The Pax Era - Your 6 Minute Review

The Pax Era might be the first look at the next huge shift in the vape scene. It breaks from the established designs of Pax vaporizers and forges a new path taking the best aspects of e-cigarettes and bringing them into the dry herb concentrate industry. 

This has resulted in a pocket vape that has all the convenience of pod-style vaporizers but all the power and benefits of dry herb vaporizers

Pax Labs are an influential name in the vape industry, innovating many of the features that we now take for granted. The Era is their latest vaporizer and we have no doubt that it will make a splash just as big as their other vaporizers.

The Pax Era: Answering all your questions about tech specs (And what's in the box)

Q1: How much does The Pax Era cost?

The Pax Era comes in at a super affordable $37.50

Q2: What can you vape with The Pax Era?

The Pax Era has a unique cartridge system. This means that it is compatible with a range of prefilled concentrate vape pods. These come containing a range of different concentrates to suit the user's personal tastes. 

Q3: How big is The Pax Era?

This is without a shadow of a doubt the most compact Pax vaporizer. It measures in at a tiny

3.3"h x .72"w x .40"d. This is more than capable of slipping into any jacket or bag. 

Q4: How much does The Pax Era weigh?

The Pax Era is an ultra-compact device that weighs in at only a few grams. 

Q5: How big is The Pax Era’s oven chamber?

The Pax Era doesn't have an over or chamber, instead, it uses pre-filled pods that contain 0.5g of liquid. 

Q6: What’s The Pax Era’s heating system?

The Pax Era uses an atomizer system similar to that of an e-cigarette to vaporize its material. This comes with four temperature presets and reaches vaping temperature instantly.

Q7: Which battery does the Pax Era use?

The Pax Era battery is a 240mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Q8: How long does The Pax Era’s battery last?

You can expect a few days of moderate use off a single charge from the Pax Era battery.

Q9: How long does The Pax Era take to charge?

The Pax Era reaches a full charge in around 45 minutes with a micro USB charger. 

Q10: What’s the temperature range of The Pax Era?

The Pax Era comes with four temperature presets that range from 520 degrees Fahrenheit to 790 degrees.

Q11: How does The Pax Era display temperature?

The Era uses a compact blinking LED light display that shows when the device is activated and the current temperature setting.

Q12: Does The Pax Era have an auto-shutoff feature?

The Pax Era's auto shut-off mode kicks in after a few minutes to preserve battery and material. 

Q13: Does The Pax Era come with a smartphone app?

The Pax Era is fully compatible with the Pax smartphone app. The app increases the user's ability to control the temperature settings on the pax and also allows them to browse the specific flavor profiles and cannabinoid balance contained in Pax Era pods. 

Q14: Does The Pax Era have a warranty?

The Pax Era comes with a standard one-year warranty. 

The Pax Era: What's in the box?

  1. 1 x Pax Era
  2. USB Charger

How does the Pax Era work?

The Pax Era is unique among its fellow Pax vaporizers. Where they are all traditional dry herb vapes that work with plant material, the Era is something different. Rather than using a chamber system, or the 510 thread system seen on some concentrate vapes, the Era uses a bespoke pod system. 

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This is far simpler than the alternatives, and is intuitive and easy to grasp, even for total newcomers. The Pax pods are available separately from the devices and are prefilled with concentrate liquid. To use them with the Era you simply snap them onto the end. You don't have to fiddle about filing any chambers or atomizers, it just snaps right on!

The Pax Era Heating System

The Pax Era device has a distinctive instant heating system. Unlike many other portable vapes, the pax doesn't need to gradually bake the active ingredients out of the dry herbs. Instead, it uses an atomizer system to instantly vaporize the liquid stored in its pod. This means that it is possibly the most convenient vape on the market when it comes to quick, short sessions whenever you want. When you draw from the device, its heating system will kick in and you'll get a hit. It's that simple!

Loading the Pax Era

Loading the Pax Era is incredibly simple, all you have to do is remove your empty pod and snap on a fresh one, it's as simple as that. Each pod serves as a material chamber and mouthpiece all in one. 

Turning on the Pax Era

The Pax Era is always in a sort of standby to preserve battery, when you want to activate it, simply draw from it. It's as simple as that, you don't have to worry about any complicated button schemes or apps, it really is just a pickup and play device.

Setting the temperature on the Pax Era

There are two equally intuitive ways to control the heat settings on the Pax Era. The first can be done with the device alone. All you have to do is shake the vape, this will cycle it through its four temperature settings one by one. The LED 'X' on the front of the device will indicate what the currently selected temperature is. 

The second method is to connect the Era to the Pax phone app via bluetooth connectivity. This app will allow the user to easily choose their ideal temperature setting. 

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Hitting the Pax Era

Like everything else about the Pax Era, taking hits from this device is incredibly easy. The user simply needs to put the mouthpiece to their lips and take a hit, this activates the heating system and vaporizes a hit!

How's the Pax Era vapor quality?

The Pax Era pen may look like an e-cigarette, but its vapor quality is far more impressive. It uses a dual wick setup to bring its concentrate into contact with the atomizer. This leads to a denser, more consistent vapor that preserves all of the other flavor and beneficial qualities of the concentrate.

This means you can enjoy vaporizer-grade vapor quality and effects with the ease of use usually associated with ecigs!

Tips for getting the best vapor quality with Pax Era

The Pax Era operates on a carefully calibrated pod system and a small range of preset temperatures. Each is set to offer a subtly different vape experience, with lower settings offering a finer, lighter hit. The high settings on the other hand create potent dense clouds. 

The plug-in and play nature of the Era means that you don't have to worry about fiddling about with it too much to get a good vapor quality. 

Is the Pax Era easy to clean?

This might be one of the easiest vaporizers in the world to clean. When your pod is used up, simply detach it and replace it. It's as simple as that and no further maintenance is required. 

What are the pros and cons of the Pax Era?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Pax Era:

Pros Cons
The simple and ingenious pod system A limited selection of pods
Twin wick vapor production Lack of temperature options
Easy to measure dosage Pods have limited availability 
Long-life battery No option to refill used pods
Ease of use Single-use vape

So is the Pax Era Worth it? 

The Pax Era as a device is incredibly affordable, coming in well under the price point of the average vaporizer. However, there are extra costs to be taken into account, key among these is the price of the pods. You have to buy these separately and their price may vary depending on your region and the pricing of your local dispensary. However, each pod can last up to two weeks of moderate use, so the rate of attrition is manageable. 

As time goes on we can expect this range of pods to both diversify and drop in price, so there will be pods to suit nearly anybody's tastes. 

At the moment, pod vapes are still a new technology, but you can be sure that this trend will take off. The sheer ease of use makes it incredibly appealing to casual users, newcomers, and those who want to avoid learning how to use a complicated piece of electronics. 

Who Should Buy The Pax Era?

The Pax Era is practically precision designed for casual users, its ease of use, intuitive pod system, and straightforward controls make it incredibly easy to quickly pick up and use. As far as the vaporizer industry goes, this may be the most convenient unit on the market at the moment. The sheer ease of maintenance is another massive boon, as cleaning out a dry herb vape can be a real chore, so if you want to cut down the time you spend scrubbing out a herb chamber, look no further. 

For those who like to keep an eye on how much they consume, the precision dosing of the Era pods is a massive bonus. Dry herb has a natural variance that can be tricky to get right every time, a problem that the Era simply doesn't have to deal with. 

The super-simple controls are yet another bonus and finally, the long-lived battery is perfect for anyone who hates waiting around a power outlet while their device recharges for the second time that day!


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