Taking A Look At The Arizer Air 2

The Arizer Air 2 has just been released so what we’re going to do is break it down and compare it to the original to see what’s changed and what’s improved compared to the original.

The original Arizer Air was well loved because its dependability and focus on flavor and straight away we can say that this new model is more of the same but risen to a great new level.

The great thing about The Arizer Air 2 is that you’re getting top-market quality especially in your vapor production but at an incredibly reasonable price. Looking for a delicious hit but don’t have too much to spend, then strongly consider the Arizer Air 2 because the clouds this amazing model puts out are on par with the best of the best in this incredibly competitive market.

The First Arizer Air

The reason the first Arizer Air sold so well was because it got one thing so very, very right; The Flavor. The Arizer Air wasn’t a discreet, stealthy vape. It was portable, but still a little larger than most other models in the market at the time, but the system was built solely to get the most out of the herbs.

The Arizer Air uses a hybrid of convection and conduction heat to get the most out of both forms, leading to a deliciously toasty and dense vapor production that is quick to heat up and very efficient on your herbs. On top of this, the Arizer Air utilized an all ceramic chamber. Ceramics are the most common form of chamber because they’ve been proven to deliver one of the best flavors to vapor, but what’s more is that this chamber then leads directly to an all glass pathway which ensures the flavor stays pure.

If It’s Not Broken

The Arizer Air 2 has kept everything that made the first Air so good, but just rose them to a new level. The heating elements are still the same with the vape relying on the hybrid of conduction and convection heat. These keeps the deep, toasty flavor that everyone loves about convection while allowing the conduction elements to heat the vape up extra fast. The Arizer Air 2 has retained the amazing level of purity it got with the previous model by making sure it kept the same isolated air path that goes directly from chamber to borosilicate glass mouthpiece.

By preventing the vapor from coming into contact with anything that might taint it, The Arizer Air 2 keeps the vapor delicious. Also, the final nail in the flavor coffin, they’ve kept their ceramic heating element which of course in one of the best materials for delivering some of the best flavor to your vapor. All in all, everything that made the last vape so fantastic carried over here and with the power systems getting a massive upgrade as well, this vape has just excelled in the affordable flavor bomb department.

More Powerful

Everything about this vape has been kicked up a notch. The raw power is incredible and is greatly improved compared to the previous model. Thanks to a greater battery capacity, the Arizer Air 2 allows for a much faster heat up time while lasting longer overall. When we say it lasts longer, it’s looking like it lasts a solid 50% longer than the previous model, which means you could probably take this little beauty out of the house and it would last you the whole day.

You can see the difference in the power this thing outputs in the density of the vapor you’re drawing from. The clouds you exhale will be so much bigger than those of the average vape or indeed from the original Arizer Air itself. 

Arizer Air 2

More Delicious

We’ve already talked about how the vape has retained all of the vital heating elements as well as the isolated pathway of the old Arizer Air. One extra, really nice step this sequel has taken however is the inclusion of a new device they’re calling aroma tubes which are essentially their old borosilicate glass pathways but laced with flavor enhancers to greatly improve the flavor overall.

The Arizer Air 2 is a flavor focused vape and though it might not come with multiple modes or smartphone apps, it’s consistent and reliable and a great choice for a vape that can adapt to your busy life. The Arizer Air 2 produces amazing vapor from your first draw to your last in every session all thanks to that amazing hybrid heat.

Extra Features

It’s very rare that a vape reaches this level acclaim while only relying on vapor, and this vape is no different as it offers a whole range of really nice extra’s that just round it off as a great go to vape. The Arizer Air 2 comes with pass through charging through a USB port.

This means that not only can you charge it through a device instead of just a wall plug, but it can actually be used while it’s charging as well, and you’d be surprised by the amount of vapes that are incapable of doing that. The hybrid heat settings come in 5 different color coded categories which begins at the blue setting at 180C/356F and runs all the way up to the red setting at 210C/410F.


Arizer Air 2 Portable Hybrid Vaporizer Namastevapes US



The Arizer Air 2 is tall, especially when you add in the glass stem, but not all that wide and can be bought in a matte black that will greatly increase the overall stealth of the vape. I’d say if you removed the stem, the Arizer Air 2 is thin enough to slip into your pocket without causing too many problems. What’s really amazing about the vape though is that they’ve managed to fit all of these improvements into a vaporizer that is actually the same size as the old one.

A 50% increase in power within the same package is nothing to turn your head at. Don’t worry though, it’s not like you’ll be forced to leave your stems behind because even though the Arizer Air 2 can fit into your pocket, it’ll find a better home in the Arizer carrying case it comes with which has separate compartments for. All in all if you’re looking for a dependable, sturdy and slim fitting vape to take with you anywhere, you really can’t go wrong with an Arizer Air 2.

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