The Storz & Bickel Plenty: Your 6 Minute Review

One of the saddest facts of the world is that sometimes, genius gets overlooked. Amazing bands go unsigned, incredible artists go unappreciated, and fantastic writers go unpublished (and are forced to support their passion for noir mystery fiction by writing vape reviews).

The Plenty from Storz & Bickel is one such overlooked genius. You’d be forgiven for not knowing about this vape despite the massive fame of the Storz & Bickel brand. This is a handheld vape, not a portable vape, nor desktop, but something in between. 

So, take a seat, and let us tell you about the incredible oddity that is the Storz & Bickel Plenty. Don’t worry, it won’t take any longer than 6 minutes to read it all. 

The Plenty: Answering All Your Questions about Tech Specs (and What’s in the Box)

Let's take a look under the hood the The Storz and Bickel Plenty vape.

1. How much does the Plenty cost?

Head over to Namaste Vapes to grab the Plenty Vaporizer for $248.00, with free shipping, price match guarantee, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

2. What can you vape with the Plenty?

The Plenty is built, first and foremost with dry herb vaping in mind. However, the addition of a concentrate pad means that you can use it with oil and wax type concentrates. 

3. How big is the Plenty?

The Plenty isn’t quite as chunky as the usual Storz & Bickel vaporizer, however, it isn’t small by any means. It measures in at 6.1" x 8.9" x 2", but its narrow, ergonomic shape makes it feel much smaller. 

4. How much does the Plenty weigh?

The Plenty weighs around 1.5lbs, which isn’t inconsiderable. However as this isn’t a portable vape, we can overlook this. 

5. How big is the Plenty’s oven chamber?

The Plenty has a relatively solid chamber capacity of around .30g. Perfect for a decent session. 

6. What’s the Plenty’s heating system?

The Plenty is a Storz & Bickel vaporizer, and if you’re familiar with this brand at all, you know to expect the signature hybrid heating system. This means that it fuses the best of convection and conduction heating into something that is greater than the sum of its parts thanks to that famous Storz & Bickel heating. 

7. Which battery does the Plenty use?

No batteries here. The Plenty is an unusual vaporizer in that it isn’t a desktop vape, but it works from a power outlet like one. 

8. How long does the Plenty’s battery last?

The Plenty will be ready to go as long as you have it plugged in. 

9. How long does the Plenty take to charge?

As we said above, battery worries are a thing of the past when you have a Plenty. 

10. What’s the temperature range of the Plenty?

The Plenty has a respectable temperature range that reaches from 266° F to 392° F. This offers a selection of some of the best temperature settings for vaping dry herb. However, it cuts off a little low if you want to enjoy concentrates. 

11. How does the Plenty display temperature?

One of the most interesting features of the Plenty is how it displays temperature. It does this via a distinctive gauge. Don’t worry about the retro design, this gauge is as accurate as any digital display.

12. Does the Plenty have an auto shutoff feature?

The Plenty Features an interesting dead man switch feature that automatically shuts the vape off when it isn’t being held!

13. Does the Plenty come with a smartphone app?

The Plenty isn’t compatible with any smart phone apps. 

14. Does the Plenty have a warranty?

The Plenty comes with a three year warranty as standard. 

The Plenty: What's in the Box?

  • 1 x Plenty Vaporizer
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Blend Filling Chamber.
  • 1 x Mouthpiece.
  • 3 x Normal Screen Set.
  • 2 x Tubing (Long).
  • 2 x Tubing (Short).
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Cooling Coil.
  • 1 x Liquid Pad.
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush.
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Grinder.

How Does The Storz & Bickel Plenty Work?

Ok, usually we say something here about how most people understand how a vape works by now. However, we can’t blame anyone for taking a look at the plenty and finding it somewhat baffling. This is a truly unusual looking vaporizer. In fact, at first glance it looks like some kind of esoteric power tool!

The big gauge type thermometer, the steel coil, and it's weird handle look more outlandish than they actually are. However, like anything, when you break down the individual aspects of the Plenty it is much easier to understand. So, let's take a look at how the Plenty works. 

1. The Plenty Heating System

The Plenty has that famous, Storz & Bickel heating system. This system is hailed across the vape world for a reason, it delivers some truly incredible vapor quality. It works by bringing together the very best qualities of the two main types of electronic heating systems, conduction and convection. 

Conduction works by putting dry herb into direct contact with the heating system. Think of it like a kitchen stove. This method is famous for how quickly it can hit vaping temperature. 

Convection, on the other hand, acts upon the herb's entire surface area by heating all the air around it, a bit like an oven. This creates consistent and potent vapor. Storz and Bickel mix the two to create unbelievable amounts of vapor potency and purity. 

2. Loading The Plenty

To load the plenty, twist the coil off at the orange ring. After you do this, twist the orange part again to separate it away from the coil. Then, carefully load it with ground herb. Be Careful when reattaching the coil, as it can be easy to slip and spill your herb.

