The Boundless CFC - Here’s What to Expect

A Break from Tradition

We have heard that good things come in small packages and this is the case with the Boundless CFC vaporizer. The C in the name stands for compact as this is the smallest vape Boundless have ever released. It’s good news for vape lovers across the board, especially since the flagship Boundless CFX is slightly on the larger end of things. CFC is a total break from tradition for Boundless and the super compact, slim, and fully adjustable device uses conduction to heat your herbs, unlike other devices from this manufacturer.

Boundless CFC Vaporizer UK

How Does it Work?

Similar to all other Boundless vapes, the CFC is straightforward and easy to use. Users can remove the mouthpiece in order to expose the ceramic chamber, simply fill it with your herbs of choice and place the mouthpiece back on. By quickly pressing the power button five times the CFC should turn on and begin heating up to the last set temperature.

Pressing up and down simultaneously on the temperature button can allow you to easily switch from Fahrenheit and Celsius and the device can be set anywhere between 212°F and 428°F. After 10 minutes the device will automatically switch off in order to preserve precious battery life. To continue your session, repeat the initial steps to turn your device on.


The Boundless CFC features a sleek and compact design with a ribbed rubber finish making it comfortable to hold during use. The rigid design has a second function of keeping the device’s body cool and separating your hand from any parts that are hot to touch.

Vapor Quality

User’s so far have found that the CFC produces its best quality at a lower temperature, the device creates thin wispy clouds but you will get to taste the full flavor of your herbs. With a higher temperature the first few draws produce decent flavor and visible vapor production however some have noted that the flavor quickly diminishes and you may start to get a more cooked taste throughout the remainder of the session.

We should also mention that when used at too high of a temperature the mouthpiece can become warm and the vapor quite hot on the lips. This is due to the short vapor pathway however you can easily avoid this issue by just using your vape up to 210°C or 410°F.

Battery Life

Back to the positives now, and for such a small device the battery life on the CFC is pretty impressive. It should roughly last a full hour of vaping or around four or five sessions. Although it may not seem like much it is on par with average batteries from other portable devices. Additionally, the device charges via micro USB so it should be easy to give your battery a boost wherever you may be.

Overall Experience

Boundless have made some serious progress when it came to producing their first portable vaporizer. If you enjoy thinner, cooler and more flavorful vapor then the CFC unit could be worth considering.