Pax 4 - Right around the corner

Pax 4 - Right around the corner

The world of portable vaporizers changed in November 2016 when the eagerly anticipated Pax 3 was finally released by the developers at Pax Labs. In what many have described as the iPhone of the vape world, the Pax 3 combined efficiency and functionality with style and finesse. 

The improvements compared to the previous model, the Pax 2 were staggering. The clever people at PAX halved the time it took to heat up, added smart phone control functionality to allow full temperature control and also added the possibility of an extra compartment for use with concentrates.

The team at Pax Labs clearly worked tirelessly to bring an innovative masterpiece of engineering. The anticipation started again a few months after the Pax 3 was released for what the future held for the Pax 4.

Is the Pax 4 real?

If the improvements from the Pax 2 to the Pax 3 were so good, imagine how good the Pax 4 is going to be’ is a sentiment that was shared throughout the world of vape enthusiasts. 

With the technological advances that are made everyday within the world of science and engineering, it is going to be a thing of magic.

So, are we going to see the release date for the Pax 4 anytime soon? And, what should the developers at Pax Labs look to improve upon?

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Anticipated release date for the Pax 4?

We know that the anticipation for the Pax 4 is high, but the developers at Pax Labs have yet to specifically confirm any plans of developing it. This shouldn’t be any concern for Pax advocates because there are rumors currently in circulation that the Pax 4 is already well into the development process.

Looking at the facts, we know that Pax Labs confirmed a huge $420 million investment in April 2019 from multiple different global investment companies which they have stated is for future growth. 

CEO of Pax Labs, Bharat Vasan stated, 

“This financing round allows us to invest in new products and new markets, including international growth in markets like Canada and exploring opportunities in hemp-based CBD extracts.  We aspire to be the gold standard for safety and good stewards of a product that enhances many people’s lives. We are hiring and investing heavily in our people, who power PAX’s mission of establishing cannabis as a force for good.”  

What does this investment mean for the Pax 4?

Pax Labs have an ideology of being the Apple of the vape world, and if the Pax 3 was the iPhone, then Pax also need their iPad and Apple Watch equivalents. They have stated that they are looking to develop “new products for new markets”, which appears to indicate that the Pax 4 isn’t the only product in their development portfolio. 

Pax 3 Vaporizers - The iPhone of the vaporizers

This sentiment could mean that while the Pax 4 is potentially in development, it isn’t a priority for the team.

In 2015, Pax expanded their portfolio by adding an e-cigarette/vape as an alternative to tobacco, called the Juul. In 2017, the Juul became the biggest selling e-cigarette in the USA so Pax created a separate company, called Juul Labs, Inc, specifically for the development and sale of the Juul who have recently received a $16 billion investment. 

The money made from the Juul makes the money made from the Pax look like a drop in the ocean.

If anything this proves to the Pax team about the sheer amount of money that can be made in alternative and emerging markets and not just in cannabis. One such area that has confirmed interest by Pax is the CBD market. 

They have several options on how to try and take some of the emerging CBD market, they could develop a CBD feature into the Pax 4, meaning it could possibly be developed quicker. Alternatively, the could release a separate product entirely like they did for the Juul, specifically for CBD. 

The latter option worked from them previously with the Juul and if the model isn’t broken, then why fix it? So, this could mean we may not see the Pax 4 until after the release of specific CBD-based vape product.

What improvements should we expect from the Pax 4?

Pax 3 vaping system

When we do see the Pax 4, we expect to see several improvements from the Pax 3. And user reviews have much to say on how the Pax 3 can be improved upon.

The overall consensus appears to be regarding the functionality for concentrates. The development of spill proof concentrate inserts seems to be high as users state it requires extra care and attention with the current set-up when removing them with the current design to not spill the contents. There also appears to be much demand for developing a removable oven on the device which allows for easier cleaning. 

An interest has also been shown in improving the charging situation on the device, which currently works via a magnetic mount that can easily become detached. They could improve this by installing a clip or case/dock to hold the device on or just by increasing the strength of the magnet. It also goes without saying that the battery life on all portable vaporizers can also be improved.

Pax Labs have a lot to think about

Anybody who is an enthusiast in vaporizers will confirm the anticipation for the Pax 4. The team at Pax Labs also clearly want perfection with the products they develop and that could consequently mean that the Pax 4 may take a little longer to be released.

Either way, Pax are playing their cards very close to their chest. However, if it’s time for an announcement, it should hopefully be sometime soon!


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