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Smok are expert designers of box mods, coming up with some of the most beautiful models we’ve ever seen, such as the Smok Alien and the Smok H-PRIV. Smok, also sometimes called Smoktech, is the parent company of a larger corporation, but is still one of the first vaping companies to have ever hit the market. Having started in 2010, just before the vaping boom, they have been, since then, making some fantastic innovations in the world of vaping.

Since it’s establishment and first released, Smok have racked up a number of really amazing achievements such as the creation of the first dual-coil cartomizer which, though never seen before, quickly became a favorite among vapers, increasing the flavor and density of their clouds by a lot. They also developed their Telescope box mod which was a bit of a one hit wonder but had the very interesting ability to alter its shape.

Smok, over the last couple of models they’ve released, have attempted to make some market leading jumps, attempting to bring even more convenience and more intuitive control directly to the consumer. Most of their leading models, especially their flagship Alien Box Mod now perform under either temperature control or wattage mode, apart from other vapes who just use the one type of control.

Smok Box Mods aren’t just advanced, they’re also affordable, making the best out of their materials to deliver the massive clouds that their vapes are known for. That’s their priority, even in their experimental models. The perfect example of this is in their Telescope model. They saw a need for adjustable battery options and they created one.

Sadly it hasn’t caught on just yet and made its way into more popular models, but now that the technological precedent has been set, you might be able to see them in bigger models soon. Smok are some of the truest manufacturers, spearheading the technological whirlwind that was created since vaporizers were created barely two decades ago, and they’ve still managed to remain on the top.

The Smok Alien 220 Watt Starter Kit

The Alien Box Mod is an advanced little kit with, made from zinc alloy at dimensions 85x44x30mm, so it fits right in the middle of your hand, and with curved edges, it fits very comfortably. The side firing switch is great because no matter where you like to hold your hand it’ll be easy to push, unlike some models who rely on a button firing switch.

One of the biggest reasons the Alien box mod is being scooped up like crazy is because of its innovative screen and menu system, which has a layout that gives you full control over all of the vapes systems, letting you visually see the changing watts, ohms and temperatures.

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What’s more, the Alien box mode not only doesn’t work if there’s no coil attached to the box as a safety precaution, but the Mod can actually detect when different coils are being used, notifying you and giving you the chance to adjust some of your settings. You may also notice, on the sides of the Alien are quite a lot ventilation holes which allow air-flow to move much smoother through the vape, increasing the quality of your draws overall and and cooling the vape.

If you want, customize the Alien your way, as they have six different color options that combine blacks and whites with other, primary colors. These colors are sprayed to a beautiful finish with the secondary accents being made from a glossy metal.

The Smok Kooper Beast 80 Watt

The Kooper Beast is a cross between Smok’s older model, the Kooper Mini 2 and the Brit Beast Tank, which is a popular, 510 thread tank that is used a lot in many mods for its strong, 3.5ml capacity glass and efficient coil. The Kooper Beast Box Mod itself is the smaller Kooper Mini 2, only updated and is only 81.5x43x24.5mm in size, a little smaller than your average Box Mod.

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The Kooper Mini 2 of the Kooper Beast works off of a temperature control system with an impressive range, heating all of the way up to 315C/600F. The vapor this thing puts out is actually very impressive, with large clouds you’d expect from a good box mod as well as a great, smooth taste. At a nice, medium temperature, nothing is too hot and you can get a great session from it.

The Brit Breast tank is its own monster that warrants a conversation. With a pretty good carrying capacity of 3.5 ml, larger than the average, and a focus on flavor, this is a great addition to an already solid system. The quality just keeps going as the Brit Beast Tank also sports a construction from stainless steel and glass and contains a bottom situated, dual airflow to get the most cooled air into your vapor for ease of draw.

The Smok H-PRIV 220 Watt

Strong, sturdy and elegant in design, the Smok H-PRIV backs up it’s aesthetic beauty with a pretty impressive vapor production. The clouds this vape puts out are impressive, as most Smok tech products are, but what’s really great about the H-Priv is how this quality remains consistent no matter how much modifying you do with different brands of tanks.

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The H-PRIV’s screen is small but conveniently located just above the 510 connector, allowing you to keep an eye on it as you’re taking your draw. This screen is also where you can adjust the temperature and the control is strong enough to work with either. The H-PRIV also has a pretty detailed temp control system which works with either titanium, Nickel or Stainless Steel coils in either a single or dual coil construction, but it’s also advanced enough to come with a wattage mode setting which will give you a different set of readings depending on your preference.

The convenience continues, as if you’re the kind of modder that changes builds often then you’d be happy to know that the H-PRIV comes with a power mode that can remember up to 16 different settings so one touch can optimize your build.



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