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Fixing Old Vaporizer Or Buying New One

Posted on Aug 08, 2019

A vaporizer is a special device that uses heat to heat up herbs, oil or wax to provide a water vapor that you inhale. It does not produce smoke and it is good for your health over traditional smoking. Vaporizer can be used to simulate cigarette smoking but without having to burn the tobacco leaves.  This removes the tar and harmful substances that come about when smoking tobacco leaves. Vaporizers have become popular over the years and it has necessitated the need to create new designs and vaporizers for many purposes, there are many types of vaporizers like e-cigarettes, vapor pens and advanced personal vaporizer also known as MODS. A vaping device generally consists of a battery, a cartridge to... Read more »

How Important is Temperature to my Vaping Experience

Posted on Dec 17, 2018

Temperature for Vaporizers In most cases, people's first experience with dried products include a flame. Sparking up dried products is the most common and classic way to consume dried products, but it isn’t the only way - surprise, surprise. There's hvaping, bonging, and pipes.There is a plethora of ways to consume dried products and all in one way or another find commonplace with the vitality of temperature in their methods. Let's Be Clear, Temperature is Important! But among the growing popularity and technological advancements in vaporizers, temperature remains the most important aspect of vaporizers. If you have a brief discussion with any vaping aficionado, it’ll be about 3 seconds into the conversation before they flood you with their favorite temperature... Read more »

Who, What, Where, and When? All You Need to Know About Black Friday

Posted on Oct 19, 2018

Black Friday, you may remember it as a series of televised riots over slightly cheaper dryers, but have you ever wondered exactly where it comes from? Riots, of course are as old as angry crowds, but riots over toasters with 30% off their marked price are a relatively modern invention. Of course, Black Friday wasn’t invented to incite riots, we have systemic inequality for that! Black Friday was invented to be a kind of pre-Christmas sales extravaganza that helps sellers shift stock fast, and help buyers get quality appliances at minimal cost. Of course, in practice, it helps sellers shift stock fast, and help buyers find a quasi-sanctioned way to trample people and get into a brawl over the last... Read more »

Stuck for a Halloween costume? Here’s 3 Vape-incorporated Halloween costume ideas, + the best vapes to go with them

Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Stuck for a good Halloween costume this year? Don’t you worry my friend, we’ve got you covered – read on for some stellar vape-inspired costume ideas, and the best device to go with them. Elon Musk Elon Musk got himself in a little pickle recently, after he announced he was going to privatize the company and charge $420 per share – which apparently was a joke to impress his girlfriend, the musician Grimes. The company’s stock took a nosedive and made countless shareholders quiver in their boots. Musk then made a controversial appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast wearing an Occupy Mars t-shirt, drinking a whisky and smoking a joint, where he also kind-of, technically violated Tesla’s code of... Read more »

3 Common Reasons Why Your Best Vaporizer Isn’t Working & How You Can Fix It

Posted on Sep 13, 2018

How to fix your leaking vaporizer As vaping grows in popularity, tons of people are taking a ride on the vaping train; with excitement assailing them as they open the box that arrives swiftly at their door, tear open the package, throw the very-important instructions away and pretend they know exactly what they’re doing. Even if you have the best vaporizer on the market, it cannot perform well unless you help it perform well. Common mistakes that beginners and vape veterans run into include packing the chamber too tight, not using the correct temperatures and forgetting the ever so important burn off test. Pack tight, but not too tight If you’re use to more traditional combustion methods of consuming your... Read more »

Why Wax Pen Vaporizer Will Dominate 2019

Posted on Aug 24, 2018

What is Wax? Wax is a form of solvent concentrate. It is made through a process that uses a solvent, usually butane, to push the various active ingredients of herb out of the plant matter. Once this is done it is important to remove all the solvent from the solution. This is done by boiling it off. Obviously, butane is an explosive chemical, so it isn’t a great idea to have it around high temperatures, so to avoid any explosions its necessary to use a vacuum oven.  The vacuum oven lowers the air pressure around the solvent mixture, lowering its boiling point to a safe temperature, once the solvent has been boiled off you’re left with one of three results. Oil, a runny, honey-like chemical; Shatter a brittle, potent concentrate; and of course,... Read more »

