The Best of the Best Homemade Bongs

Bongs can be made from just about anything. Like, literally anything. From old water bottles, baby bottles, tic tac containers, even fruit!? I’m telling you taking a hit from an apple after a long days work is honestly an experience every smoker needs to endure – the fruits of our labor, eh? Sometimes as you embark on a sesh, the person who initiates the sesh doesn’t (God forbid) have a bong or, (God forbid, again) breaks the bong mid-sesh! So, you must improvise because, well, let's face it – the sesh must go on!

Thankfully for us, many a seasoned smoker have lent their creative, intellectual property and posted their make-shift bongs on the internet! We have gathered some of the best homemade bongs on the world-wide-web – hopefully this inspires a sea of bong engineers to even higher levels of greatness.

What are bongs?

To make a bong, you need the fundamentals of the bong, that well, make a bong! You need a chamber, down-stem, bowl and mouthpiece (sometimes). Let's explore some of these glorious inventions!

Eat your greens, or smoke them? 

As mentioned above, you can make a bong out of fruit, even some vegetables! Apples, cucumbers, carrots, bananas make for great not-so-tasty bongs! But, still fruit bongs are an effective way to smoke your dried products and you get to have the fun of constructing the bong with your friends – presumably stoned too!

Bottle bongs 

One of the easiest and most common ways of homemade bongs are bottle bongs! We probably all smoked one of these before we got a proper, glass bong. If you want to heighten your experience with bottle bongs, we recommend getting a more expensive bottle water like Fiji, Smart Water or, if you’re feeling extra fancy – Voss. Put your bong together and there you have it, a fancy water bong!

Get some snazzy glassware!

A bong is an essential piece of equipment for any smoker, new or old. Bongs are experience creators. They filter the water, allow the smoke to dance through the bubbles and up the down stem, cooling the smoke for one magical hit. While making homemade bongs is fun, inclusive and cheap, it loses its novelty pretty quickly. There is no greater moment then getting your stunning glass bong out, loading up and taking a hit. Bongs range in all different sizes, prices and functions, give it a try!