After this, simply reattach both halves to the rest of the device, and you’ll be good to go! Loading up concentrates is just as easy, simply apply some to the provided liquid pad and then place it into the herb chamber. We recommend filling the plenty before you activate it. 

3. Turing On The Plenty

Turning on the Plenty couldn’t be simpler. Just press the big orange button on the side. It’s as simple as that! 

4. Setting the Temperature on the Plenty

Setting the heating on the Plenty is as simple and tactile as turning it on. Appropriately for such a rugged device, the temperature control is a sturdy little wheel built into the handle. This is a fully analog system so you can do surprisingly precise adjustments once you get a feel for it. 

This is where the gauge on the front of the device really comes into its own. The thermometer is ultra-precise and gives you instant feedback about the temperature of your vape when you start using it. While digital may be the industry standard, it's easy to see the appeal of good old analog.

If you look at the gauge, you’ll notice that there’s a region marked out in green, and a higher one marked out in red. According to Storz & Bickel, the green region is the optimal vaping temperature, with anything above that being too hot. However, once you get a few sessions under your belt, you’ll be able to easily figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Hitting The Plenty

Hitting the Plenty is as straightforward as any other aspect of this rugged vape. Simply put the mouthpiece to your lips and take a long, slow draw. The air will be pulled in the bottom of the vaporizer, across the healing coils, and through the herb chamber, generating vapor. Then, the hit will be cooled by the coil before it reaches you. This is a comfortable amount of draw resistance, however it does require the long, slow draw technique. 

How’s the Plenty’s Vapor Quality?

As can be expected from a Storz & Bickel vape, the Plenty has premium vapor quality. The synergy that Storz & Bickel have achieved with their hybrid heating system is amazing. By fusing conduction and convection they can create the finest vapor out there, no question. It is dense, smooth, potent and pure. You can’t say much more, the vapor quality is simply superb. 

Tips for Getting the Best Vapor Quality with the Vape Plenty

Thanks to the hybrid heating system it is incredibly easy to get great vapor quality out of the Plenty vaporizer. No matter what vape temperature you choose, you’ll be rewarded with great, consistent hits. You may notice that the gauge on the front has a green sector, this is where Storz & Bickel think their best vapor quality is. This is certainly true, but with a bit of preparation and experience you can easily push it into the red for dense, powerful hits. 

As with any other vaporizer, getting the best vapor quality means preparing long before you turn the device on. Grind your herb down to a medium consistency and then ensure that it is packed into the chamber with a medium density. This means that it is dense enough to fill the chamber, but also loose enough to allow the hot air to penetrate it entirely. 

Is the Plenty Easy to Clean?

Storz & Bickel vapes are a little notorious for being tricky to clean, however, the Plenty bucks this trend. It is actually fairly easy to clean out effectively. For a start, you don’t have to worry about the base at all, just make sure no herb falls down inside of it. 

Cleaning the mouthpiece is simple, just wiggle it free from the coil and give it a good clear out with a q tip and some isopropyl alcohol. Then, you can twist the coil free of the rest of the cap to access the screen and give that a brush down with a soft bristled brush and some isopropyl alcohol. 

The lower filling chamber is where the majority of the build up will be as its the part that comes into the most direct contact with the herb. The best thing to do with this is to pop the steel screen out of the orange plastic and soak it in alcohol for a while. Then, take it out and wipe it down with some paper towel. 

After you’ve done this, you can reassemble the full device. Put it through a heating cycle to make sure that any lingering alcohol evaporates away, and then you should be free to use it again! 

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Plenty?

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of The Storz & Bickel Plenty

Plenty PROS Plenty CONS
Incredible vape power Needs to be plugged into a power outlet
User friendly design May be alien to some many users
Rugged construction Unusual shape is hard to store
Super-accurate analog thermometer  Lack of any digital features
Easy to clean Looks like a powertool, not all of us are Time Allen

So Is the Plenty worth It?

The Plenty may just be the most overlooked Storz & Bickel vape on the market, on top of that it may be the most underrated one too. It offers incredible, high quality hybrid heating in a reliable package that is simple and intuitive to use? What’s not to love?

On top of this, its unique and rugged design is a delight to use, and will certainly stand out from the black box party that is the portable vape market. For a surprisingly reasonable price, you’re getting a potent and effective vaporizer that offers Storz & Bickel level vapor hits. And, to top it off, it looks incredibly cool. 

Who Should Buy the Plenty?

This is a hard question to ask. The Plenty is a super unique vaporizer that sits somewhere between portable and desktop vapes. It works from a power outlet, but it's intended to be held when you use it. This isn’t even the weirdest thing about the Plenty, there’s so much more.

It features a bizarre design that just feels so good to hold, and it is packed with features that make it feel like a power tool, but they work better than some digital vapes. This vape is for anyone who wants incredible vape at a surprisingly reasonable price. It's also for anyone who wants a truly unique vaporizer!

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