The Ultimate Guide To Buying Vaporizer Accessories?

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There is a huge treasure trove of vaporizer accessories that you can buy for your own personal device. Many of these products offer excellent value for money, and some don't,  and many function better than others.  A huge bulk of accessories might just fall into the useless category and many more would fall into the utterly vital category. What you have to do as a vaping enthusiast is to wade your vape through this sea of accessories and find the product that is right for you. There certainly is no point in you opening your wallet and spending your hard earned cash on a piece of junk that you'll be throwing into the dustbin. I promise you, there is nothing worse than squandering your money on a piece of garbage that belongs at the top of a rubbish pile.

But fear not, because this is where I come in, as I promise to guide you in the right direction when it comes to vaporizer accessories. I will be like your Sherpa showing you the path that you need to take in order to reach the pinnacle of vaporizer accessory greatness. I promise to be like your shield as I protect you from a whole host of rubbish that may be flung at you. I will be like your knight in shining armor protecting you, shielding you, guiding you. The main function of this blog is to ensure that you'll end up with extra cash in your wallet and extra savings. The oath that I give you, right here and right now, is that any accessory you purchase will be nearly as vital to your vaping experience as your herbal or the vaporizer itself. So come on, settle in, get the popcorn out, put the feet up, and prepare to be educated by the master on vaporizer accessories.


You aren't going to store the crown jewels at the side of the street are you? Believe me your vaporizer must be protected like a gold bar in Fort Knox. You'll need a secure place to store your precious vaporizer and this is where having a good quality case comes in. Vape pens can be fragile and the last thing that you'll need is to spend a few hundred dollars on a vaporizer and then have it smash all over the floor. A few years ago I had purchased a high end vaporizer that I really really loved! I mean this vaporizer was like a member of the family!!

But one evening I left the vaporizer sitting in the bathroom and my young son came along and flushed the vaporizer down the toilet- devastated wasn't the words.  Believe me, the thoughts of that precious vape floating around in the sewers still makes me cry. The moral of this story is to get yourself a top quality case to store your vaporizer. If you're going to invest a lot of money in a vaporizer well then you have to be prepared to protect your investment and this is where a vaporizer case comes in.


One of the main reasons why people embark on a vaping career is because its cleaner than traditional methods of combusting your herbs, but you cant accomplish this if your vape is dirty. In life there is nothing worse then being unhygienic with dirty germs floating around the place and the same goes for vaporizers. You must try and keep your vaporizer clean and this is where cleaning supplies come in.

There are a whole host of tools that you can get your hands on such as brushes and cleaning solution that if used properly will help to keep your precious vape in spick and span condition. Another reason why you should always clean your vaporizer is because if you don't it may effect the overall functionality of your vaporizer. Because if your vape isn't cleaned regularly it will become more prone to breaking down, and so, this will result in you unnecessarily splashing out more cash for a replacement vaporizer.


Other vaporizer accessories that are absolutely pivotal to vaping enthusiasts is to have extra parts for your device. Sometimes vaporizers with all of the use that they have to endure can be prone to breaking down for minor reasons and this is why you should have number of spare parts ready. When the unthinkable happens and you can't get any vapes coming from your vaporizer you'll need to have a ready-made plan to fix this problem- and this is where the extra parts come in.

You should always ensure that the parts that you purchase meet the specifications of the vaporizer that you have in your possession. There is no point in having a whole host of spare parts that only operate on a different device. Another handy tip is to store your parts in a place where they'll be easy for you to find. There's nothing worse then your vaporizer breaking down, you gasping for a vape, and you cant find the spare parts to fix the device. So be prepared for all eventualities and have a few extra spare parts ready as they may just save you some day.


One of the must-have vaporizer accessories is an extra mouthpiece or an extended mouthpiece. The reason why I find extra mouthpieces so handy is that they allow you to tinker around until you find a piece that suits your own needs. Some mouthpieces can leave an aftertaste in your mouth whilst others can leave a smooth crispy taste, it all depends. I have found that certain mouthpieces will resulting a more delicious vape than others, so this is certainly something that you'll need to take into account. The reason for the extended mouthpieces is that certain vaporizers have a tendency to heat up and the extended mouthpiece allows you to avoid any unnecessary heat.

Another reason why you should invest in an extra mouthpiece is that you can always have a clean and hygienic mouthpiece ready to insert into your vape. Sometimes after you've purchased a beautiful new vape you can have many people who want to try it out and this can result in hygiene problems with multiple germs being transferred into the mouthpiece. When you have an extra mouthpiece you can avoid these nasty germs and stay clean in the process.


If you're an enthusiast for desktop vaporizers well then one of the must-have accessories for many of these devices is replacement balloon bag.  

Why do you need a replacement bag? What tends to happen is that after a period of time the balloon bag begins to weaken and so won't be able to absorb the vapes that its supposed to and this results in a less than satisfactory vaping experience.  You should always ensure that the bag that you purchase fits the model of device that you intend to vape your herbs with. There most certainly is no point in you purchasing a balloon that is for another machine, so, always ensure that the balloon that your purchase is in line with specifications of your vaporizer.


There are many reasons why you should get your hands on a multitude of vaporizer accessories, not least, because it makes really good sense. A car cant just operate on wheels and engine alone, it will need a whole host of extra parts to keep it ticking along and the same goes for vaporizers.  From my experience, one of the main reasons why you should try and get your hands on vaporizer accessories is because you should always be prepared for the unthinkable- that your vaporizer might not work.  Once you have a ready-made supply of vaporizer accessories you can be sure that you will always be ready to rectify any disastrous situation that may arise out of the blue.

One of the rules in life is 'fail to prepare then prepare to fail' and this saying is very true when it comes to vaporizer accessories. Another reason you should definitely invest in vaporizer accessories is because if you want enjoy your vape you'll always need extra tools at your disposal. There is nothing worse than a friend coming over, wanting to try your vape, and then him slobbering his germs all over the mouthpiece of your precious vaporizer. What you can do in this situation, is take out the spare mouthpiece, insert it into the vaporizer and then enjoy your vape without having to contend with those extra germs and filth.