Plastic Mouthpiece V Glass Mouthpiece
Man Vapes

Which is the better vaping accessory the Plastic Mouthpiece or the Glass Mouthpiece? This is an age-old question that can be hard to answer. Both materials have their own merits and both have their drawbacks. Some people swear by using glass mouthpieces and others love the durability of plastic pieces. Simply put, having a good quality design to your mouthpiece is a vital component to any vaporizer. A top glass or plastic mouthpiece will add character and design to your vaporizer.
There is nothing worse than having some cheap looking mouthpiece inserted into your vape which acts to drag down the overall look of your vape. You should always attempt to vaporize your plants by looking as professional, cool, and classy as possible and if your mouthpiece doesn't fit the overall package, unfortunately, you'll end up looking like a fool. The fact is, some things in life aren't meant to go together- like red and purple, and the same goes for certain mouthpieces.

Another reason why people advocate the benefits of glass is because it doesn't react with chemicals and because it leaves no residual residue.  There is nothing worse than a filthy mouthpiece with grime and dirt all over it, but this problem, for the most part, can be avoided by using glass mouthpieces. Another vitally important thing to factor into the equation is what type of a buzz you're seeking to achieve.
When selecting a vaporizer mouthpiece you should always try and select one that fits your own needs. For example, if you like larger hits you should select wider mouthpieces, and if you're looking for gentle puff you should side with the smaller mouthpiece.  A deciding factor for many people in what mouthpiece to purchase is the general taste of the mouthpiece which certainly can vary from piece to piece.


There are many reasons what you should choose to use a plastic mouthpiece, and one of the main reasons is because of their long term durability.  Plastic mouthpieces comes in many shapes and sizes, and some suit better than others. In general, plastic mouthpieces are usually made from polycarbonate and from a softer substance called Delrin. What these substances ensure is that your mouthpiece wont shatter or break apart from some minor touch, unlike with many glass pieces!
Another reason to use plastic is because a huge portion of the population are allergic to metal and this is why they side with using plastic mouthpieces. Many people have spoken out about how they realized they where allergic when a red rash developed around their mouth, and so, they had to purchase a plastic mouthpiece. Overall, I have to say that plastic mouthpieces offer users a tremendous service that will certainly enhance your vaping experience to the next level of superlative excellence.


The reason why glass mouthpieces are so well-liked is because of the fresh and flavourful herbs that they deliver into your system.  These flavourful hits ensure that users experience the full benefits that your plants can offer you. There is no point in having a top quality vaporizer, but a second-rate mouthpiece which will reduce the quality of your vaping experience. When purchasing a vaporizer you should always aspire to getting the best of everything,  and a glass mouthpiece is one of the must-have accessories.
Additionally, your glass will ensure that your herbs are transferred as fast as possible. Another factor in favor of the glass is that it acts to neutralize any harmful chemicals and this results in a more purified vape or smoke. The filtration system of the glass mouthpieces sets them apart from the competition. I've also found that the majority of glass pieces are very simple to install with a simple lock and insert mechanism that secures your mouthpiece inside your piece.   


Always make sure to take your mouthpiece out every so often and clean it thoroughly.  The best way to do this is to get some rubbing alcohol, salt, and some hot water and then dunk your mouthpiece into a container with all of these substances for a period of time. When you believe that your mouthpiece has been sufficiently soaked you should take out and then rub it down with a brush in order to get any grime out. If you feel that the mouthpiece hasn't been sufficiently cleaned you should repeat the process until you're satisfied with the result. Another reason why its vitally important to clean your mouthpiece is because of hygiene reasons. If you're sharing your vaporizer or some other device germs can begin to gather up on your mouthpiece and you certainly don't want to be picking up any nasty colds or flus.


So the big question is which is better? I have to say that I've found both types of mouthpieces equally efficient, but If I had to side with one I'd select using the glass mouthpiece. The reason for this decision is because of the glasses capacity to deliver a smoother, crispier vape or smoke. Plastic mouthpieces do have their merits as well, including durability, but you just can't beat the overall taste and feel of a glass mouthpiece.  Now, I'm not trying to say that plastic mouthpieces are bad they most certainly aren't, it just that glass ones offer slightly more.

At the end of the day, whilst your mouthpiece will have an impact on your overall experience it won't have anywhere near the type of impact that your herbal will have, or what quality of vaporizer you'll be using.  I'd like to describe mouthpieces are being like the Cherry on the top of the cake. A good quality mouthpiece will make the difference between a first-class herbal experience and only an average herbal experience. Of course, everyone wants to obtain a superior buzz and this is what having a good quality mouthpiece will ensure you'll receive.