A Beginner's Guide to Vaping

Posted on Jul 11, 2018

What is Vaping? So you, or someone you know is thinking about making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. For beginners, it can seem that there is an overwhelming amount of information and everyone seems to be an ‘expert’. If you are finding it difficult to tell your convection from your conduction, and desktops from portables then keeping reading. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor which can be produced from dry herbs, concentrates, or E-Liquids. You can do this through your electric device better known as a vaporizer which uses battery power to vaporize your substance without combustion. And viola! Your liquid or concentrates are turned into an easy to inhale vapor. Reasons You Should be Vaping Simply put,... Read more »

What's Blowing Up This 4th July

Posted on Jul 02, 2018

Happy Birthday America  Happy Birthday, America, you’re only 242 years old. Here at Namastevapes US, we want to wish you the best 4th July yet one that is filled with hot dogs, beer, red cups and flavorful and smooth vape. To honor our freedom that our ancestors fought so hard for, we’re giving you 20% off your order. Just use the discount code FOURTH20 at checkout to acquire your discount. With the sheer volume of vaporizers on our website, it may be hard to choose what vaporizer you want to get 20% off, so, if you are struggling, look no further. I’m going to choose some of my favorite vaporizers that I think you should be buying this July to... Read more »

How To Improve Your Vapor Quality

Posted on Mar 13, 2018

Whether it's better flavour, bigger clouds, or just a better experience overall, if you haven't already asked the question: "How can I make this already awesome thing, even more awesome?" Then it's time to start asking!  If you have already purchased a high-quality vaporizer, then you're already getting a great experience, but it is always possible to make it even better!  Here are a few tips and trick to help you out in your vapour enhancing journey! 1)  Get A Good Vaporizer. This one seems obvious, but it has to be mentioned.  You will NEVER get the same vape experience from any vaporizer.  It just won't happen.  So figuring out what you want from a vaporizer, and getting a good... Read more »

IPhone X and Apple Removing Access To Vaping Apps

Posted on Oct 03, 2017

Are you an apple phone user as well as a vaper? With the release of the IPhone X as well as some new policy changes that Apple haven’t fully advertised, vapers' may want to be careful when it comes to their next phone or vape purchase. Apple are now taking steps to prevent the future downloading and updating of all vaporizer applications, be them herb based or tobacco related. There are millions of vapers in the world, just as there are millions of IPhone users, and there’s bound to be some overlap there. The issue now comes with the IPhone X. A whole bunch of people are about to go out and buy a new phone which may not even... Read more »

Hydrology 9 vs Black Mamba; Session vs Portable

Posted on Sep 29, 2017

A comparison review that pits two fantastic vaporizers against each other. The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious9 and The Black Mamba by the company of the same name are expertly crafted vaporizers whose functions work on both different ends of the vaporizer spectrum. The Hydrology 9, the vaporizer with the taste of a bong, might just be one of the most fun and most interesting session vaporizers with about as many special, party perfect features as it has smooth, delicious, filtered vapor. The Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer on the other hand is the epitome of a dependable, on-the-go vaporizer. Coming in at a very excellent price point, The Black Mamba is strong enough to be taken anywhere while fully knowing it... Read more »

Urgent! - New Boundless Vapes Coming In October

Posted on Sep 18, 2017

Boundless Technologies. The company behind some of the most impressive yet affordable vaporizers on the market. Dedicated manufacturers whose sole purpose is to bring quality aromatherapy devices to the public. What they’ve only gone and done is announce the release of three new models of vaporizers coming this October 2017. We’re always excited to hear from Boundless as they’re just the best when it comes to making quality, sturdy, delicious vaporizers but on a budget. The original CFX, which was compared to the Mighty at the time for also including hybrid heat, was under $200, and now a sequel to that amazing vape is one of the ones being announced. Boundless CFX 2.0 This has got to be the model... Read more »

Bringing The Best To You latests from Pax Labs and Latest Price Cuts

Posted on Sep 18, 2017

Pax Labs isn’t done with us yet! 10 months ago, Pax released their latest smart vaporizer, the Pax 3, which was immediately welcomed in with open arms by the vaping community for it’s delicious and efficient vapor production as well as its small, discreet shape. Pax are dedicated to bringing the ultimate vaporization experience to the consumer with innovative and premium models. Now, Pax have brought out a couple of deals that’ll really bring down the price of their vapes, the Pax 3 and the Pax 2 while also offering a few more bonuses along with it. With the release of these new price cuts, you can expect to see our prices go way down in the near future as... Read more »

What Vaporizers Give The Best Flavor?

