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What to expect when taking THC drug tests?

Posted on Sep 03, 2018

It’s likely you’re on the road for a drug test soon if you’re reading this article or perhaps you’re just interested. Either way, I’m going to be discussing what happens in a THC drug test. For heavy dry herb users, passing a drug test can be difficult. But the good news, it isn’t impossible either! As legislation is passing and the world is becoming a more cannabis friendly, drug tests for jobs and other entrance drug tests are becoming less and less, however some employees have to jump through hoops to save a job they made desperately need. Many companies have procedures that entail of a drug testing at some stage and are unlikely to ditch them before cannabis becomes legal or decriminalized.   Understanding what happens... Read more »

How long does THC stay in your body?

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Do you ever be chilling, enjoying that sweet herb and suddenly, the intrusive thoughts of how long the toxins that are in this substance linger in your body? No. Just me? Well, I am going to answer that question anyways. There is no perfect recipe for detecting how long THC may remain in someone’s system, it all depends on how often they consume the material. The short answer would be somewhere around 30 days but we’re not here for short answers. It is no secret that the illicit drug is commonly used amongst medical users and recreational users alike around America and because of its frequent use, drug tests are administrated. To understand fully how long THC remains in the body, you must... Read more »

The Best Detox Kits On The Market

Posted on Jun 29, 2018

Detox Kits You Should Keep In Mind Ever wondered how long dry herbs stay in your system? Of course, you have, we all do. There isn’t one definitive answer as it all depends on the person consuming and how often they use herbs. THC gathers in your system and the more you consume, the more time it will take to pass through your body. Furthermore, the quicker you digest THC is again, unique to the individual. What is different is how you may be tested for these chemicals. There are many reasons why you may need to detox from herbs quickly, be it a job interview or a drivers test;among many more. In this blog we will explore various avenues... Read more »