Storz and Bickel - Superior German Engineering

Storz and Bickel

German engineering. Is it really held on the pedestal that we all believe it is? Is German engineering superior to that of the Danes? What about Irish engineering? Won't somebody please think of the Norwegians and their love of eye catching brilliantly engineered-bridges that highlight the splendid scenery? But are the Germans really towards the top of this list? The simple answer is yes. Yes, yes, yes and more yes. Well, in the vaping game anyway. The quality of German engineering stems from the same place as most cliches and stereotypes; a resemblance of truth. Storz and Bickel through the years, have garnered a reputation for manufacturing quality, solid, durable and powerful machines because this is the exact qualities that can be found in each and every one of their high quility built vaporizers. 

We here at NamasteVapes have a particular affection for the vapes produced from our German friends Storz and Bickel, as we have yet to be disappointed from any of them! Whether you're on the search for a vape that considers vapor quality to be the premium, or whether you have your dream set on blowing the biggest of clouds, or whether you're just on a quest to find a portable, powerful vape; then look no further than Storz and Bickel. From desktop vapes to portable, handhelds, Storz and Bickel have a vape for every scenario. Today we're going to have a closer look at the products that are responsible for creating this formidable reputation.

Mighty & Crafty

Peanut butter and jelly. Fish n' chips. Seth Rogen and cross joints. Some things are just meant to be together. The Mighty and Crafty are meant to be. These two portable vaporizers hit the market and instantly became a consumer favorite. With both devices capable of producing extraordinary quality of vapor (Something similar to a lot of desktop vapes, now that's impressive.) both devices being durable and sustainable, and having the ability to vape on the go, anywhere, anytime, it's beginning to become clear just why these two portable vapes are so popular. 

Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Imagine that these pair of vapes are two brothers. Both are renowned for their can-do attitude, their positivity, their commitment to perfection. The younger of the two brothers, the Crafty, is the smaller of the two vaporizers but no less powerful. The Crafty vaporizer would suit outgoing and constantly on-the-go vaper enthusiasts as its portability is a massive feature. Arguably the Crafty Vaporizer is on of the best portable vaporizer in the world having been made from high quality components and parts that are all medically fit for vaping use. 

Storz and Bickel Mighty Vaporizer Similarly, the Mighty is also made from the highest of quality materials but where the Crafty falls off on vapor Quality, the Mighty exceeds them. The Mighty Vaporizer is more than likely the most powerful portable vaporizer on the market at the moment. The vapor quality can be compared to most desktop vapes, yes, it's that good. 


Let's take it back. Way, way back. Listen up folks, we're talking about an OG of the vape game here, some would go as far as to say this is the original desktop vaporizer. The Volcano vaporizer (Check out the improved version, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer!) was a revolutionary piece of engineering, more so a home style appliance than a casual handheld vape, and capable of vaping the biggest and tastiest vapor, the Volcano is a legend around here. The Volcano vaporizer has been synonymous with all things Vaping ever since it was first manufactured. Looking for a desktop vape that will consistently produce tasty, clear, dense and quality vapor? Looking for a vape that you can use for a sesh with friends or throwing a party and need to entertain your guests? Both of those vaporizers are great but if you are interested to get one read check our in detail comparison overview.

Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Plenty

Storz and Bickel Plenty VaporizerOne of the newer models produced by Storz and Bickel is the Plenty Vaporizer. An innovative creation, the Plenty is somewhere in between a handheld and desktop vape.  The Volcano Plenty is smaller than the majority of desktop vapes, however, it is not fully portable. We like to call it handheld. Basically, it fits into your hand nice and snugly. This vaporizer is extremely powerful and is capable of producing clouds of vapor. Yes. Please. This vaporizer is fantastic when throwing a party or hanging with your friends. Just always remember to pass to your left-hand side and we should all be ok.

Now, can you see why we needed to confess our admiration for Storz and Bickel? One company producing all of these masters of the vaping game. The majority of Vape enthusiasts out there could pick up literally any of these products and not be disappointed. What Storz and Bickel do better than anyone else is not disappointing there fans, and we can safely say we haven't been. So German engineering is not just a throwaway cliché about a bunch of uptight Europeans following strict rule and regulation. German engineering produces innovation and advances in technology. It produces works of art like the Might or the Volcano, and for this, we will forever appreciate the art of German engineering.