Posted on May 23, 2017

Most times, features like digital display, control system and aesthetics appeals to consumers when it comes to vaporizer procurement. This is no way a problem but on my path, I would prepare to weigh a commodity by the content it features on the inside than make judgement's from the outward appearance. Some of you might think I don’t value style or maybe I am not fashionable but on the contrary, maybe I like commodities I purchase to come accompanied with all the possible advantages. Note that when it comes to vaporizers, it is vital that you know the important things to look out for. One of the most important part of a vaporizer is the heating chamber, it is analogous... Read more »

The Beginner's Guide To Portable Vaporizers

Posted on May 15, 2017

One of the best reasons to start vaporizing in 2014 is that a lot of incredible portable vaporizers have reached the market recently. Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t create a big cloud of bad odor, and the significantly lighter vape smell dissipates rapidly, makinheg a lot of people interested in what portable vape is best.  In this guide to portable vaporizers, we’ll look at budget-friendly vapes (under $50), mid-range (under $100) and high-end vapes, and even a couple of covert vaporizers for the ultimate in on-the-go discretion. With so many vapes on the market, it’s important to remember that, no matter what a friend or any vape seller’s website tells you, there is really no one right vaporizer that suits everyone. “Good” and “bad”... Read more »

Will The Pax 3 Take Over The Vaping World?

Posted on Mar 28, 2017

There are vaporizers. And then there's divine inspiration painstakingly crafted into a machine called the Pax 3, a vape so sublime you'll want to share it with the whole world. The Pax 3 is a brand new device that is pushing the boundaries of vaping excellence. Connoisseurs of vaporizing have been raving about the Pax's tremendous performance capabilities. The machine delivers to users a succulent, delicious, and mouth-watering vaping experience that will live long in the memory. Whilst the vape might be small in size and stature it really is a giant of a vaporizer that has the potential and capability to take over the vaping world. There are so many things that sets the Pax 3 apart from the competition, but one of... Read more »

Best Grinder For Vaping | Do You Need Them?

Posted on Jan 17, 2017

Somethings in life just are meant to be together and this fact is very true when it comes to vaporizers and grinders. A grinder is a vital piece of equipment for any self-respecting vaping enthusiast. In fact, if you started vaping without owning a grinder it would be almost sacrilegious. Almost akin to desecrating a holy book, you just don't do it! To begin vaping without owning a grinder is like having to survive without a limb on your body- you can do it, buts its going to be very very hard.  Why are grinders such vital pieces of equipment? Because grinders can break down your herbs into finer materials that are more easily inserted into your vaporizer. Grinders facilitate the maximum... Read more »

Vape Recipes | Can You Mix What You Vape?

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Hey guys, thanks for checking out today's post! We're going to be talking about mixing up your herbs! This is going to be an interesting topic to discuss as vaporizers can be used of course with various aromatherapy products like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender etc. as well as your special buds. Let talk about combining the materials together and see what we come up with. When I was thinking about it, over the years I've seen people that like to mix their herbs. This is common in a lot of places but I was never a huge fan of the tobacco mixing in there. Since starting to use vaporizers, there are a lot more nuances in the flavour that you simply... Read more »

How Vaporizers Work

Posted on Jan 03, 2017

    Using vaporizers has become a very popular alternative method to traditional ways of smoking your herbs. The big question is what exactly are vaporizers and how do they operate? Vapes come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes- some vapes are large plug-in devices that you'd need to operate from home and other vaporizers are small pocket-size devices that you can take anywhere with you. Vaporizers operate by heating your herbs at a lower temperature than what would need for combustion.  The temperature which vaporization occurs between 200c  and 391f and at these temperatures herbs are converted into a gas. Some machines have plastic balloons which act to hold your vapor, but other machines allow you to inhale... Read more »

Black Friday Vaporizer Sale - NamasteVapes Black Friday Vape Sale

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

November means dark mornings and cold nights, but we're here to bring you a bright spark near the end of your month! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are famous worldwide, with popularity spreading from the States over the last handful of years. With monster sales and excellent deals on premium objects, it's the perfect occasion in the winter months to get your Christmas presents sorted with some space left in your wallet for yourself too! Unfortunately, this great event was famously very physical, with videos going up across the internet of shoppers tussling and fighting over that years' top toy. In recent years stores have extended the offers to their online shops, and Cyber Monday was born! Nowadays the entire... Read more »