The Sticky Brick v The Magic Flight Launch Box



The Sticky Brick packs all of the power of a desktop vape, but without the need to hooked up to a power source on the wall. Throughout the vaping community, the Sticky Brick has received lots of recommendations with people commenting on the machines superb overall functionality.

This machine is priced at a reasonable rate, and so, you won't have to break the bank In order to get your hands on some top quality vaping merchandise. There are many different facets to cover when it comes to reviewing the Sticky Brick, and like all of our reviews, we intend to cover every angle so that you get all of the information that you need about the product.
The Sticky Brick is constructed mostly from wood, glass, and also includes some metal parts to ensure product durability. From my own personal point of view, I have to say that I love the vapes that are constructed out of wood due to their overall durability.

The wood finish exudes strength and proficiency and when you use the Sticky Brick it certainly won't disappoint in this regard. In comparison to plastic or metal, where wear and tear make the device looks used, the opposite is the case when it comes wood as the wear and tear add a sense of character to the device. Make no mistake about it the Sticky Brick is a device that will stand the test of time.
The vape comes apart in 3 separate wood pieces which are held to together with extra strong magnets. When the magnets snapped into place and joined the device up, I found it very satisfying as it gave me a real sense of security and belief in the product.

The glass parts are made of very thick and strong glass and come with a replaceable unit in case the original unit gets damaged. The vape doesn't excel when it comes to portability and the device isn't really pocketable, but as long as you are aware of this fact it shouldn't become an issue. If you do need to transport the Sticky all you’ll have to do is put it inside a bag and off you’ll go. Personally, I found that this machine worked best when used as an on-demand home unit.


The Sticky Brick has a large bowl for your herbs, but that certainly does not mean that you have to fill it to the brim in order to operate it effectively. I liked to load the bowl to about half its capacity, rather than having too little or too much. I found that it was vital that you stirred the bowl a number of times during a session, but this is usually the case when it comes to convection, and overall stirring shouldn't provide any real issues.

With the Sticky Brick you have the capacity to achieve tremendous overall efficiency. You can heat your herbs up to a level that facilitates you extracting every last drop of herbs. The torch that is included In the machine creates a nice sized flame without overdoing things.


The Sticky Brick has a tendency to produce an incredible amount of vapor at very little effort. It’s very easy to achieve excellent vapes that will live long in the memory. Most people who have tried the device have been shocked at the massive draw that you get from very little effort.

The vapor itself will be very smooth and crisp and will inevitability result in many happy faces. You can expect the flavors to be wholesome and cleaner. The mouthpiece is longer than a standard mouthpiece. You’re first 4 or 5 draws is when the machine seems to reach maximum potency and after this, you may need to consider refilling.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best value portable vapes available anywhere on the market. The machine itself is unique in that its small, made of wood, doesn't look like your standard vaporizer. But the main thing that the MFLB is renowned for is the outstanding vapor quality.

The device comes supplied with a large chamber that holds a massive amount of product and so keeps you vaping for longer than you would normally be. The wood finish adds real character to the vaporizer and makes it stand out from the crowd.  The Magic Flight truly is a vaporizer that matches its name and gives the user a magic overall experience.
At first glance, the Magic Box doesnt seem like much as it comes in a very basic shape, but looks can be very deceiving as what the Magic lacks in the looks department it more than makes up for in terms of overall quality. But in spite of the simple design, the Magic is actually quite a sophisticated piece of machinery which manages to incorporate lots of cutting edge technology into the vaporizer.

The vaporizer has a plastic tube attached which allows you easy access to whatever draws you require. The Magic Box is a piece of merchandise which doesn't get too hung up on aesthetics but focuses more on overall functionality. Overall, it would be safe to say that this vaporizer is a case of substance over style.  


Like most things in life, it can take a little while to get used any new product and the same thing goes for using the Magic Flight Box. When using this machine you should ensure that your herbs are ground up nice and small this will ensure that they are heated evenly and effectively.

Additionally, when you take a drag you should try and attempt to take a nice slow drag. I have discovered that if you drag on the Magic like you might on other vaporizers then it simply will not work as well- remember nice slow drags and you’ll find yourself getting some rich rewards. Another very handy feature of the Magic is that runs with the replaceable battery so won't have to worry about charging the machine regularly- just make sure that you have a regular supply of battery's and you’ll be smiling.  
Another thing to watch out for is that the temperature sometimes can be difficult to control. From experiences I’ve discovered that you have to develop a feel for the vaporizer over time. It may take a while to find out what’s the perfect temperature, but when you do find out you’ll be richly rewarded.  

The temperature issue is a small gripe to have as overall the vaporizer offers tremendous value with excellent proficiency. It certainly is a no frills vaporizer but that's how the makers have designed this little beauty. One of the benefits of the Magic is that its very easy to tell how much herb you have left as all you’ll have to do is look in through the clear plastic screen on the device.


 Of course, there are other vaporizers out there that will cost far more than the Magic Flight and may offer some extra features, but the fact is the Magic offers excellent overall value for money when it comes to vaping quality. If you’re starting out on your vaping career well then what better way to get started then to get a high quality vaporizer like the Magic and at superb value. 

The vapor that you'll receive will be smooth, easy, and will have a real consistent taste that will be sure to impress.  The Magic Flight vapors will be flavorful and will have that herbal nutritional element that all vapers aspire to. The device is pretty simple and easy to use, and shouldn't present many problems to newcomers and vaping aficionados alike.

Perhaps if you are used to more high tech vapes you may have certain issues with the Magic, but I can't envisage anybody been disappointed with such a superb piece of craftsmanship.  In conclusion, the Magic Flight is one of the vaporizers that will provide you with an excellent flavorful vaping experience.


Both the Sticky Brick and the Magic Flight Box are superb vaporizers which will surprise you with their overall functionality. Both vapes are crafted and designed using wood and both provide tremendous durability and production.  If you purchase one of these devices you'll be left astonished at the sheer value for money that will be at your fingertips.

To be perfectly honest I find it a very difficult task to try and choose between either of these vaporizers and to pick one would be a disservice to the other. In saying all of that, if I had to pick one I would side with the Sticky Brick due to its overall look. I found that the longer you use the  Sticky Brick the more and more classy the device looks. Each scrape and mark adds to the machine and makes it look like something you'd see in an antique shop.

This is one of the unseen benefits of buying a wooden vaporizer over a metallic one, as with age the machine seems to take on a different dimension, and looks classier by the day.  In finishing, I have to say that both the Sticky Brick and the Magic Flight Box are too excellent vaporizers that will be sure to provide you with a lifetime of vaporizing love.




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