Vape Review: PinnaclePro DLX – The Definitive Portable Vape
PinnaclePro DLX – The Definitive Portable Vape ViewContinuing our weekly look at NamasteVapes’ wide array of vaporizers, this week we’re turning out attention back to our line of portables for a look at one of our best sellers, the PinnaclePro – and the PinnaclePro DLX. What Is It?

The PinnaclePro is an updated vaporizer made by the same company which brought us the original Pinnacle. Drawing on information and feedback provided by Pinnacle users, the Pro version is this year’s hottest selling portable vape.

It’s available on its own as the PinnaclePro, or as a package with the custom designed hydratube, marketed as the PinnaclePro DLX variant.


Where the Pinnacle Pro excels

The PinnaclePro is close to what most vape enthusiasts expect from a mid-range portable. It’s compact, rechargeable, and can work with both dry material and oils or concentrates (though it works much better with oils).

It’s also very simple to operate – and easy to draw from. The convection chamber heats up relatively quickly, and produces a steady volume of vapor from whichever material you choose to use. If you’ve got the DLX variety, the hydratube fits on over the mouthpiece adapter easily, neutralizing hotter temperatures and smoothing out the vapor.

Where it falls flat

You’ll find a lot of vape enthusiasts who swear by the PinnaclePro. And why not? It’s a solid unit, if it fits your needs. However, as with every product, there are a few concerns that keep the Pro from being perfect.

The vape itself runs fairly hot, compared to others in the same range. With a base temperature of 375 Fahrenheit, it produces significantly harsher vapor than similar models like the Ascent or the Solo. It also requires a bit of know-how to work with the available temperature settings, due to the unit using a light bar instead of a digital screen to display its current status.

The Pro is also not the most durable of units. While it feels fine in the hand, it’s likely not to last as long as other models for a number of reasons – and that as well causes some concern.

Should You Buy It?

The PinnaclePro is a vape best suited for experienced users who want the versatility it offers, and who are used to working with a variety of heats, and a variety of materials.

This model is discontinued by the Namaste Vaporizers and it is no more available in our purchasing channels. Times are changing and vapes become better with every day, please read our best of blog section and find out which are top class vaporizers now.