The Odds Are Stacked in Favor of The Totem Vaporizer

The Totem Vaporizer

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Vaporizers have reached some kind of state of equilibrium, with the basic shape of a vaporizer established, tried, and tested. Your basic vape is a rectangular box with a mouthpiece on one end, a hatch for your dried product on the other, and some kind of control system mounted in the middle of the device. Hey, it works, so we’re not going to criticize it, but do you ever wish for something a bit more revolutionary? Something that will shake up the scene and force the rest of the industry out of their rut, so we can see more weird and wonderful vaporizers?

Discover The Revolutionary Totem Vaporizer

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The Totem is a vape like no other, it has a compact, simple, and sleek design that breaks the mold for portable vaporizers. It is coated in a shock-resistant, colored silicone and features a striking and attractive LED temperature display. It also features a never-before seen feature that allows you to stack two Totem vapes together for double the vape experience. The Totem may be the ultimate party vape, but what other features does its unassuming form possess?

Shock Proof

The Totem is a solid vape that is coated in a stylish and ergonomic silicone jacket. This jacket means that holding and using the Totem is easy and comfortable, but it also makes the Totem a sturdy vaporizer indeed. This means that if you drop your vape it will simply hit the ground, bounce, and keep on working! So, if you’re at a party you don’t have to worry about passing this vape to your liquored-up friend; if they drop it thanks to their booze-slicked fingers it will be just fine!


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The Totem is an unusual name for a vaporizer? Surly it relates to some function of this device? Of course, it does! And it’s not because it honors your ancestors (in fact early prototypes did the exact opposite). It is called the Totem because if you have two units, they can be stacked! When you stack your Totem it doubles the vaping power of your device, so far, so unsurprising. But stacking does something else, it also transforms the conduction heating of the totem into a powerful convection vape thanks to its two stage heating system!

Not only that but if you fill both vapes’ chambers you can have a terrifyingly powerful double vape hit! This makes the Totem a must have for parties! It can endure the trials of a hectic social gathering, and on top of that it can actually become more powerful!

The Totem Vaporizer is coming to the US soon.