Pax 3 kits: complete kit vs. Basic kit

Pax 3 Complete Kit vs Basic Kit

Pax Labs is one of the most iconic brands in the portable vape scene. Vape fans that haven't used one of their products are few and far between. There are even fewer who haven't heard of them at all. Pax, with release after incredible release, have set the bar high for all vaporizers. 

However, what happens when you set a Pax device against a Pax device?

The Pax 3 is a modern classic and a must-have vape. Released a few years ago, it has managed to cement its reputation as one of the best devices on the market today. Its convection-powered heating system, discreet design, and wireless bluetooth connectivity make it a hit with beginners and vape experts alike.

There are two options for when you want to buy a Pax 3 vaporizer; the basic or the complete kit. These both had advantages for newcomers and vape veterans alike, allowing them to choose between stocking up on accessories for a more complete experience, or simply get the device on its own and save money. 

Which is best for you? Read on to find out.

A quick comparison 

Pax 3 Basic Kit Pax 3 Complete Kit




Compatible with:

Dry Herb And Concentrate

Dry Herb and Concentrate


4” x 1” x 1”

4” x 1” x 1”

Chamber size



Heating System



Battery life

8-10 sessions

8-10 sessions

Charging Time

90 Minutes

90 Minutes

Temperature Range

360°F to 420°F

360°F to 420°F

Temperature Display



Auto Shut Off



Smartphone compatibility




10 Years

10 Years


Design and Features

Design and functionality are two sides of the same coin. The design philosophy behind a vape can have a huge impact on the end product. It will come as no shock to find that it’s at the design stage that the major variations among devices arise. This is down to the fact that every vape is built with a different set of goals and principles in mind. Some are built for power, others’ discretion. 

The Pax 3's super-sleek and discreet build is iconic. It is made for discreet, frequent use in mind. Measuring in at a tiny 4" long, it can easily be carried in any jacket or bag, making it the ideal everyday carry device. 

The Pax 3 has a distinctive, light-up LED X on its face. Not only is this a stylish piece of branding, but it also serves as a display. It tells you your current temperature, battery level, and even what mode the device is in while remaining stylish and subtle. Don't worry about this being hard to read, even newcomers will be able to figure it out after a few minutes. 

Despite all this focus on subtle style, the Pax 3 is a hard-wearing device with a solid matte finish that is resistant to most bumps and scratches. 

The Basic Kit epitomizes the sleek and understated side of the Pax 3, coming out of the box with as little extra baggage as possible. It was put together with the established vapor in mind. That said, beginners may enjoy it as it comes at a lower price point, demanding less upfront investment. 

The Pax3 Complete Kit is designed to give you a one-stop purchase that will allow you to enjoy every aspect of your Pax 3 without any need to shop around for aftermarket accessories. It comes with a selection of mouthpieces, a full maintenance kit, two oven lids, and even a concentrate insert. This is perfect if you want to set up a full vape kit as quickly as possible 

When it comes down to it, the sheer abundance of features found in the Complete Kit wins out over the more barebones Basic Kit, so it is the clear winner in this category. 

Winner: Complete Kit

Ease of use

A vape has to be easy to use. It doesn't matter how powerful its heating system is, it doesn't matter how solidly its exterior is built, if your vape isn't immediately easy to get to grips with, then it is a bad product. User experience is the most important quality of a vaporizer. At the end of the day, they are products meant for everyone. 

The Pax 3 has a well-developed, straightforward design scheme. This is because its compact size means that any complicated controls are off the table. It employs a single-button control system.

That's not the full story, however, the Pax 3 features bluetooth connectivity. This lets users connect their device up to the bespoke smartphone app, magnifying their level of control and the Pax 3's functionality. 

The Basic kit offers all of the incredible usability of the Pax 3 device along with a selection of easily interchangeable mouthpieces. 

