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Mighty 2 Vaporizer Coming This Year?

Posted on Aug 03, 2019

Storz & Bickel, one of the heavyweights in the vaping industry and world renowned for their pioneering Volcano vaporizer, have recently introduced a new product in their desktop vaporizer range. The Volcano Hybrid. But, will we see another portable any time soon from the guys at S&B? The Mighty vaporizer is easily considered as one of the best vaporizers around. Expertly crafted by the team at Storz & Bickel, the Mighty is known exclusively for being the vaporizer that has the nicest draw with an impeccable flavor. In early 2018, Storz & Bickel announced plans for a new portable for 2019 and 8 months into the year we have yet to hear a stir from the S&B team. However, rumours... Read more »

Pax 4 - Right around the corner

Posted on Jul 31, 2019

Pax 4 - Right around the corner The world of portable vaporizers changed in November 2016 when the eagerly anticipated Pax 3 was finally released by the developers at Pax Labs. In what many have described as the iPhone of the vape world, the Pax 3 combined efficiency and functionality with style and finesse.  The improvements compared to the previous model, the Pax 2 were staggering. The clever people at PAX halved the time it took to heat up, added smart phone control functionality to allow full temperature control and also added the possibility of an extra compartment for use with concentrates. The team at Pax Labs clearly worked tirelessly to bring an innovative masterpiece of engineering. The anticipation started... Read more »

PAX 3 V Ghost MV1

Posted on Jul 25, 2019

The PAX 3 and the Ghost MV1 are two luxurious, dual-use portable vaporizers that have taken the vaporizer market by storm loved by both beginners and vape veterans alike.Both devices are built to the highest possible standard using only quality materials which allow them to deliver some of the smoothest, the coolest and refreshing draws imaginable from both dry herb and concentrates. Here we look at the similarities between the two as well as the attributes that make each device both unique and incredibly popular in the community. What is in the box? PAX 3  PAX 3 Vaporizer  1 Battery  Micro USB Cable  2 Mouthpieces  1 Extract Pad  1 Oven Lid  1 Maintenance Kit  1 Half Pack Oven  1 Multi... Read more »

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer - The complete review

Posted on Jul 04, 2019

About the Ghost MV1 The Ghost MV1 vape is one of the hottest on the market right now and, one of the latest devices to come to NamasteVapes. It’s a portable vaporizer designed for the use of dry herb and concentrates, it has pure convection on-demand heating and what has been described as an  ‘incredible vapor’. With the creation of the MV1, Ghost have went above and beyond solving more than just performance issues. And, with the introduction of new technology and ‘ground-breaking engineering’, they have created an iconic new product. A vape so good, it’s scary... What’s in the box? Ghost MV1 Vaporizer w/Battery micro-USB Charge Cord Quick Start Guide 1 Spare Crucible w/Lid 1 Concentrate Pad 3 Picks... Read more »