Pax 3 Announced - Along with Pax Air and Pax Era

Who does it better than Pax Labs? No one that's who. The creators of the 'iPhone of Vaporizers' are back at it again with 3 brand new models for us to drool over. Adding to their already esteemed repertoire (the OG Pax and the uber-successful Pax 2) Pax Labs have gone ahead and given us a sneak peak of the new generation of vaporizers. First up we have the eagerly anticipated successor to the Pax 2; the Pax 3 (What else could it be?). On top of this, Pax Labs have listened to their fans and recognized the serious demand for concentrate vaporizers and are bringing out the Pax Era, the first Pax Vaporizer pen - solely for use with concentrates/waxes. Last but certainly not least we have the intriguing Pax Air. A new super slim and ultraportable Vape, the Pax Air promises to be a real game changer. 

Changing the Vaping Landscape 

The brand new Pax 3 continues on the same form factor and maintains a lot of features from its predecessor, the Pax 2. The Pax 3's strength, however, is its customizable functions. The Pax 3 allows you to really fine-tune your sessions and offers you the choice of vaping between dry herb materials and concentrates/waxes. Pax Labs have really opened their ears to their loyal consumers here and adapted to the increasingly more technologically adept vapes being produced. The Pax 3 being fully compatible with loose herbs and concentrates is certainly a step in the correct direction for both Pax Labs and die-hard Pax fans around the world. 

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Also retained from the previous model is the built-in accelerometer and smart gesture controls. The retention of these features show that Pax Labs are keen to keep a hold of the tag 'iPhone of Vaping'. The heating system for the Pax 3 has seen significant improvement, complete warm-up time now takes a mere 15 seconds, a remarkable improvement on the Pax 2. Not only is it quicker to heat up, but it offers double the heating power because of the introduction of three ovens. Yes, you read that correctly. Three ovens for the Pax 3, oh the joys. The ovens are massively accessible and are easily swapped out and each one serves a different purpose. There's one full-sized oven, a half pack oven (which is suitable for shorter sessions) and one oven attachment that is compatible with the new Pax Era concentrate pods.

Vaping needs? Pffft, Pax Labs have your back

It's clear that Pax Labs are attempting to cover as many potential vaping needs of their customers with this latest announcement and soon to be released products. Pax Labs have certainly decided to join the concentrate bandwagon, and truthfully, they would be insane not to. A record number of sales (Speaking of course regarding sales in the US legalized States) of concentrate related items and accessories have occurred over the last 2 years, due to the fact that the popularity of everything concentrate related sky-rocketing! We have to tip our caps to Pax Labs on this one, they've really listened to the market and vape enthusiasts across the world here.

This is where the Pax Era comes into play. This is the first time we've seen Pax dabble in the Vape Pen market and we are super excited to see how it plays out. The Pax Era is a super slim and discreet device that will suit many people who enjoy vaping on the go or discreetly. Design wise, the Era looks great. Pax Labs have a reputation for producing some of the best designs we have seen in vaporizers and this continues with the introduction of these new set of vaporizers. 


The Pax Air is another innovative device that will surely change the way we vape. The Pax Air might just be the most portable vaporizer we have ever seen. An incredibly compact and slim device, the Pax Air can boast up to 150 draws per charge and has an instantaneous heat up time which is sweet, sweet music to our ears. In comparison to the Pax 3, the Pax Air has a bowel capacity that is 0.1 grams and is roughly half the size. Excuse us while we giggle excitedly in the corner. 

Still the "iPhone of Vaporizers"?

At this moment in time, Pax Labs rule the vaping roost. The Pax 2 was a monumental success (as was the original) and we can't see it going any other way than the Pax 3 succeeding its predecessor and claiming his rightful place atop the Vaping throne. As excited as we are for the Pax 3, the real curiosity here is the other two devices. Pax Labs are threading on new ground here with these introductions and quite honestly, we cannot wait to see how these devices turn out! Will the Pax Air become the portable vaporizer for the foreseeable future? Is the Pax Era about to storm the concentrate market and blow it wide open? Is the Pax 3 capable of continuing on the "iPhone of Vaporizers" tag? We're confident. In fact, we're very confident. In any case, color us intrigued. 

Don't think you can wait long enough for the Pax 3? Well we here at NamasteVapes have are looking out for you! Aren't we great? Stop laughing back there...

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