The Pax 3 Complete Kit, however, allows users to easily access the dual-use functionality of the Pax 3 thanks to the included concentrate insert. This can be loaded with oil and placed into the Pax 3's chamber for vaping. 

The addition of concentrate vaping lets the Complete Kit nose ahead in the competition between which device as it opens up new options with consummate ease 

Winner: Complete Kit.

Check out 👉 How to Use The Pax APP

Temperature options

A broad spectrum of heat settings is incredibly important for a vaporizer. A good selection lets users adjust the impact of their vape session, the density, and the flavor of the resulting vapor. A lower heat setting generates a flavorful, milder vapor that is great for fans of their herb's natural taste. A higher heat setting produces thick clouds and potent, powerful hits. 

The Pax 3 features four default temperature settings. These include: 360°F, 380°F, 400°F, and 420°F. Switching between these is simple and intuitive. Simply press and hold down the main control button. For newcomers, these presets offer a decent selection of vape experiences without having to delve into fine adjustments. These defaults will no doubt be a big bonus for users who want as few barriers as possible between them and a range of great vaping sessions. However, some users demand more control. The smartphone app is the key innovation that allows this. The Pax 3 has bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to connect to the bespoke Pax smartphone app. This opens up a more comprehensive level of control over the device's vape experience. It features precision temperature controls and alternate modes such as boost mode.

The temperature options on the Pax 3 vaporizer are the same regardless of which kit you choose. So whichever kit you decide to use, you can be secure in the knowledge that your selection of temperature opinions will be unaffected.

Winner: Draw

Vapor Quality

Good vapor quality is one of the most sought after aspects of the vaporizer industry. It is also the aspect of your device that will most impact your moment to moment enjoyment.

Many vape fans focus on this feature of their vaporizer above all other factors. Regardless of whether you want dense, lung-busting hits, or smoother vape experiences, the vapor quality will make or break your vaporizer. 

The Pax 3 is well known for its amazing vapor quality. Each hit it produces is smooth, flavorful, and powerful. The Pax 3 has a rapid and convenient heat up time. This allows it to reach vaping temperature in around thirty seconds. When the Pax 3 reaches vaping temperature, it lets out a burst of haptic feedback as an alert. The Pax 3 makes the most out of its compact design, with its herb chamber located towards the bottom of the devices. This allows each hit to cool as it travels up the air path to the mouthpiece. 

Both the Basic and Complete kit generates the same vapor quality. So don't worry about having to make any sacrifices in your decision 

Winner: Draw

Check out 👉 How to Use Pax3

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the less glamorous aspects of owning a vape, however, it is still incredibly important. Without regular cleaning, a dry herb vaporizer will gradually clog. This is because the herb exudes a sticky resin when it is heated. Over time this can build up into a tarry grime. This looks bad, but it can also cause blockages and hot spots.

The Pax 3's streamlined design makes cleaning easy. It is a less demanding device than most when it comes to occasional maintenance. All it requires is some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. These can be used to clean out the mouthpiece and any build-up found in the heating chamber.

Both the Pax 3 Basic and complete kit come with a maintenance kit included. However, only the Complete Kit comes with a set of spare screens. These are vital for keeping herb out of the vape's airpath, and over time will clog. Having spares is a must!

So, with this in mind, we have to hand the win to the Pax3 Complete kit. 

Winner: Complete Kit

Final Verdict

The Pax 3 is the culmination of all of Pax's expertise. Its understated design means that it is perfect as an everyday carry vaporizer and its sturdy outer body allows it to stand up to everyday trials and tribulations. Its super-fast heat-up time and the comprehensive controls offered by its companion app makes it a breeze to get the most out of. 

Both the Basic and Complete Kit make for fantastic additions to anyone’s collection, and the deciding factor between the two should really come down to personal discretion and needs. 

However, the sheer amount of useful items that come bundled with the Complete Kit make it the perfect item for newcomers and vape veterans alike!

Winner: Complete Kit!

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