The Latest Pax Colors Coming In The Pax Update

Though quite a lot smaller, The Pax 3 looks almost the exact same as The Pax 2, except with the glistening matte finish the Pax 3 is more of a fashion statement, being a trademark for the high-end vaporization market.

The Pax 3 has been the elegant, stylish, fully portable, conduction heated wonder-vape of the past nearly 11 months. It has set the tone and standard for portable vapes and, as the weeks leading up to its release ticked by, the world was on the edge of its seat with anticipation.

Pax Labs 3 2 Price Update Colour Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes

Pax 3 Color Update

We’ve already written a blog about the crazy affordable price drops Pax Labs have just dropped on us (you can check that out Here), but then we were focusing on all of the deals. What we’re breaking down now is all of the color options that come with each vape as there’ve been a few changes, and since modern aesthetics is supposed to be one of the things that makes the Pax the Iphone of Vaporizers, we thought it would be worth a quick piece to break down everything you’re going to expect from the new Pax 3 color options. Most are the same, but their are some slight and significant differences.

The Pax 3 bodies in the initial release were still matte, but they were glossier than they are now, still reflecting the light quite well. They looked beautiful, but a lack of reflection has always been better for stealth and stealth was one of the cornerstones of the Pax 3.

Thankfully, during this new release, Pax went all out and created a much better body for their flagship vape, still made from highly polished, anodized aluminum like before, but now less reflective in a way that still makes it beautiful to look at but won’t actually draw attention.

Pax Labs 3 2 Price Update Colour Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes

Matte Black

Coco Chanel is used to say that you could never go wrong with a little black dress. I think the same could be said for this deep black Pax 3. Intriguing and alluring, what couldn’t this little beauty go with. It’s a strong statement that draws all the right attention, but can still be kept hidden if needs be. In fact, black is one of the best colors for stealth, often not drawing attention while in your pocket.

Matte Silver

The Matte Silver is the opposite to the Matte Black. Whereas the Black is deep and interesting, the silver is radiant and does have a chromatic shine to it that makes it constantly look like polished metal.

Matte Rose Gold

Originally starting off as a limited edition special release, the Rose Gold Pax is an elegant, salmon hued beauty. The ultimate summery vape for your long hikes or strolls along the beach. It’s vibrant color is enough to warm up your hand just by looking at it and once you do you’ll see why they kept it around.

Matte Teal

In the latest release of Pax 3 vaporizers, the old Matte Gold option has been replaced by the new Matte Teal. The teal is a deep, groovy blue-green that reminds you of the sea and makes you just want to bathe in everything the Pax 3 could offer you.

Pax 2 Colors

With the recent drop in Pax prices, The Pax 2 dropped even more. Expecting more people to be buying the Pax 3, Pax have reduced the amount of colors they typically sell The Pax 2 in. You can no longer get the Topaz and the Flare colors, but instead you can get upgraded, brushed versions of the Charcoal and Platinum colors.

These new improved Charcoals and Platinums are really all you need. Two ends of the spectrum. A deep, stealthy, alluring black, just as aesthetic as the black option for the Pax 3, and then there’s the platinum, which looks like really, shimmering metal and is also very beautiful and looks very sturdy to hold.

More On The Pax 2 and Pax 3

The Pax 3 is currently for sale and is compatible with both flowers and concentrates as well as  containing various safety functions. These functions are things like alerts when the vape is ready to be used as well as an auto-standby mode that activates when enough time has passed.

The Pax 3 might have been pure conduction, but it was designed to be taken anywhere without fail. It’s sturdy and the battery life will no doubt last you the whole day. Moreso, it’s just a smooth, delicious vapor that you’re happy to have whether you’re on the road, on holiday, or at work.

Yes, The Pax 2 isn’t as advanced or performs as well with its vapor, but the fact that one of the world’s previous leading vaporizers might now be considered a budget vape is truly amazing to us. It’s still a vaporizer that you shouldn’t sniff your nose out and even a lot of the latest vapes are still no match for this amazingly little powerhouse.

The Current Pax Packages

Again, these colors come alongside Pax’s latest release of their vapes which drastically drops the prices on each of their vaporizers. These price changes are coming soon so stay up to date on the Pax dropping. The Pax 3 is currently being offered in two different packages, the “Device-Only” Package and the “Complete” Package.

The Device only package is very stripped bar, offering only the essentials like the device itself, the charging cable and a maintenance kit. Despite the lack of luxuries, this kit comes at a significantly reduced price and makes the PAx 3, one of the most high-end portable models to date, incredibly affordable.

With the Complete Kit, you get everything from the Device-Only kit, but you also get some of the more sought after accessories like the concentrate insert, the half-pack oven lid and a series of extra pieces. What’s great about this deal is most of this didn’t even come in the original pax release, but it all now comes at the same price as the original Pax 3 bundle so it’s well worth the price.

The Pax 2 bundle is different. Now coming in at an amazingly low price, you get the device and the few accessories you’ll need, but nothing more, but at this low price, it’s really an affordable option that’s not to be sniffed at.