The Herbalizer Vaporizer | High quality, High Standard and a High premium

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer that is new to the vape scene. Designed and manufactured by ex-NASA engineers, the Herbalizer vaporizer has been dubbed as the smartest vaporizer on the market at the moment. The Herbalizer Vaporizer is a high-end desktop vape and is a new rival to the Storz&Bickel favorite, the Volcano. The Herbalizer Vaporizer is manufactured in San Diego, California, USA and is an extremely powerful device which guarantees you high-quality vapor.

Herbalizer Vaporizer USA

The Herbalizer vaporizer is quickly rising to the top of the desktop vape market. The Herbalizer is a dual function vaporizer, meaning it can be used with either a balloon or whip-style function. The majority of vaporizers that have the ability to perform these two functions tend to underwhelm in their overall performance, at best they are mediocre at performing the two functions. The Herbalizer is a completely different story, capable of outperforming the vast majority of vapes at both balloon and whip-style, the Herbalizer produces higher quality vapor and is more efficient vaping your dry materials which helps you save money in the long run.


Herbalizer Vaporizer Design 

The Herbalizer has a modern, sleek design that still remains discreet. This is a very important feature as the majority of desktop vapes are treated as essentially a home application device with many users appreciating the discreetness of the Herbalizer. The device was designed to have a simplistic look to it from the outside, however, this vape is capable of performing complex tasks once it is opened and functional. The straightforward and clean-cut design has been a huge hit with users. 

Herbalizer Vaporizer Technology 


The Herbalizer is a state of the art machine with a very advanced heating and control systems in place. The Herbalizer allows you to vape at temperatures up to 445 degrees with no risk of combustion or incineration occuring. The heating element in the Herbalizer is incredibly fast (can go from room temperature to 380 degrees in around five seconds). The Herbalizer also takes advantage of a powerful cooling system, the internal fan is both capable and deceptively quiet, meaning you can use the Herbalizer comfortably and without disrupting any nearby people.

Herbalizer Vaporizer USA

Herbalizer Vaporizer Pros and Cons  


  • The Herbalizer vaporizer produces extremely high vapor quality; the Herbalizer is one of the finest devices, in terms of performance and vapor produced. 
  • This vape is ready to vaporize much faster than other desktop vaporizers by taking advantage of the very short heat up time (The Herbalizer can reach above 380 degrees in around 5 seconds). 
  • The Herbalizer is equipped with a state-of-the-art temperature control system that yields highly accurate results, this combined with the modern cooling system makes the Herbalizer one of the most powerful vaporizers on the market. 
  • The ability to vape any type of material makes the Herbalizer an extremely accessible and easy to use vaporizer that covers all bases and should cover all the users vaping needs. 
  • The Herbalizer vaporizer is an extremely quiet device and runs nearly silently. 


  • The Herbalizer Vaporizer may be just out of the price range for some vaporizer enthusiasts, the Herbalizer is a premium product and therefore comes with a premium price tag. 
  • When using the device in the whip-style vape mode, the whip may become detached and fall out mid-session


Final Thoughts on the Herbalizer Vaporizer

If its a high end, top of the range vaporizer that you are looking for, then the Herbalizer is what you are looking for. The Herbalizer is available at a premium price, but if you are willing to spend the money, you will not be disappointed. The longevity and durability of this device will make your investment worth your while. 

While comparisons have been drawn between the Herbalizer and the Volcano, the Herbalizer does stand on its own two feet and provide a unique and exciting experience. The Herbalizer stands out from a crowded marketplace with its slick design and premium pedigree. When we begin to compare the Herbalizer to it's competitors, the Herbalizer comes out on top in every department, except for the price tag. If you're not put off from the price tag, then this is definitely a vape you need to consider purchasing. 




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