The Mighty Vaporizer VS The Ghost MV1 - Who comes out on top?

The Ghost MV1 and The Mighty vaporizer have a lot of things in common, to begin with they’re both on the larger size of portable vaporizers, so if you’re looking for discretion they’re probably not the way to go. On the other hand they mean business and what they lack in modesty they make up for with sheer power, excellent battery life and fantastic vapor quality. Both vaporizers provide on demand custom vaping and innovative engineering, but when it comes down to it, which one of these unreserved giants comes out on top?

The Mighty Vs. The Ghost MV1 - Battle of the Beasts

Design and Manufacturing

Although these two products have many similarities, there’s no area that they contrast more than their overall appearance. The Mighty is black, plastic, and rugged - in a good way - you look at this vaporizer and know it’s going to be good. In comparison, The Ghost is more delicate in its appearance and supports a range of colors in a shiny metal alloy body, it’s also more ergonomically shaped.

Whichever design you prefer out of the two is more than likely going to come down to your own preference and taste alone. 

Temperature and Vapor Quality

The Mighty has a temperature range from 40-210°C or 104-410°F, and this is definitely enough to get the most out of your dry herbs, it can also easily be adjusted at one degree increments using the easy-to-read LED display. The MV1 has a slightly better temperature range reaching from 149-243°C, or 300-470°F, but this does come at the cost of having to use a pre-set temperature range. Ultimately the higher setting on the MV1 makes it the better device for vaping concentrates. 

Both the Mighty and MV1 are on the high-tier of quality vaporizers, when you’re paying this price you’re guaranteed great vapor, and neither of these products disappoint. They both have intricate cooling systems, powerful heating and great flavor. 

Battery Life

These two units both each carry two 18650 lithium batteries, which are large, powerful cells and should allow you to get through the same number of bowls each before needing recharged. As the two products have different heating styles it’s hard to make a direct comparison, however the Mighty might just come out on top of this one - as it has pass-through charging. Technically, the MV1 can be used whilst charging however Ghost discourage this because it can degrade the battery, so it’s not really worth the risk. The Mighty also has internal batteries and a required charger, the MV1’s batteries can be removed and charger via USB, so there’s also an option for an extra battery here however it is expensive. 

Ease of Use

The Mighty is very simple to load, and regardless of grind quality, how you pack it or your draw technique you’re pretty much guaranteed a good result each and every time. The easy to read LED temperature display also makes changing heating settings a breeze. The MV1 is a little more difficult to get the hang of and there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using this product.

The Ghost comes with an adjustable mouthpiece, has sensitivity to draw speed and on demand heating which can result in varied hits until you really get the hang of things. On the plus side these variables allow you to customize your session - although it takes time to get it just right.

Session Vs. On Demand Heating

The Mighty and The MV1 have very different heating systems, and which style your prefer could decide the real winner for you. The Mighty is a session vaporizer which basically means it’s ideal for longer sessions and finishing full bowls during a sitting. Once heated, vaping is as easy as sipping on a straw and you’ll get consistent hits each and every time. The Ghost MV1 is what is known as an on-demand device and this is better if you prefer the occasional hit here and there. This type of vaporizer heats up quickly, cools down quickly and means that you can go through your bowl at your own pace. 

What’s the Verdict?

In the end, both the Mighty and the Ghost MV1 are excellent quality devices and you’ll be impressed with the vapor quality of both units. If you’re trying to decide which to buy the most important factors are going to be your vaping style, and ease of use. If you like lengthy sit down sessions with no fuss then the Mighty will deliver excellent quality with ease - it’s been a fan favorite for years. If you’re after something with a little bit more flexibility and on demand heating then the Ghost MV1 is the perfect match. It does take a learning curve for consistent results, but once you have mastered this you can vape how you want and when you want, every single time.

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