The Crafty+ Update: New model coming soon

A Bit About The Crafty+

The current Crafty+ model is often thought of as the Mighty’s younger brother. In appearance the resemblance between the two is evident, and after a session, the similarities in performance will be too. 

The Crafty+ has proven a popular vaporizer amongst many connoisseurs due to its powerful performance, great battery life, and second-to-none vapor quality. In design, it’s perfectly portable, allowing users to easily take it with them on all of their excursions. When it comes to vaping on the go, up to now, there’s been little competition for the Crafty+. 

What Storz & Bickel Have To Say

In their recent video, Storz and Bickel gave us insight into their latest product updates for 2021. As well as improvements to their flagship model the Volcano and the Mighty, the Crafty plus has also been developed further.

The upgrades made, according to Storz and Bickel co-founder Jurgen Bickel, have contributed to an experience elevated even further than the high standards set by the current Crafty +. From what we know, the new Crafty + stays true to the design and basic function of its predecessor. The difference between the two lays within refining the materials that make up the heating element and enhancing the technology within the interior for a superior function. 

How Will The Crafty+ Be Updated? 

Now we’ve given some context, let’s get into the real nitty-gritty and dive into the aspects that have been improved. We’ll highlight the main features and give a little explanation of each, too. 

Improved Ceramic Heating Chamber

Those following Storz and Bickel closely will notice that the addition of the ceramic heating element isn’t exclusive to the Crafty. It has also been added to the Mighty, too, and there’s good reason for this. 

Ceramic heating chambers are renowned for heating materials more evenly than other materials, equally providing a much higher quality of vapor due to less interference with the taste of your dry herb or concentrate. 

USB-C Charging

Equally, USB-C charging functionality is also something Storz and Bickel have added to both of their portable vaporizer models. In fact, with the Crafty plus update, there seems to have been a complete overhaul of the charging function of the device. 

What we’re soon to be faced with is a superbly efficient and speedy charge. You’ll barely have to wait for your next session to begin. 

The improvements to the charging function not only provide greater flexibility regarding when and where you can charge the device, but they’ve also sped up the process. In fact, it’s reduced the overall charge time of the device by an impressive 25 minutes.

Here’s a table comparing the current Crafty + with the upcoming model.

The Crafty +  The New Crafty +

Use With

Dry Herb & Concentrates

Dry Herb & Concentrates

Chamber Capactiy

0.25 grams

0.25 grams

Temperature Levels

40 - 210°C

40 - 210°C

Charging time

120 Minutes

60 Minutes

Heating system



Heating chamber material

Stainless steel and Ceramic

Ceramic Plated

External coating material


Medical Grade Plastic

Compatible chargers



Conclusion & Release Date

The latest edition of the Crafty + vaporizer by Storz and Bickel has certainly created some anticipation. After the huge popularity of the current model, it’s easy to see why. If anything, the upcoming model will refine the experience of its predecessor. It comes after listening to the feedback of users to develop the unit into a truly flawless and undisputed great in the vape industry. 

It’ll be available to purchase from 16th September 2021, so make sure you don’t miss out!



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