If you are part of the vaping world, you will be aware of the significance Pax Labs has in the industry. They have revolutionized the portable consumption of dry herb vapes, through their unique features, and their sleek and compact designs. Intelligence in design as well as in features is what sets them apart from others. 

The Pax 2 vape is yet another example of Pax Labs’ dedication to vaping excellence and technological prowess. With a host of sensors and features that keep a close eye on your vape experience so you don’t have to. From lip-sensing technology to auto-cooling mechanisms, using the Pax 2 is akin to vaping with your own AI co-pilot. 

We’ve been lucky enough to give the Pax 2 a thorough test run, giving us the ability to provide you with an in-depth review covering all things Pax 2. Whether you’re reading this as a complete newbie to the Pax 2 or you have some experience with it, we’re sure you’ll gain a lot from this review. 

How Does The Pax 2 Work?

1. Heating System

The Pax 2 heating system utilizes a powerful conduction heating system. This ensures the highest vapor quality in every session. 

2. Loading The Pax 2

Loading the Pax 2 could not be easier - with its useful magnetic chamber lid feature, all you need to do is remove this and carefully decant your ground herb. Be careful not to overload it!

To ensure you’re getting the best vapor quality, I recommend loading the Pax 2 with a fine grind - this maximizes the surface area of the herb exposed to heat. 

3. Turing on The Pax 2

Just like loading, turning on the Pax 2 has been made equally simple. Ensure the device is fully charged before use, and using its single-button control scheme press it once to turn it on. 

4. Temperature settings

To cycle between the Pax 2’s four vape temperatures, ranging between 360F - 420F, press and hold the power button until you see the pedals on the front light up to their different colors. As you go through the different temperatures each pedal will light up informing that it is at the next temperature. 

Build Quality

Measuring a little more than 4 inches long, the Pax 2 is smaller than most e-cigarettes. Pax Labs have been sure its compact size has not been traded off for the quality of build - with a smooth casing that has a stylish sheen that sits somewhere between satin and gloss. Despite its small size, the Pax 2 is a seriously sturdy vape. With an outer body made out of anodized aluminum that’s more than able to stand up to the rough and tumble of life of an everyday carry vape. 

What makes the Pax 2 Stand Out?

Pax Labs have never failed to amaze with its innovation. The Pax 2 boasts multiple features that make it stand out amongst the portable dry herb vape line up.

With innovative lip-sensing technology that senses when you are taking a hit from the mouthpiece and adjusts the temperature setting in real-time. This means that the heat in the chamber remains constant, giving you an incredibly consistent vape experience. 

With an auto-cooling technique that automatically drops the temperature after 30 seconds, your device’s battery life is preserved for longer and not overheating your herb.

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What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

1 x Pax 2 Vaporizer 

1 x Magnetic USB Charger 

2 x Interchangeable Mouthpieces (1 Flat 1 Raised)

1 x Wire Brush

1 x Magnetic Oven Lid

10 x Pipe Cleaners 

1 x Magnetic USB Charger 

2-Year Warranty Protection 

How's The Pax 2 Vapor Quality?

The Pax 2 features an isolated airpath that guarantees incredible vapor quality - its stainless steel chamber and air-path are built to medical grade standards. The heating system, while not ceramic, still delivers consistent heating thanks to the fact it is bonded to the chamber and airpath. 

There are also ways to ensure that you are getting the most ‘vape for your buck’. I found that making sure your herb is finely ground, and after each session emptying out the chamber and cleaning it thoroughly (we will get into this in more depth later) made for a better session. 

Is The Pax 2 Easy To Clean?

For general cleaning, it's a straightforward process with the Pax 2. After each session, you should empty out the oven and wipe out the chamber. Every so often use some cleaning solution (such as isopropyl alcohol) and a small brush to carefully clean the chamber out - gently breaking up any stubborn patches of grime. 

Cleaning the mouthpiece 

Push on the mouthpiece to release it into the ON position. Gently pull the mouthpiece to remove it, using the fingernail groove. Wipe down the mouthpiece with an alcohol wipe from the cleaning kit and clean the inside and outside of the mouthpiece stem using a pipe cleaner moistened in isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water. PAX recommends soaking the mouthpiece with your oven screen at least once a month, in warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol.

Cleaning the Oven and Vapor Path

If the Pax has been on, make sure to wait a couple of minutes for it to cool down before cleaning the body and oven of the device - clean the body with an alcoholic wipe. Always take precautions when handling a potentially hot device. With the mouthpiece removed, ensure the LED indicator is displaying your current temperature setting colour. 

