The Puffco Plus Oil Pen

The Puffco Plus Oil Pen, is one of them machines that will blow you away with the overall service that the pen will provide. Advances in vaping technology seem to have reached the zenith of excellence with this pen. The Puffco plus incorporates into the pen all of the latest technological advances to produce a machine of stunning quality. The vapors that you’ll have the pleasure of receiving will be flavorful, delicious, and most of all consistent so that they suit your own personal vaping needs.  

Many vape pens have received a bad press due to the overall functionality and productivity of the devices, but make no mistake about it, there are some truly outstanding vape pens to be picked from amongst the rubble. Unlike many vaporizers which promise the sun, the moon, and the stars and then deliver nothing the Puffco isn't one of these vaporizers.  The Puffco is a vaporizer which does exactly what it says it will. It is one of these outstanding pen vapes and is a device that will astonish you with the overall service it will provide vaping enthusiasts. 


The Puffco Plus includes a mouthpiece which has a ceramic insert which acts to enhance your overall vaping experience. A dart is loaded inside the vaping chamber, and this helps to keep your device functioning at optimum capacity. The system ensures that hot air swirls over the oil resulting in a smoother more consistent vape. The enhanced airflow system contributes to even heating of your herbs and results in optimum flavors.


The device is digitally enhanced and the Sesh Mode allows you to click on a button and receive 12 seconds of continuous vaporization. The three temperature setting technology allows for a more personalized experience that you can fine tune to suit your own specific needs. The machine includes LED indicators which provide you with ready-made access to details and information about the device.  The overall taste of the Puffco Pen is a thing to behold and will be sure to keep you coming back for more and more.


The device has a sleek and professional look and will suits vapers from all walks of life. This pen would fit into any environment from the professional setting in a boardroom to the more relaxed setting of a bar of a club, the Puffco really is an all-terrain piece of merchandise. One of the excellent features of Puffco Plus is the embedded heating element in the ceramic bowl which ensures that your oils never touch the ceramic. This new technology ensures that your vaping experience will be smooth and easy and without any unwanted interruptions.


The Puffco is pretty easy to clean when you compare it other vaporizers out there on the market.  The machine comes supplied with a number of cotton swaps that are ideal for cleaning the machine.  One of the things you should try to ensure that you do when you begin cleaning is to ensure that you warm the chamber using the sesh mode, and after this, you should attempt to remove by-products from the chamber on the dart inside the pen.

 You should use the cotton swab to clean all around the pins located on the battery and also on the chamber. You should also avoid using alcohol on the chamber as this may negatively impact upon the device.  Unlike many vaporizers out there on the market cleaning the Puffco isn't a massive job, you won't need a PHD in Astro Physics to clean this vape.


The Puffco offers an outstanding vape which will leave you smiling for days upon end.  This piece of merchandise can vape oils, waxes, and liquids with an equal level of proficiency. What you're receiving when you purchase a Puffco is receiving an all-terrain pen that works in vaping a whole host of a product resulting in excellent results.

The flavors you'll receive from a Puffco will be smooth, crisp, and will have that cleaner element that all vaping aficionados aspire to obtain.  In conclusion, the Puffco Pen is a beautiful vaporizer that will definitely provide you with some excellent vapes. 


Overall the Puffco Pen is one of the devices that you can't but help is impressed with. The technological advances of vaping have all come to the fore to produce a pen of astonishing class, productivity, and overall vaping flavor.  This machine offers excellent value,  and excellent overall functionality when you compare it to some of the more prestigious pens out there on the market. You may pay way more money for certain devices, but these pens may lack the productivity that you'll receive from the Puffco.

Just because another vaporizer might cost way more money doesn't necessarily equate to better value. The Puffco is one of those pens that seems to buck the trend and will provide you with superb vapes at superb value.  In conclusion, the machine exudes class and strength and will be sure to provide you with many many vaping experiences to last you a lifetime. The Puffco Pen truly is a diamond that is to be picked from sea garbage.



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