New Namaste Vape Accessories

Posted on Jun 09, 2015

Vaporizer Accessories

Hopefully, if you've been tracking along with us here at Namaste Vapes then you've noticed that we have created a lot of new products recently!  This is really exciting for us, because we saw a need, and decided to try to fulfill it.   We make these products because we've seen that you guys want products like our VGrinders, Stir Tools, Water Tools, and Adapters, and we decided you guys deserved these with the highest quality glass, plastic, and metal that we can bring to the table.

New Namaste Vape Accessories

We thought that there should be better grinders on the market, so we made them.  We didn't cut corners making them either because both our 2-Part and 4-Part VGrinder's are made with aircraft grade aluminum and backed with a lifetime warranty!  We weren't satisfied with the quality of whip tubing that comes with desktop vaporizers and so we decided to create our own Medical Grade Silicone tubing!  To help improve your vapor even more we created a Glass Water Tool Whip Adapter so that you can not only get a better vapor from our tubing, but you can also hook it up to a high-quality water tool using our adapters!
NamasteVapes Herb grinder
Some of our accessories we are the most excited about for you are our Water Tools!  You don't have to be limited to loving your Pax or your Crafty but being unable to hydro-filter it, because we've crafted an attachment just for that very purpose!  Our 14mm Water Tool has quickly become a popular product and we're excited that you guys are stoked to have it!
New Namaste Vape Accessories
If you've been trying to get bigger hits, thicker vapor, and bigger clouds but hate getting throat hit, then these Water Tools are just what you need to cool and filter that perfect vapor.  Here at Namaste, we are only going to continue to innovate based off of what we think YOU guys want, so feel free to send in suggestions or give us some feedback on our accessories on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Email!  We want to hear from you, because we make everything we do with YOU in mind!
Keep Calm... Vape on.
- Namaste Matt

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