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Posted on Dec 13, 2018

The G pro dried product vaporizer is an amazing portable dried product vaporizer manufactured by Grenco Science, the same manufacturers of the revolutionary and breath taking G Pen and Micro G Pen vaporizers. Prior to the official release of the G pro vaporizer in the USA, The Grenco Science website portrayed this unit as “a technological marvel offering conduction and convection vaping of dried products”. We could not wait though we had a feeling it might not live up to the hype. We were definitely wrong  because the G Pro dried product vaporizer is indeed an amazing vaporizer with a very commendable level of performance while also being very affordable, retailing for less than a $100. Without a doubt, the G... Read more »

3 Common Reasons Why Your Best Vaporizer Isn’t Working & How You Can Fix It

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

How to fix your leaking vaporizer As vaping grows in popularity, tons of people are taking a ride on the vaping train; with excitement assailing them as they open the box that arrives swiftly at their door, tear open the package, throw the very-important instructions away and pretend they know exactly what they’re doing. Even if you have the best vaporizer on the market, it cannot perform well unless you help it perform well. Common mistakes that beginners and vape veterans run into include packing the chamber too tight, not using the correct temperatures and forgetting the ever so important burn off test. Pack tight, but not too tight If you’re use to more traditional combustion methods of consuming your... Read more »

RosinBomb Rocket Press – Your Panini Press for dry herbs

Posted on Aug 06, 2018

The RosinBomb Rocket Press Your panini press for dry herbs is a lame way to describe this monster of a machine, but I suppose it is a more accurate way of describing what the RosinBomb Rocket does. The RosinBomb Rocket is an amazing way to create your own rosin. Imagine having the opportunity to consume your concentrates free of solvent? Well, you can – with thanks to the RosinBomb Rocket press. Rosin refers to the extraction process that combines heat and pressure instantaneously to squeeze resinous liquid from your starting dry substance. The RosinBomb Rocket is a small yet mighty device. The RocketBomb is a mere 13 pounds which is probably lighter than the burrito I had for lunch and... Read more »

Pros & Cons in Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Buying a Portable or Desktop Vaporizer? The main difference between a portable and desktop vaporizer is pretty glaringly obvious – you can't exactly take your desktop out on the beach at the drop of hat (do if you want though, God loves a trier). While desktop vaporizers will provide you with the highest quality vaping experience, they're an investment piece – the technology required to give you the highest quality comes with a hefty price tag. While portable vaporizers are much easier to use on the go, they are more high maintenance when it comes to charging and replacing batteries. When it comes to desktops vs. Portable vaporizers, there are things that one can do that the other cannot. Choosing... Read more »

A Beginner's Guide to Vaping

Posted on Jul 11, 2018

What is Vaping? So you, or someone you know is thinking about making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. For beginners, it can seem that there is an overwhelming amount of information and everyone seems to be an ‘expert’. If you are finding it difficult to tell your convection from your conduction, and desktops from portables then keeping reading. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor which can be produced from dry herbs, concentrates, or E-Liquids. You can do this through your electric device better known as a vaporizer which uses battery power to vaporize your substance without combustion. And viola! Your liquid or concentrates are turned into an easy to inhale vapor. Reasons You Should be Vaping Simply put,... Read more »

The Rosin Press and Other Extraction Methods

Posted on May 23, 2018

A rosin press is one of the best ways of maximizing the yield of your herbal extracts. It is also one of the safest and most environmentally friendly ways of extraction, not requiring solvents or other nasty chemicals. What is Rosin? Rosin itself is a solid resin extracted from pines and other plants and has been around for thousands of years; in fact, the name in Latin, “colophony”, derives from the ancient Ionic city of Colophon. So, it is an ancient technique that has been applied to everybody’s favorite herbs in more recent times. When it comes to the medicinal herbs we are talking about, rosin means all the delicious terpenes and cannabinoids extracted together into a sticky resin that hardens at... Read more »

Concentrate Pads - The 4 Things To Know

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

A lot of vaporizers on the market right now , including the Firefly 2, the Mighty, the Crafty and the Plenty, are concentrate compatible. This means, apart from your dry herbs, your handheld vape can also vape concentrates just as well so you won't need a separate Dab Pen to enjoy concentrates. However, compared to dry herbs, oils and waxes are a lot messier. It sometimes takes some special equipment to get the job done as cleanly as possible. This is where Concentrate Pads come into things and allow your vape to vaporize your waxes with ease. The Material Concentrate pads need to be made from something strong, but also something that can breathe with the airflow of a vaping session.... Read more »

How To Use The Firefly 2

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

When we talk about portable vaporizers in the USA which are not just great in overall performance and efficiency, but also in style and fashion, then the Firefly 2 comes to mind, but in recent times owners of this device and also other vapers are beginning to air their views on the non-user friendly nature of the Firefly 2 in comparison to other portables like the Mighty, Crafty , Pax 3 etc. in recent times vapers particularly the active ones believes all vapes are same and as such they operate them based on previously used devices which will results to an inability to get the best out of the Firefly 2. But once you get hold of the techniques, the... Read more »

