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Haze Square V Pax 3

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

The Haze Square and the Pax 3 are two of the most sublime Vaporizers ever to hit the marketplace.  Both of these vapes  are pushing the boundaries in terms of vaporizer excellence.  The Pax 3 delivers some of the most surreal, delicious, and extraordinary vapes known to man or beast.  This really is a vaporizer that not only will surprise you with its overall level of performance, but it will actually leave you flabbergasted at its quality.  Trust me, with this little baby you'll be on your back in ecstasy. Once you've tried the Pax 3 you'll come away pinching yourself wondering whether the experience really happened.  And just when you thought vapes couldn't get any better  along comes the Haze Square Vaporizer that... Read more »

Haze Square Vaporizer | Will The Release Date Wait Be Worth It?

Posted on Feb 15, 2017

The Haze Square is a superb vaporizer that has taken vaping to an entirely new level of sublime excellence. This device is everything you ever dreamed and hoped for in a vaporizer. Not only does the Haze Square have all of the best features from the Haze V3 it manages to add a whole host of outstanding extra features that will blow you away.     The Haze Square has it all- a four can rotating plate that can vaporize all kinds of herbs, a small and convenient design, rapid heat up time, and smooth delicious flavours that mark this vape out as being one of a kind. Believe me, this is a portable vape that is at the cutting edge of a vaporizing revolution.  The Haze has managed to improve upon... Read more »

Happy New Year from NamasteVapes

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Well, it's about time to say Goodbye to 2014 and ring in the New Year! The Crafty and Mighty - two new portable models released in 2014 by Storz & Bickel We've had a busy year at Namaste Vapes. We've been very pleased to bring you all the latest and most innovative vaporizers hitting the market like the Crafty and the Mighty which have proven themselves to live up to the reputation of their makers at Storz and Bickel and most recently picking up the latest HazeVape V2.5 from Haze Technologies, the first dual bowl vaporizer on the market! NamasteVapes became proud authorized resellers for Haze Technologies Haze Vape in 2014 We've been working hard on producing informative vaporizer reviews for... Read more »

Vape Review: Haze Vaporizer - Vaping with Dual Bowls

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

The Haze is a new portable vaporizer from Haze Technologies that has generated some excitement among the vape community as it is the first portable vaporizer to feature a dual bowl system - that works for any combination of dry aromatic blends, waxes/oils and concentrates. What Is It? The Haze comes included with conduction and convections screens which allow you to change the way you vaporizer your materials in the chambers. The conduction screens have no sides which mean that your materials have direct exposure to the heating chamber walls which result in a different affect and flavor using the vaporizer. Each bowl is isolated from each other and is sealed when you close the metal lid on the outside... Read more »