Swift Pro Vaporizer from Flowermate Technologies - Vaporizer Review

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's post on the new Swift Pro Vaporizer from Flowermate technologies. Flowermate already manufacturers several good quality and reliable products that are also affordable including the i-Hit digital nail (with available ceramic dry herb chamber), the Flowermate Hybrid X which works with 510 threaded tanks and the flower mate V5.0 x dry herb vape with a built-in USB power bank. So the company is always launching new and creative products! The Swift Pro is Flowermate's first Full Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer that comes at a very reasonable price. The Swift Pro loads and has a similar physical appearance to a Crafty Vaporizer (by Storz & Bickel) but has a display screen and full digital temperature controls. So an affordable convection vaporizer that is the latest in heating technology but at a much lower cost, how will it stack up! Lets just cover a little detail on the Flowermate Swift Pro and how it works then how it compares with the competition


Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer | Features

The most basic features of the new Swift Pro vaporizer are - Convection Heating, Temperature Controls and an Isolated Air Pathway. So as discussed in many posts one major thing to consider, when buying a vaporizer is the form of heating technology used, which will be either convection or conduction. We're not going to go in to a lot more detail here but basically convection heating is more efficient and produces better flavor, while conduction vaporizers will produce more vapor at the cost of efficiency and taste. There are very good vaporizers in both these categories, but the trend has been going towards development of new convection vaporizers lately. Most portable dry herb convection vaporizers tend to be expensive. For example the Crafty, Mighty, Firefly 2 and the Boundless CFX all use convection heating technology but are much more expensive than the Swift Pro. We should point out here that the Crafty, Mighty and CFX vapes also do use conduction heating. I see this is a way to enhance the performance of the unit and they can incorporate multiple heating elements inside. The Swift Pro however is convection only, so there is one heating element that is in an Isolated Air-Pathway that warms the air flowing through your herbs in order to extract your goods. 


The Swift Pro also features digital temperature controls with an on-board LED screen and three button operation. You can select your desired temperature on the Swift Pro and it will heat up within a minute. Whats really cool about the Swift Pro is that it has interchangeable borosilicate herb chambers, something I've never seen before. The unit also charges by USB which is of course very convenient and overall comes in a nice small portable package. The loading technique is similar to that of a Crafty or Mighty this is a top-loading vaporizer and comes with a handy loading cap to keep things clean.


Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer | Our final thoughts

Flowermate Swift Pro Vaporizer So the Swift Pro is cheap, easy to use and simple to load. Heats up quickly but better we talk a little about the performance. Upon my first and second draw at 385 degrees I noticed strong and delicious flavor but with minimal vapor production. My third, fourth and fifth draws were providing more satisfying vapor production and very good flavor. It's really smooth and tasty and in no way harsh at all. Very good performance for an affordable dry herb convection vaporizer. One thing I was thinking is that the first and second draws really take time for the air to come through and warm the material up. So by the third and fourth dray the herbs are able to start to reach the right temperature for your optimal vaporization experience!  The rest of the session was smooth and tasty again and performance was very good. What I would say is that the vapor production and the flavor still are not as good as a Crafty or a Mighty but certainly better than other well known conduction vaporizers! Leave you guys to think about it and what I'd say is that if you're interested in a convection vaporizer, which you should be, and you're not wanting to break the bank then the Swift Pro would be a good option. I'd also comment that the hybrid vaporizers like the CFX or the Mighty that feature both convection and conduction heating, provide an extra boost to vapor production while keeping the flavor great. Hope you guys found this informative! 


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