighty?

This may seem counterintuitive, but seasoned users may be annoyed with the drawbacks I mentioned earlier. The Mighty does not stand on its own, nor does it have a USB-C jack, and it is a good amount slower than many modern vapes.

As a result, seasoned users are encouraged to look at the Mighty+ instead. 

Final Thought

Storz and Bickel may be the Boeing of the vape industry, but the power is vested in the users, and it was the legions of Mighty fans that made it so popular. While we have our own opinions about some of the more outdated aspects of the Mighty, we cannot but help be impressed by its persistent and deserved popularity.

Warranty Deets

Just as an FYI, the warranty on your Mighty is 2 years for any manufacturer defects.

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