Rosinate With A Home Press | Quality Fast

Rosin pressing is not just for exclusive dispensaries! If you have ever wanted to create your own delicious extracts, either casually at home or professionally, then we have the tech for you. Divided into two groups, the Gold series and the Professional series, you're guaranteed to find a press to suit your lifestyle and budget!

Rosin is becoming the preferred extract for many thanks to its solvent-free status. Though legislation is lowering these levels, many are deciding to move straight to rosin instead due to its gentle texture and flavorsome vapor. A rising star in the industry, it's sure to become a classic.

The Gold Collection

The Gold collection was created with the common man in mind. Not everyone has the space for 200lb rosin presses in their houses! Rosin pressing should be available for everyone, safely and without risk. The Gold collection is a range that will fit anyone's circumstances, and dispenses top quality rosin every time!

Manual Rosin Press

The Gold Twist

The first member of this collection is the Twist style press, and it's also the lightest of the entire range at a tiny 36lb. Just place your material between the 2 plates and twist the handle down to press! This one gives the most individual range, with the twist being perfectly manual. Both plates have their own digital display, where you can change the temperature and the timer!

The Twist ranges from 0° - 415º F, and with a micro processor, you can choose your heats with extreme precision. Make sure to test your materials in small batches first to find what suits you best, rather than preset heats you can find what's optimal for you!

The Gold Clamshell

This the second manual rosin press in the collection, with 5x5 plates that are ready to deliver consistently delicious extracts! This style is ideal for people who like being hands on, with the handle being incredibly simple to use. The clamshell style presses down on the material with extreme pressure, pushed down by hand.

The Clamshell works in a similar fashion to the Twist, with the same temperature range. This is the same range as many top end vaporizers, meaning you're receiving the best range possible for extracts. The digital display can be shown in both Celcius and Fahrenheit  At 39lb it can fit comfortably in a house as well as a smaller dispensary while being able to apply 850lb of pressure onto the material.

The Gold Hydraulic

The Hydraulic rosin press is an exceptional piece, despite being in the lower price range it brings professional level pressing. A real budget investment for anyone looking seriously into creating quality extracts, it can press up to ten tons of pressure onto product once hooked up!

The digital display can be adjusted to place up to 482º F of heat onto the product, even higher than most vapes. Certain cannabinoids only get released above 420º F so this is an added benefit to what is already an incredibly handy piece of technology. With precision options and a budget price tag for a hydraulic press, this is a great option for beginners looking to start something big.

The Gold Pneumatic

This piece has the most amazing set-up, a pneumatic pressing means top-level pressing with minimal effort. Once it has been set up, only requiring a female adaptor and a plug socket, you'll be creating unbelievable extracts in no time!

Pneumatics means fast, short cycle pressing. By pushing pressurized air through the system you're guaranteed a stable and consistent result. Pneumatic technology is most commonly found within the food industry, where contamination isn't an option. If you have moved towards rosin because of a clean process, then the Pneumatic Press is a great call.

The Professional Series

This collection was created for bigger groups, less homemade and more dispensary style. That said, if you have the space in your garage then there's nothing stopping you! Just as easy to set up and use as the Gold series, these devices are larger and ready to take on any amount of product.

The Professional Pneumatic

Double the size of the Gold series equivalent, this rosin press cane to play. At a whopping 155lbs this is the second largest device in the company's entire range. With two heated plates, 4x8", this dual press can be ready to go in mere minutes. This Pneumatic Press is very tall, reaching about waist high on the average person, so don't be too shocked when you see it in person!

 With an automatic timer, you can set this press to go as long or as short as you require. Rather than preset times where you can't have any options, this means whether you are pressing a lot of material or just a short amount you can adjust it to your own personal needs.

The Professional All-In-One

This All-In-One rosin press is built for next level pressing, creating unbelievable yields with a hydraulic rig system. With 2x3 heat plates, you can read and change the heats per aluminum plate on the digital screen below. With a large start button and simple up and down keys, it couldn't be easier to get started!

Able to put down up to an amazing 12,000lbs of pressure, you'll never find yourself wanting with this rosin press. Thankfully in the worst case scenario, there's also an emergency button below the start button. If you have it set too long, or if your shirt gets caught in the press, just press it and it will immediately release. At 98lbs it is lighter than many of the other professional series presses. 

The Professional 12 Ton Hydraulic

With 2"x9" plates and a digital display, you can choose absolute precision and control the speed of your presses. This is a good choice for people who are experienced with rosin extraction, as it has 12 tons of pressure available and weighs 148lbs. That's the same as the average woman! Not for the faint of heart.

If you are looking to create volumes of rosin then this or the next are the better choices for you within these collections, as they are the most capable for fast, large batches. The hydraulic system guarantees a clean product afterward, ensuring happiness!

The Professional 20 Ton Hydraulic

This is the gem of the entire collection. With the possibility of pressing up to 20 tons of pressure, this is a real beast of a rosin press. If you are looking to create massive batches of next-level rosin then this is the device for you!

This is the ultimate upgrade, so if you have started with any of the earlier models and want something to really go ham then you'll have no issues with this piece of tech. With almost no learning curve, even if you're starting out with the 20 Ton Press you should be able to get it up and running within minutes!