The Chewy Grinder

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All About Chewy

And I'm sorry, I don't mean Chewbacca. Several years ago, a passionate Irish team that specializes in the design of products ranging from a design studio to designing and engineering vaporizers, spotted a need in the herb grinder market and took a revolutionary step towards addressing this need. Pulling all weights and expertise available, chewy grinder team of designers and engineers one year after the idea was initiated, manufactured the chewy herb grinder and this grinder totally revolutionized herb grinding and recorded an unimaginable network of distribution across the globe upon release into the market and is still the talk of the entire industry till date. When the chewy grinder released the specifications for this device, I knew it was going to be revolutionary obviously because the company have proven over the years to be on top of their game in virtually every product that comes out of its production line. With this notion I pre-ordered a unit and when it was officially released for retail, I got my unit handy and believe me the ground buds from the chewy chambers produced excellent results in my vaporizer unit.

Inside The Chewy Grinder

The chewy herb grinder is such a small and compact portable unit for grinding your herbs irrespective of the methods you intend to adopt in consuming your herbs be it smoking via joints, blunts, bongs or heating via vaporizers. Conventional grinders have overtime proven to be very unreliable in delivering a good blend of herbs which keeps the herb texture at the perfect consistency for vaping by allowing moisture and hot air to flow evenly through your herbs which is the exact gospel that the chewy ministry preaches.

You might be wondering what mechanism the chewy team adopted to bag all this slicing and free moisture flow specs. Let’s just say they are good at what they do. But science believes that there is a reason behind every functionality and in this article I am going to enlighten prospective users/buyers on what they would need to know about this exceptional grinder and most importantly why they need one for their vaping needs, or smoking needs for the sake of fairness.

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I have been a member of the vaping community long enough to tell you that a perfectly ground herb has a direct relationship with the quality of vapor you get from your herbs and that is why every vaper out there sees grinders as a very vital tool. Chewy grinders offers you amazing blends of herbs and as far as herb grinders are concerned, the chewy herb grinder was and is still one of the best herb grinder in the industry , having options for loading , storing , grinding and dispensing herbs all at once and all in the chewy grinding chamber. The innovation that comes with the blades and the loading mechanism distinguishes the chewy from every other herb grinder in the market. The blades were designed to draw in the loaded herbs, slice them and thereafter deliver a fluffy ground herb that is perfect for your vaping needs. The push block and spring mechanism for loading herbs was the motivating factor for the development of such unique kind of blade. Another unique feature of the chewy grinder blade is that unlike conventional grinders that crushes and compresses herbs without consistency for vaping, it slices them and keep them at such perfect consistency for vaping. So your herbs can burn or vaporize evenly and you can get most out of each pack.

Chewy Performance

 The chewy grinder has a forward and reverse button which takes care of buds that are tough and clogs the chamber. The design of the chewy grinder allows users use both hands for effective and timely ground herbs, meaning you can hold the device and your packing in one hand while you use the other to grind and fill it.

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Retailing for about $59.49, having a battery life of about 10 hours, 2 gram herb chamber capacity and relevant for both medical and recreational marijuana users, the chewy recorded a huge demand in 2016 and more demands already flowing for 2017.

Cleaning the chewy grinder is very easy and to be specific it is one of the easiest herb grinders to clean and maintain. The cleaning methodology ought to be followed judiciously, adopting safety precautions especially when it is required to remove the slicing blade for washing in warm and soapy water while employing damp Q-tips or cotton buds to clean the chamber properly. Some other precautions you need to be aware of includes; do not submerge the grinder under water and most importantly do not over load the herb chamber.

Chewy Verdict

Overall the chewy grinder is almost perfect in size as it offers maximum discretion in public and it grinds your herbs as it is suitable for your vaporizer while recording no loss of herbs in any way. I would definitely give the chewy a 10/ 10 when it comes to overall performance.