Puffco Peak Review - The Best Dab Rig in the Market

The Puffco Peak is one of the first of a new wave of devices that bring the power of a dab rig together with the convenience of a vape. This incredible device allows anyone to quickly and easily enjoy potent dab hits without having to worry about external heat sources or nasty, unfiltered hits.

The distinctive borosilicate glass cone of the Peak contains a cooling water reservoir that makes every hit smooth and tasty. On top of this, it's incredibly stylish, with its sleek design and entrancing LED display (check out party mode for some real fireworks).

However, how does this device measure up? Is it truly worth it, or would you be better suited getting a dab pen or rig? Read our 6-minute review to find out!

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The Puffco Peak: Answering all your questions about tech specs (And what's in the box) 

How much does The Puffco Peak cost?

The Puffco Peak comes in at $279.99.

What can you vape with The Puffco Peak?

The Puffco Peak is dedicated to vaporizing concentrates. 

How big is The Puffco Peak?

The Peak is a compact device that measures in at Height: 7 Inches, Base: 2.75 Inches.

How much does The Puffco Peak weigh?

The Puffco Peak is an easy to handle 219g.

How big is theThe Puffco Peak’s oven chamber?

The Puffco Peak has a chamber capacity of 0.1g.

What’s The Puffco Peak’s heating system?

The Peak has a specialized heating system that is tailored towards concentrates, it operates at higher temperatures than most vaporizers and uses conduction heating technology. However, some aspects of convection help create a denser hit. 

Which battery does the Puffco Peak use?

The Puffco Peak features a built-in battery that is fully rechargeable with a micro USB charger. 

How long does The Puffco Peak’s battery last?

You can expect around 30 minutes of continuous use from your Puffco Peak. 

How long does The Puffco Peak take to charge?

The Puffco Peak reaches a full battery after about 3 hours of charging. 

What’s the temperature range of The Puffco Peak?

As a concentrate vape, the Puffco Peak features a high-temperature range that stretches from 580F to 720F.

How does The Puffco Peak display temperature?

The Puffco Peak uses a light-up LED display system.

Does The Puffco Peak have an auto-shutoff feature?

Yes, the Peak will shut down after a few minutes to preserve the battery and concentrates. 

Does The Puffco Peak come with a smartphone app?

The Puffco Peak has a smartphone app currently available on android. 

Does The Puffco Peak have a warranty?

The Puffco Peak features a one year warranty.

The Puffco Peak: What's in the box?

  • 1 x Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 4 x Cleaning Swabs
  • 1 x Loading Tool
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Ceramic Bowl & Carb Cap
puffco peak in the box

How does the Puffco Peak work?

The Puffco Peak heating system

The heating system of the Peak will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a dab pen before, it's just scaled up a bit. It uses a concentrated form of ceramic conduction heating to bring any concentrate to dab temperature in a few seconds, with a heat-up time of 30 seconds at most. 

The ceramic design of this element means that heat is distributed evenly across the surface area of the chamber, leading to a more consistent hit. It also ensures that the vapor isn't tainted with any nasty artificial flavors, thanks to its non-reactive nature. 

There is a certain level of airflow within the chamber, leading to a secondary, convection effect. This is just potent enough to lead to an improved level of vapor density. 

Though the temperatures the Peak operates at are very high, its ingenious design and water cooling system means that each hit will be smooth and tasty. 

Loading the Puffco Peak

Loading the peak is as simple as loading any dab rig. First, ensure that the device is fully charged. Next, fill the reservoir with fresh, clean water. Open the chamber and use a dab tool to carefully load your concentrate of choice. For ease of handling, you can use the included dab tool. 

Turning on the Puffco Peak

To turn on the Puffco Peak, press and hold the power button until the LEDs in the device flash and light up the cone. 

Setting the temperature on the Puffco Peak

To cycle through the Peak's temperature settings, tap the button once. Each tap will switch to the next highest setting before eventually looping around to the lowest. 

Hitting the Puffco Peak

Once you have loaded your chamber and selected your temperature you can begin heating. Double-tap the power button to begin heating. Keep an eye on the LEDs or the live heating readout on the app to see when the device reaches vaping temperature. When it is ready, put the mouthpiece to your lips and take a hit. 

How's the Puffco Peak vapor quality?

The Puffco Peak has some truly staggering vapor quality. If you're used to dab pens, then this will be truly next level. If you're coming over from combustion-based dab rigs, you'll be amazed at how good it is without the need for any external heat sources.

The ceramic heating chamber of the Puffco Peak is perfect for authentic, consistent hits as it distributes heat evenly across your dabs and is totally non-reactive, sparing you any nasty tastes. The distinctive glass cone is for more than show, it features an incredible level of water cooling, bringing the harsh vapor down to more manageable levels. 

If you want a compact and user-friendly way to enjoy dabbing concentrates, and don't want to sacrifice any quality, then the Peak is as good as it gets. 

Tips for getting the best vapor quality with the Puffco Peak

Unlike dry herb vaporizers, there is little in the way of fiddling with temperature settings you can do with the peak. Instead, all you need to do is choose a temperature setting appropriate for the density of your concentrate. Denser concentrates will benefit from higher temperatures, while more viscous ones from a lower temperature. The most important factor in ensuring good vapor quality from the Peak is keeping it clean and free of build-up. 

Is the Puffco Peak easy to clean?

The Puffco Peak features two distinct parts that need to be approached in different ways. 

The first to address is the glass cone. Maintaining this requires a little care and some specialized supplies. 

Gently wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol, cleaning away any build-up. Then, rinse it with warm water before setting it aside to dry. 

The next step is to clean out the ceramic chamber. Using a small amount of alcohol and a soft-bristled brush, gently wipe away any build-up. More stubborn patches of grim will take a bit of elbow grease to break up. 

Finally, ensure that you put the entire device through a test heating cycle to ensure that any leftover alcohol residue is totally evaporated. 

What are the pros and cons of the Puffco Peak?

The Puffco Peak Pros The Puffco Peak Cons
Perfect for concentrates No dual-use functionality 
Incredible Watercooling Fragile cone
Compact and easy to handle Limited battery life

So is the Puffco Peak worth it? 

The Puffco Peak was the first dab vaporizer that can truly stand up to the quality of more traditional dab rigs and e-nails. It offers an all-in-one alternative to the more complicated combustion-based methods and a more potent and flavorful upgrade over traditional dab pens. Overall, the Puffco Peak is ideal for those who want to get as much as they can from dabbing concentrates without sacrificing potency in favor of a dab pen, or ease of use in favor of a full rig. 

Who should buy The Puffco Peak?

The Peak is perfect for casual users, or dab fans who just want a more straightforward session. It's simple, user-orientated design strips away a lot of the barriers to entry that traditional dab rigs are associated with, while its potency and superior cooling put it head and shoulders above dab pens. 

Its size and all-in-one design mean that it is incredibly versatile, and its built-in power source even makes it admirably portable. If you are new to the world of dabs, or even if you're just looking for a new way to enjoy them with fewer components, then the Puffco Peak is a great place to start. 

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