The Boundless Tera - The Next Revolution In Convection?

The vaporizer market is currently bursting at the seams with a whole slew of high quality dry herb vapes. There is a huge array of different models and units, all with different heating systems, sizes, and specializations, it’s more important than ever to know what you want when you’re choosing a vape. One vape company that has been working hard to make a name for itself is Canadian based company, Boundless

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Revolution of Boundless Tera

They have consistently put out high quality vaporizers that have amazed vape fans across the world time and time again, but rather than rest on their laurels Boundless have listened their customer feedback and have worked hard to create a vaporizer that will stand out in any collection.

Boundless have made a name for themselves by creating a huge array of high quality vapes that have received a host of accolades over the years. The latest and greatest of their high quality vaporizer is the Boundless CFV, a fantastic convection device. Now Boundless have come back stronger than ever with the Tera. The Tera is Boundless’ latest attempt to perfect the convection vaporizer design.

The Tera some some incredibly unique and distinctive features that set it apart from the rest of the vaporizer market. One of the most unique features that the Tera features is how Boundless managed to combine the features of several of their previous vaporizers. In the previous Boundless vape, the CFV, they pioneered a swappable aluminum heat retention ring system.

By introducing an aluminum heat-sink chamber Boundless have created a more efficient convection system. When you start using your Tera Vape it will be operating with normal convection heating. Throughout your vape session the aluminum heats up it adds convection increasingly through conduction. While it is not the very first vaporizer to add this kind of feature it’s nonetheless a cool and desirable addition.

With this kind of heating system the Tera produces untainted, delicious vapor with free and open airflow. The Tera’s hybrid heating keeps your herbs tasting great and lets them cool between draws so you get the most out of your material.

One of the main challengers Boundless encountered in their units was the battery life. To generate effective convection heating a more battery life was needed. Often it seemed as though their batteries weren’t up to the task. This allows you to fully extract the active ingredients from your dry herbs with no need to stir your chamber like was necessary on the CFV.

With the Tera, Boundless have not only improved the battery life but also doubled the power. The Tera comes packaged with two swappable 18650 batteries which you can swap out whenever your power is running low. As long as you have a charged battery on you’re good to go. There’s no more need to worry about running out of battery life mid-session. The battery life is now good for at least 40 - 50 minutes of continuous vape time.

The glass mouthpiece is a great addition for any flavor fans. It ensures that all the vapor you get from the Tera is nothing but pure and untainted vapor without worry of it reacting with your mouthpiece to give you a bad tasting draw.

When it comes to portability the Tera has certainly benefited from the lessons Boundless learned from their previous portable vapes. Measuring in at only 4.25” x 2.25” x 1.5” it can fit easily in any pocket or bag. However the two batteries mean that the weight might be an issue for some. It weighs in at around double the weight of an iPhone. It’s certainly a solid piece of gear but depending on how much stuff you’re used to carrying around it could be a little too heavy.

The Tera features a fantastically swift heat up time, too. Generally the Tera only takes under a minute to reach to an adequate temperature which isn’t very fast when you’re out and about, but it’s more that adequate perfectly fine for when you want to enjoy a vape session at home. The Tera’s temperature settings range from 140℉/60℃ to 446℉/230℃ and the display mounted on the side of the device lets you know where you’re at for precise control. There also a haptic vibration alert on allows you to know when the vape powers on or off. The quick cooling oven lets you come back to finish off your session later at your leisure.

The Boundless Tera also features a dual use setting thanks to its concentrate mode on the Tera which brings your vape temperature up to 500℃. So you can enjoy dry herb concentrates quickly and smoothly without any real issues.

The Tera also comes bundled with a cleaning brush so you can keep your vaporizer in good working order. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a filthy vaporizer and this little extra makes sure that won’t happen.

While there are some issues with the Boundless Tera such as the bulk of carrying two batteries instead of just a single stronger one. Boundless guarantee this vaporizer with a the three year warranty.

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