RosinBomb Rocket Press Review

The RosinBomb Rocket Press

Your panini press for dry herbs is a lame way to describe this monster of a machine, but I suppose it is a more accurate way of describing what the RosinBomb Rocket does. The RosinBomb Rocket is an amazing way to create your own rosin. Imagine having the opportunity to consume your concentrates free of solvent? Well, you can – with thanks to the RosinBomb Rocket press.

Rosin refers to the extraction process that combines heat and pressure instantaneously to squeeze resinous liquid from your starting dry substance. The RosinBomb Rocket is a small yet mighty device. The RocketBomb is a mere 13 pounds which is probably lighter than the burrito I had for lunch and is just taller than a wine glass which is pretty amazing. Its slick, stainless steel body will fit in with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

RosinBomb Rocket

Why a RoisinBomb?

If you’re ever wondering why people on Youtube are pressing their dry herbs in between hair straighteners its because they’re trying to emulate what the RoisinBomb does, but the Rocket does it with precision. The Rocket makes flower rosin, a pure and potent form of concentrate. Rosin is a sticky, shatter-like, translucent product. If the process of extraction is executed correctly, the rosin that is produced can yield some of the most potent, flavorful and solvent-free rosin.  

How to use it?

The Rocket isn’t (rocket)science (how could I not?) it is so easy to operate. The rocket is just the RosinBomb M50 is super user-friendly! To get things going, you will need to activate some energy into the unit; you do this by plugging the socket into the mains. Allow the plates 10 minutes to heat up, adjust your temperatures to suit the type of product you want. A rule of thumb to remember is that the higher the temperature the more produce, however a lower quality product will be made. And the opposite is true for a lower temp. As you await the accurate heat-up times, use the time to pack your sheets with herb.

You will need some heavy-duty parchment paper to place your dry herbs between the sheets of parchment; this is where that sweet, sweet rosin will be captured! Once the presses are heated up, place the dry herbs within the baking paper on the now heated plates, press the button which will apply 1500+ pounds of pressure. There is a subtle mechanical noise but that adds to the fun.

RosinBomb Rocket

The good part

Now, for the exciting part. Over the next 3-4 minutes the combination of heat and pressure will liquefy the rosin. This is done in the same manner of how rocks are formed into diamonds within the earth’s surface – how good does concentrate diamonds sound? Anyways! Remove the freshly made rosin off the presses and allow a few minutes to set and harden! Once the rosin has solidified use a dabbing tool to remove the concentrates off the paper and consume that fresh, solvent-free rosin however way you like.  

Drop the Alternatives!

Everything about the Rocket is pretty damn amazing. I am truly beyond words of how much power this can yield! It’s very easy to see why this RosinBomb is all the crave! If you’re someone who wants solvent-free concentrate and only presses’ concentrates a couple of grams at a time – then look no further! You can leave your girlfriends flat iron or leave your pals iron in the closet to extract the essential oils out of your dry herb if you get your hands on one of these bad boys. The RosinBomb Rocket is ready to take off! Want to press with the best? Get your RosinBomb Rocket here.



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