The Legendary Volcano Vaporizer - True Power

The Volcano Digital is discontinued and replaced by the Volcano Hybrid ! Other Storz and Bickel vaporizers can be found here.

The unstoppable legend of desktop vaporizers. One of the first electrical desktop models ever created and the vaporizer that set the standard for years to come. The Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer. A standard example of the kind of work that Storz and Bickel are capable of. With a Storz and Bickel Volcano Vaporizer as your go to herbal appliance, you’ll be breathing in luxury vapor for years because this little bad boy won’t let you down.

Volcano Vaporizers have been expertly manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany since 2007 which is also the home of Germany's surgical equipment industry. With a town with such a high reputation for quality engineering, it’s no wonder that the Storz and Bickel Volcano Desktop Vaporizer turned out as fantastically as it did.


Design wise, the Volcano gets fantastic reviews and comments. Generally, Storz and Bickel have an incredible build quality to their machines. Devices like the Volcano are designed to last you a lifetime. You can visually see the quality and you’ll shake with anticipation when thinking about the quality of vapor something like this might be capable of producing.

As a general style, Storz and Bickel are known to make very bulky, rustic machines. Vaporizers that look like real pieces of hardware. They’ve done away with the idea of elegance or modernity and have instead created vaporizers that look and feel as powerful as they are.

The Vapor Quality

Like all Storz and Bickel Vaporizers, the Volcano is sporting a flavor and vapor quality that just can’t be believed. A pure, 100% convection system that’ll leave your herbs perfectly vaporized every time without any risk of combustion. With the many heat settings of the Classic, as well as the pin point accuracy of the Digit, you can get the perfect heat and density to your liking every time and it’s one of the reasons why it’s remained one of the most delicious vaporizers since it was released.

With the bag mode of vaporizing, something that the Volcano not only started at but excels at, you can vape yourself up a large bag of delicious, cool vapor, pass it around at a party or keep it for yourself to enjoy the entire day. Here’s what’s really great about vaping through a bag though.

See, the higher the temperature is directly proportional to the density of the vapor. You want a thick cloud? Well, you’re going to have to vape your herbs very high. But with a bag, because you’re working with greater surface coverage, your vapor is going to cool incredibly fast, meaning you can have the kind of clouds that would normally scratch up your throat but so cool it’ll go down very smoothly.

The Digit vs The Classic

The Volcano comes in two types, the Volcano Digit and the Volcano Classic. Really the only differences are in price as well as ease of use. The Volcano Digit can be upwards of 100 dollars more but comes with a full LED read out as well as full temperature control. The Classic however works off of a dial and contains a number of different heat settings. Generally, both vaporizers are incredibly easy to use.

They don’t have many special features so once you turn it on and wait for it to heat up you’re good to go. 100 dollars is quite a lot for the LED display so really just think of that as the luxury model, but really both vapes are almost the exact same in terms of vapor production and the bag method of vapor delivery allows the vapor to get incredibly cool incredibly quickly, so you can’t really go wrong with the Volcano Classic.

Important Features

The Volcano isn’t just a master vaporizer when it comes to your dry herbs. With the help of a well made, wire-mesh concentrate pad, your Volcano can also handle wax and oils too. A lot of people have also picked up a trick where if you don’t want to fully pack your bowl but you want to keep the bowl tight, you can fill the outer edge of the bowl and then pack that circle against the sides using the pad itself.

One of the few extras the digit model has over the classic model, apart from the digital display and controls, is a heat safety precaution. The Volcano Digit also has an auto shut-off timer of 30 minutes, which is a good amount of time to leave it seeing as the Volcano is a session vaporizer and a good half an hour seems like enough time to get one good chamber into a few bags.

If you’re vaping along, you can expect a good session to last you around 15 minutes with the vape itself only taking about 5 minutes to fully heat up to temperature and less than 30 seconds to fill up a standard bag.

Storz and Bickel Volcano Desktop Vaporizer Review NamasteVapes

The heat up time seems long, especially if your previous experience has been with a portable vaporizer, but seeing as using something like a Volcano forces you to session vape, you could probably wait the 5 minutes and trust me, it’s worth it. While you’re waiting, you can take the time to grind up your material anyway and it won’t take long to fill the chamber with the newer easy valve filling system.

The Volcano actually comes with two valve systems of your choice and the Easy Valve is just the lower maintenance one. There’s also the Solid Valve. The solid valve has a couple of components to it while the easy valve only has the one, though it does separate.

The Solid Chamber would, of course, lead you to believe that there’s an extra step or two when it comes to filling your chamber or cleaning the valve itself but it does seem that the solid valve does allow you to pack a little more in. They both pretty much cost the same so it’s really a matter of preference. If you just want to click in a bag and start vaping straight away, the Easy Valve is for you, but if you want a longer session with more herb, the Solid Valve is what you should go with.

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