The Sticky Brick Review

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - Review  

The Sticky Brick is a vaporizer which delivers nearly the same level of power as a desktop vape but at far better of value.  Throughout the world, this machine has received some superb feedback from vaping enthusiasts. One of the reasons why the Sticky has received such rave reviews is because it's so reasonably priced, and because of the machines overall efficiency. You won't have to break the bank to get your hands on the Sticky.

When you purchase a sticky you'll own a vaporizer that will come with all of the power in the world, but at the best value anywhere. To give a short review of the Sticky would be to do the machine a great disservice, and so, in this blog, I've decided to give a more in-depth review of this superb vaporizer. 

Stick Brick Namaste Vapes USA

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - DESIGN

The machine is mostly constructed using wood, some glass parts, and a number of metal sections that act to secure the vape. One of the things that most impressed me with the Sticky was the wood finishing, which for me, adds tremendous character to the vaporizer. With traditional vaporizers wear and tear can make the vaporizer look cheap and used, but this isn't a problem you'll encounter with the sticky. The more scratches and marks on the Sticky the stronger, the more durable, and the more impressive the vape begins to look. The Sticky Brick isn't fragile and will surely stand the test of time.

The entire vape can be disconnected into three main wood sections which are held together using extra-powerful magnets. Once the parts lock-in, a very loud and reassuring click signifies that your vaporizer is nearly ready for action. The glass parts are made using the highest quality glass that exudes strength and power. The replaceable glass parts are ready made and very simple and easy to insert. The glass is held in place using O-rings which acts to create an airtight seal.

If one was to criticize the Sticky Brick it would be in the area of portability. This device isn't really designed to be portable, and to be honest, you would need to have some sort of bag with you to transport it. The vaporizer seems to fit the mold of being an on-demand unit rather than portable. I couldn't imagine someone walking down the street and using the Sticky Brick, this vaporizer is just a machine that should be used out of sight. 

Sticky Brick Namaste Vapes USA

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - Overall Efficiency

I found that you could load a sufficient amount of herbs and if you're very keen, you can load way more herbs if you ground them down very fine.  I liked to load the bowl to about half full. I found that at about half full the air could pass more freely through the entire vaporizer resulting in a far more productive vape. You should ensure that you stir the herbs in your bowl a number of times during your session.

The stirring isn't an unusual request as most vaporizers do require you to stir your bowl, so this necessity isn't something that could be used to denigrate the Sticky Brick. Considering that you'll be using a flame the level of proficiency that this device offers is quite incredible. The Sticky Brick is pretty hard to combust even if you if you overdo using the flame.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - Vapor Quality

For very little effort the Sticky Brick creates a gigantic level of vapor. From all of the people I've spoken to over the years, I still haven't heard any bad reviews about the vapes you'll receive from the Sticky.  Most people are simply left flabbergasted at the sheer beauty and overall delectability of the vapes that this machine manages to produce.

Even if you take a tiny draw you'll find that the Sticky Brick will produce gargantuan amounts of vaper. Lb per Lb, the Sticky has to be one of the best devices in the world when it comes to vapor quality. Another factor in the Sticky favor is the smoothness and consistency of the vapes. For a machine that doesn't utilize water filtration technology, this vaporizer produces some of the most amazing and delicious flavors that can be found anywhere in the world. You'll usually get 6-7 draws from the Sticky and after this, you'll be obliged to reload the apparatus.


Sticky Brick Vaporizer - Temperature Control

One of the areas where there has been a lot of talk about is the temperature control unit.  Of course, the Sticky uses a torch as a source of heat, which is an unusual feature in modern vaporizers. One factor that you'll need to take into consideration is how far the flame is away from the intake tube.

In order to achieve a lighter vapor, you should use a smaller flame and hold it away from the intake tube.  The Sticky Brick is a machine which seems to have no problems producing very strong vapor, but when attempting to obtain a lighter hit this is where you may run into problems. If you're looking for a constant stream of hot thick vapor all you'll have to do is hold the torch directly above the intake.
The machine will soon begin smoking up with some delicious vapers that you won't be forgetting any time soon. There are some very handy extra features that the Sticky comes equipped with such as The small carb hole that you can use to clear out the device, and also a cork plug that can come in very handy indeed.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - The Torch

When using one of these torches I would recommend that you use only high-quality fuel. I found to my own detriment that when I used lesser quality fuel that the device didn't operate properly. Also, for some reason, the torch didn't operate to its maximum level of capacity unless I had it turned up to its maximum.

Using a torch sometimes can be hit and a miss. On certain occasions, the torch worked like a dream, and other times the torch just didn't operate at the level that might have been expected of it. Overall, whilst there was a number of minor issues with the torch the machine still did manage to get the job done. Of course, you could upgrade your torch to something more spectacular, but you shouldn't feel like this is a necessity as the included torch does work fine.

Sticky Brick Namaste Vapes USA

Sticky Brick Vaporizer - Overall Thoughts

The Sticky Brick is one of the most outstanding vaporizers available anywhere in the world. For the price range that the Sticky goes at, the machine really is one of the most superb vapes you could get your hands on.  Out of all of vapes I've tried over the years I have to say that the Sticky Brick is one of my all time favorites.  Like everything in life, it depends on the person, and whilst the Sticky might not suit everyone it sure does produce an excellent vape.

If you have yet to buy your first vaporizer then you cannot go too far wrong with the Sticky. This vaporizer sure has an impact and will surprise you with its overall level of efficiency. The unit would be more suitable for home use than it would be as a portable unit, but if push comes to shove you'd still manage to get away with using it as a portable device.  

The beauty about the Sticky Brick is that the vaporizer can heat up almost instantly. All you have to do is put the torch to the device and it will be ready for vaping. For the price that this vaporizer is selling at, it sure does offer excellent value. The lack of temperature control may sway people away from the device, but in my opinion, it shouldn't, as the overall package is truly a sight to behold.

Just because the Sticky may be a little rough around the edges this shouldn't out you off. In conclusion, the Sticky Brick is a like a large gold nugget that has been unearthed from the certain of the earth's crust.  


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