Pros and Cons of Pax 2

Pros of the Pax 2

Cons of the Pax 2

Great Vapor 

No precise temperature setting

Auto-cooling mechanism 

Not compatible with concentrates 

Sturdy build

No smartphone compatibility 

Portable Design

Lip-sensing technology 

Cost Effective 

Is The Pax 2 Worth It? 

Whether you’re familiar with PAX Labs products or not - the PAX 2 is undeniably a fantastic dry herb vaporizer. 

It is one of the best and easiest ways to enjoy your dry herbs despite having been around for a while, it’s still held its own within the vape community. Boasting advanced technology, with a sleek and portable design coupled with consistently high vapor quality all for an affordable price! 

Who Should Buy The Pax 2

The Pax2 is a great choice if you’re in the market for a portable dry herb vaporizer with premium features but you don’t dig too deep into your pocket. It’s discreet construction and compact size make it ideal for those who don’t want to be bogged down by some of the larger devices out there. Its long life battery means that it won’t let you down and deliver a solid vape experience whenever you want it. If dry herb is your thing, then look no further. 

Who Should Not Buy Pax 2

Those of you who are keen on concentrates as your material of choice, the Pax 2 is probably not the best choice of vaporizer as it is only compatible with dry herbs. If this applies to you, we’d recommend going for a vaporizer that caters for both, or a concentrate specialised vaporizer. 

Conclusion - Overall Rating

Overall, there’s very little not to like about the Pax 2 we’ve most definitely given it our trusted stamp of approval. 

The device is particularly easy to get started with, and continue using, With a battery life that will last you the whole day, and won’t draw too much attention when offering you hits while you’re out and about. With ease of switching between the four vape temperatures, and an AI co-pilot that can sense when you’re vaping and adjust accordingly, we feel it's an ideal device for the entire vaping community regardless of experience. 

FAQ - Answering all your questions about tech specs (And What's In The Box)

Q1: What can you vape with the Pax 2?

The Pax 2 has been specifically designed to be used strictly with dry herbs. Its discreet design and efficient heating system means that you’ll be provided with consistently high quality vaping sessions. This being said, the one drawback means that it won’t be compatible with concentrates. 

Q2: How big is the Pax 2?

Measuring in at a little more than four inches long, the Pax 2 is smaller than most e-cigarettes. This makes it more than pocket friendly, as well as discreet so you can take it everywhere you go and not have to worry about it taking up any space. 

Q3: How heavy is the Pax 2?

Given its small and sleek build, the Pax 2 weighs just 3.5oz - just under 100 grams.

Q4: What is the Pax 2 oven chamber made out of?

The Pax 2 boasts a stainless steel chamber and air path, made of medical grade standard so you can ensure you the isolated air path will deliver incredible vapor quality. 

Q5: What heating system does the Pax 2 use?

The Pax 2 utilizes a conduction heating system which is the fastest type of heating system when it comes to vapes. By directly heating up the material the vapors are delivered to you almost instantly. 

Q6: How long does the Pax 2 battery last?

The battery life of the Pax 2 is about 2 hours, but this can be affected positively or negatively through various usage. 

This said, the device would usually last for about a day’s worth of vaping depending on the temperature you’re vaping at and your regularity of use.

Q7: How long does the Pax 2 take to charge?

The device takes about 90 minutes to charge fully. 

Q8: What is the temperature range of the Pax 2?

As something that comes very high in the priority list when choosing a vape, we understand that temperature settings must be valued. With the Pax 2, there is a range of 4 fixed temperature settings ranging from 360F to 420F. 

Although there is no functionality to choose precise degree increments of temperature, we feel these 4 settings are programmed effectively in order to get the most out of your vaping experience. 

Q9: Does the Pax 2 have a temperature display?

The device does not have a digital temperature display, but rather a small distinctive LED green ‘X’ that tells you when the device is on. By pressing the single scene button once and holding it down, you can cycle between temperature settings - starting at 360F. 

Q10: Does the Pax 2 have an auto shut-off feature?

We all know that feeling of setting your vape down for a moment, and thinking in the back of your head ‘is my herb going to waste?’. Well, the Pax 2 solves for this by introducing its auto-cooling technique after 30 seconds of no use. 

After a short period of no use it will also auto-shut off. 

Q11: Does the Pax 2 come with a warranty?

Yes, you’ll be glad to know the Pax 2 comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty allowing to without worry.



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