Puffco Peak Vaporizer Quickstart Guide

Puffco Peak Beginners User Guide

If you are new to vaporizers, the mere structure and appearance of the Puffco Peak can be a bit intimidating. You may even be surprised to know that the Puffco Peak is by far one of the more “petite” desktop vaporizers. As such, the Puffco is a more portable desktop vaporizer, and packs a punch worthy of your loyalty. If you are new to dry herbs and concentrates, the Puffco is a terrific place to start at. 

We know you may be looking at the Puffco thinking you have absolutely no idea where to begin. Luckily for you, you have landed at the quickest, snappiest user guide for newbies.


We will give you the basics, some helpful tips, and important things to remember when unboxing and using the Puffco Peak.

We hope you find it useful, particularly if you are coming into the world of vapes and dry herbs blindly.

Standing only 7 inches tall, with a 2.75 base radius, this is a more portable desktop vape product than most you will see on the market. With this level of portability, combined with particular attention to detail and user safety, you are in good hands with the innovative, easy to use Puffco Peak.

How to Set up Your Puffco Peak

When you unbox your Puffco Peak, your first instinct may be to grab the Puffco Peak instructions and get going. However, we will kindly ask you to hold your horses, as the machinery comes without a full charge.

Grab the provided USB cable and charge the Puffco, which will vibrate to signify charging, and then switch off when the device is fully charged and ready for use. This process usually takes just over 2 hours. You can get about 30 sessions from a full charge.

Filling the bubbler

After this, it is time to fill the bubbler. Make sure the bubbler is not attached to the base. Fill it with water just past the two air holes. Any more than this, and your mouth and the water may make contact with each other during the session, and no one wants that. Neither do we want any water to touch the atomizer or base. Once you have done that, go ahead and attach the bubbler to the base. 

To do this, find the small notched hole on the bottom of the bubbler and align it with the atomizer’s notch, attach and push in to secure. 

Now you are ready to turn on the device. Do this by holding down the button in front for about three seconds, and you will notice the light glow white to signify it is on. 

Puffco Peak Heat Settings

Now that your Puffco Peak is set up and ready for use, it is time to test out the heat settings. 

Click the power button once to increase the power level. Blue and green are the lower settings, red is the mid-range setting, and white is the hottest setting. Double click to let the atomizer run a full heat cycle. You will see the light flashing on and off for about 15-20 seconds before vibrating and turning off, letting you know it is ready.

The lower settings (green/blue) will give you flavorful hits, and this is more suitable for beginners than the impactful hotter temperatures which give you a pretty intense hit. 

How to Use Puffco Peak

Now you should be ready to use your Puffco Peak in all its glory. Take a small amount of your favorite dried herb and load it into the bottom portion of the atomizer, being mindful to not overload it. You also want to make sure you are placing it in the center, bottom portion of the device, and not letting it cluster against the side walls of the atomizer.

Click the power button twice to begin the heat cycle. It will shut off and flash three times to let you know it is ready. Gently inhale for maximum vapor, and enjoy.

Puffco Peak: Things to Remember

The Puffco Peak case is ideal for traveling, and because of the Puffco’s relatively diminutive height, it can be tempting to just throw it in your carry on or backpack and call it a day. Bad move! The case protects your Puffco Peak from damage, so do not take the device’s portability for granted. Make use of the case. If nothing else, it makes packing easier. 

Make sure to power off the Puffco Peak after a session. While the device’s battery is formidable and lasts a good amount of time, it will quietly be drained of power and before you know it, your next session will be delayed by a lengthy charging session.

Switch to sesh mode if you like quality hits. The sesh mode will add 15 seconds to your session, giving you terrific hits and huge clouds. Also, if you added a little more dry herb than usual, the sesh mode makes up for it with the extra heat. 

Cleanliness is very important with the Puffco Peak. Maintenance will prevent the need for cumbersome deep cleanings in the future, or a damaged atomizer. After each session, take a cotton swab or q-tip and swab the oven while it is still warm to remove debris and residual oils.

To see if the device needs a deeper cleaning, take a look at the chamber while the battery is charging and check for leaks. If you see any leakage, take the glass chamber, soak it in isopropyl alcohol for about a half hour and let it fully dry.

A cotton swab dipped in alcohol can take care of the connection pins and surrounding areas, but be careful to never let alcohol or liquid of any sort get near the bottom regions of the glass, as this will permanently damage the electrical hardware. 

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