Pros & Cons in Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

Buying a Portable or Desktop Vaporizer?

The main difference between a portable and desktop vaporizer is pretty glaringly obvious – you can't exactly take your desktop out on the beach at the drop of hat (do if you want though, God loves a trier). While desktop vaporizers will provide you with the highest quality vaping experience, they're an investment piece – the technology required to give you the highest quality comes with a hefty price tag.

While portable vaporizers are much easier to use on the go, they are more high maintenance when it comes to charging and replacing batteries. When it comes to desktops vs. Portable vaporizers, there are things that one can do that the other cannot. Choosing between the two simply boils down to what qualities you prefer in a vaporizer. Follow this guide to see whether a portable vaporizer is more suitable for you, or to decide whether it's time to step up and invest in a desktop model.

Desktop Vaporizers - The Pros

One of the main benefits of splashing out on a desktop vaporizer is that it's much more suitable for use with a larger group. Even with the strongest battery, portable vaporizers are less effective depending on how many people you're using it with. More users = less battery and material to go around.

Desktop vaporizers don't rely on battery power and allow for longer, more laid-back sessions without the anxiety of running out of power. Also, desktop vaporizers are considered an investment piece and warranties last much longer than portable vaporizers. (although the DaVinci IQ and Pax 3 portable vaporizer both have an amazing 10-year warranty).

Deskstop Vaporizer

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Desktop devices can also be open to a much wider range of uses and are incredibly versatile, like the Arizer Extreme Q. This vaporizer can be used with a bag or a whip, or you can just hit it straight with the mini whip. While being much more compact, Arizer Extreme Q is also incredibly affordable in comparison to other desktop models like the Volcano, making a good place to start if you want the benefits of a desktop vaporizer but without the hefty price tag.

Desktop Vaporizers - The Cons

Traveling with a desktop vaporizer makes about as much sense as commuting to work with a Commodore 64 in your bag. They're also more expensive - desktop vaporizers retail for upwards of $500, while many portable devices fall in between the $80-$300 mark.

If your budget is tight and you can't afford to splash out on a desktop vaporizer AS WELL as a portable vaporizer for when you're on the go, you may be better off looking at mid-high range portable vaporizers that deliver quality vapor in a manageable package.

Portable Vaporizers – The Pros

The most obvious benefit of choosing a portable vaporizer is flexibility. You can use them at home, use them on the go, they're easy to travel with and most models are pretty discreet.

They're also on average much cheaper than desktop vaporizers, although you can splash out on a more expensive model like the Mighty if you want. What a lot of portable vaporizers lack in physical accessories they make up with for with smartphone apps, such as in the case of Crafty and the DaVinci IQ. Through the app, you can customize the heat setting even further than you can on the device, and with the DaVinci IQ you can also choose the smart paths option, which gives you ten-minute sessions in which the temperature slowly increases


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Portable Vaporizers - The Cons

The biggest con of portable vaporizers is probably their shorter battery life, however, there are ways around this. Choosing a portable vaporizer with an accessible USB input that is compatible with portable charging stations is one option. Carrying extra rechargeable batteries is also useful.

The DaVinci IQ has a larger battery capacity of up to 90 minutes, as does the Pax 3, so these are good choices in terms of battery life. Another factor to keep in mind is what kind of material you will be using, whether that be wax concentrates or dry herb. Many portable vaporizers do come with added accessories to use with oils or concentrates, but not all are the most suitable.

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With a desktop model, you get the highest quality vaping experience, but your use of it is largely confined to your home. For the slight drop in vaping experience you get with a portable device, in return, you get mobility and ease of travel.

For whatever you appreciate most in a vaporizer – whether that’s energy efficiency, cost, or aesthetics – there is a wide range of choice in both portable and desktop models, so you're bound to find something to tickle your fancy.

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