How To Use The Gpen Elite

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

G pen elite vaporizer manufactured by the Grenco Science, same manufacturers of the G pro and the Micro G-pen is a new portable dry herb vaporizer released early 2016 and it was referred to by the Grenco Science as “a monumental leap in technology for both brand and industry,” personally I wanted to see if the unit would live up to the expectation and the hype. Grenco Science is so popular now in the USA. When it comes to ergonomics, al Grenco inspired portables are on top of the game. In this article we would be highlighting the usage techniques of the G pen elite vape so as to enable owners of the wonder vape get the best out of... Read more »

How to Use the Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer from the home of the boundless technologies. Released alongside the Boundless CF in the USA, these two vapes made their way in to the hearts of every vapor in the vaping community and not just that they became a contender vape offering quality and efficiency at very affordable prices. The Boundless CFX portable vaporizer is a hybrid vape meaning that it utilizes both conduction and convection heating methods to vaporizing Dry Herb, oils and waxes while offering similar attribute as the storz and bickels Crafty. In this article we would be looking at how to use Boundless CFX vaporizer and not just using it but getting the best out of it.... Read more »

How To Use The Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

DaVinci IQ vaporizer is such a wonderful piece manufactured by the davinci and its reviews are all over the internet clearly because it is a worthy device to behold and also to possess. The USA is going wild for it. Several reviews also exposed us to several features of the IQ particularly the smart path temperature setting which makes the unit unique and outstanding. In this write up we would be looking at how to use the DaVinci IQ vaporizers. Many vapers particularly beginners find it very difficult to make use of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer and this is due to the fact that they neglect the user manual that accompanies the unit, in other words for effective usage of... Read more »

How To Use A Mighty Vaporizer

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

The ‘Mighty’ vaporizer is a battery portable vaporizer that is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, same producers of the famous and elegant volcano vaporizer and also the crafty portable. Its quickly becoming one of the most popular vaporizers in the USA. The mighty might look bulky and old fashioned to lots of vapers in the industry and this is not far from correct but Storz and Bickels deliberately made the mighty to come in such size to enable it to accommodate the double lithium ion battery incorporated into its design. This might not be convincing to persons who care more about discretion in vapes. But if you do not care much of discretion of your device then the mighty is... Read more »

Top 5 Tips When Buying A New Vaporizer

Posted on Feb 10, 2017

Purchasing a Vaporizer is the one of essential things that every herbal enthusiast must do. But there is no point in purchasing any old vaporizer as these devices come in all different shapes and sizes and many vary in quality. Wading your way through this field of vapes can sometimes be a difficult task with many vapes out there failing to live up to their billing. An essential thing for any newbie to do is to gather as much information as possible about various vaporizers and then try and get the one that will suit their own personal needs. Why are vaporizers the must have device of the century? Because vaporizers produce a stunningly beautiful vape that delivers the perfect buzz. Vapes manage to accomplish this by... Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Load Your Vape Pen?

Posted on Feb 07, 2017

Loading your Vape Pen is one of the great skills that you need to master in life. It's a skill that will stand you in good stead for the future whether at home or abroad. With the advent of vaping technology, we're seeing an explosion of people using vape pens and this trend is set to continue into the future. And with any new trend, it becomes vitally important to know what you're at.  Because there's nothing worse than inviting your friends around to your house and offering them a few vapes, but you end up looking like a fool because you don’t know how to properly load your vape. You'll want to avoid fumbling around with your vape pen combusting into your... Read more »

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Vaporizer

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

It was around about the year 2014 when vaping exploded onto the public consciousness. Initially, some tobacco company's, of all people, tried to state that the vapes were bad for you, but with growing evidence to the contrary, even the tobacco firms began to acknowledge that vaporizers where the future, and so, they began in investing in vaporizers by the billion.  The big issue for many new vaping enthusiasts is what vaporizer they should buy. The problem is that there are so many vaporizers out there in the marketplace that it can be very difficult to choose which one is the most suitable for you. Before buying a vape you should educate yourself on the various pros and cons of different... Read more »

Pax 2 Easter Eggs - Discover the Pax 2 Secret Features

Posted on Aug 24, 2016

Unboxing Pax 2 Easter Eggs Secret Features One of the most universally renowned vaporizers in this day and age, the Pax 2 has some secret features that even the most experienced vapers out there may not be aware of yet! Once reading this article you will be able to unlock and enjoy the full potential of your Pax 2 including; mini games, party modes and more! Please remember that not all Pax 2 devices will run with the same hidden features, every Pax 2 device comes with a different assortment of Easter Eggs, so there is no way of telling what will work on your device until you try it yourself. As Scott Dunlop, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ploom, explains to... Read more »

DIY Solventless Concentrates using Rosin Press

Posted on Mar 07, 2016

The Rosin Press - NOW ON SALE! #NamasteVapes The market for solventless concentrates is exploding. If you're not familiar with concentrates (a.k.a. extractions) these are highly potent waxes or oils that are produced in a variety of methods. Many extraction methods use a solvent like Butane or Hexane to extract the medicinal ingredients of your material, which then evaporate and leave behind a form of essential oil. These solvents are not only dangerous, but trace amounts of butane may often be found in the end product. In Denver, Colorado last year concentrate products outsold dry herbs! Due to the amount of harmful byproducts used in the process, there has been a growing demand for solvent-less concentrates. The most common form of commercially... Read more »