Smart Vapes | Who's Top Of The Class?

There aren't many vaporizers that can brag about being intelligent but many that try to, and that's why this list of smart vapes took hours of tests and exams before we could put together our conclusions. A smart vape, by our definition, is one that makes life easier or more interesting. Sometimes they have apps, sometimes they aren't in the price range you expect, but they're always ready to bring you some next level sessions!

 DaVinci IQ

How could we even think of leaving out the DaVinci IQ? Calling a vaporizer the "IQ" could have been dangerous if it didn't hold up to its name, but luckily this portable from DaVinci has come through with flying colors! What else did you expect from a company named after a genius? This portable vape is a delight across the board, with many stellar reviews to back up its claims of a powerful heater, an easily packed chamber, and full portability.

What makes it one of the smart vapes, however, is the Smart Path technology inside the device. Smart Paths are pre-set temperature waves that will start at one heat and slowly move up around 20 degrees for the next 10 minutes. With different materials you receive different benefits, especially when vaping at set precision heats. With the Smart Paths you can get the best of many variants! Easily customizable with an accompanying smart phone app, the world really is your oyster with the IQ.

davinci iq namastevapes smart vaporizer USA


The Summit+ might not be what most people immediately think of when you say "smart vapes", but we're here today to change that idea. Smart doesn't have to mean sleek or stylish, and in this vaporizers case it definitely doesn't. But that hard exterior hides a genius technological inside, created for people who want to enjoy a session while on the go. And when I say on the go, I mean on the GO! If you're the type of person who likes to climb mountains, this is the vape for you. Magnetically connected, it won't be falling apart in your pocket anytime soon. A smartphone app accompanies this device, ideal for setting temperatures on the go and checking out how much battery you have left. With a low-pressure draw even at high altitudes you won't have to be out of breath trying to get silky smooth vapor out of the Summit+! Able to withstand high heats and low colds, this is a smart vape in my book.

summit + namastevapes smart vaporizer USA

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 delighted thousands worldwide when it was announced, and with good reason! The previous Firefly vaporizer is still a massive success, and everyone was excited to see what the future held for the brand. The Firefly 2 did not disappoint. Thanks to an ingenious convection oven with absolute precision detail choices, you can enjoy your vape throughout the day without having to stop and recharge or worry about having dead batteries. How? Effectively, this smart vape only heats as much as you're looking to use! The glass compartment cools almost instantly once you've finished your session, whether that's one draw or twenty. This helps your herb last throughout the whole day without having to stress over potentially burning it or refilling in public. It also carries an app, another factor that carries across most smart vapes!

firefly 2 namastevapes smart vaporizer USA

PAX 3 - this one is the winner

The Pax 3 is our king here. With a wide array of smart features, it has understandably been called the "iPhone of vaporizers" by many people. Sleek and well designed, this is one vape that will keep on giving. Thanks to lip sensing technology, similar in outcome to the Firefly 2's glass oven, the vape only heats up when you are at the mouthpiece and immediately starts to cool once you have pulled away. If you have ever accidentally sat on a cheap e-cig or vape pen, you'll understand the benefits of an auto-shutoff feature all too well! It also includes haptic feedback and LED lights along the front of the case, both of which work together to let you know when you're at full temperature or when it's cooling down. And, it should go without saying by this far down in the blog, it also has a smartphone app! The PAX 3 vape app has been hailed as one of the best available from the amount of data it can give you, and the vaporizer itself is also bluetooth enabled for added connectivity. All these factors together make this vape the top of the class, and the smartest vaporizer we know!

pax 3 namastevapes smart vaporizer USA